Chau It Down

>> I'm doing a bit of SD card clean up and can't really stand to have to flick through these feet shots anymore (I love shoes….I hate my gnarly feet that have to go into the shoes and thus ruining the shoe itself).  So a few months back, for a project I had to call in these Chau Har Lee shoes for a shoot and of course errr… I do what every average fashion intern would do… haves me a go trying them on even if they are a size too small.  Chau Har Lee's stunning debut RCA graduate collection has been expanded upon and will be going into Selfridges as an exclusive to their new shoe galleries so they will be physically on sale, thus proving that they are indeed structurally sound for walking and after having a wee go on these flat metal plate heels, I can say even these pre-production samples are good to go.  By 'go', I mean a few kitten steps around my apartment but then again, I wouldn't prescribe these for heavy duty walking in any case.  I'm sort of geekily excited at the prospect of seeing people try these on in Selfridges' shoe floor and even more pleased that Chau Har Lee's directional designs are available to the world so soon.  The sophomore collection can't come soon enough for me…





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  1. eeekkkk! that’s the sort of stuff that will guarantee you a trip to the orthopedics ward…good luck

  2. that’s really cool!!
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  3. Imagine stepping on someone’s sandal-clad foot in the subway wearing these. The horror!
    Other than that, I don’t think they would be fit to walk on outside, looks like the heel could get stuck between cobblestones and in sidewalk cracks. Or in escalators. Or tramlines :/
    Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

  4. Applause! I too am a big fan of these sky scrapin blade runners. I especially love the rock’n’rolla element.
    Check out more ways to get this uber cool look with rhinestone embellished and studded/nailhead socks and hosiery which would take this shoe the the next level and beyond! Also would look haute with some sculpted, studded, spikey crystalline gem encrusted cocktail rings you must see!!! Run dont walk!
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  5. I really happy Lady Gaga walked away with so many MTV awards yesterday. I know she is not the best singer in the world but at least she is entertaining.

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