Hello Fifty With More Cakes


>> I had no idea a wee project that Tommy and I did in my backyard would spawn into Sanrio themed cupcakes and tarts half way across the world but here you have it in food-porn-photographic proof.  In the Dr. Martens Singapore store, they did a small competition where people would style up the Dr. Martens x Sanrio 50th Anniversary shoes in their own way and I would pick a winner to announce on the blog here.  I wish I could have picked a couple of winners and the fact that there's no runner up prize is a travesty… hell, I was one of THOSE girls that preyed on runners up and consolation prizes all my life… afterall, what's a mediocrity to do without them…?

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There was only to be one winner this time and it went to Samantha Kong here who wore my favourite style of the shoe and tempered them with a lot of dulled colours but also worked in a few textures through the knitted top, the pom-poms and tutu skirt.  A wack of pink had to shine through the colour of her hair as well as her Balenciaga bag and hairbow so all is not dulled at all…


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  1. aaaa the cupcakes are so cute you are so lucky to eat little hello kitty !!
    and i love the shoes so beautiful amazing collaboration
    you are so lucky to represent it !

  2. Its so sad to not have any runner up prizes! I would like to see the runner up photos too… its such a cool event! Im so jealous of the winner! The shoes she wore were not available during the early day of the competition.

  3. We ascribe beauty to that which is simple; which has no superfluous parts; which exactly answers its end; which stands related to all things; which is the mean of many extremes. Do you agree?

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