Get Mystical


I said it was a witchy 70s trip on Twitter when I came out of the Topshop Unique show and I wasn't far off even after much thinking and picture browsing.  At that point, the 70s tract that is slowly emerging from the season hadn't been totally set in yet and whilst Marc Jacobs took a very definitive point of view with their 70s romp of a show, I feel that Topshop Unique struck out on their own onto a fairy dusted path that may take them away from what people 'expected' from Topshop Unique and instead, went some distance to adding their own dialogue to their 70s trip. 

Paris hasn't come yet but it seems so many different nuances are being teased out of this decade already that it doesn't seem any less strange that little groups of pixie chicks in the forests wafting around in fabrics that have been misted and smoked with autumnal colours in vaguely 70s silhouettes should be one of these them.  I guess I never expected Topshop Unique to go and concoct this dreamworld of theirs.  They could have riffed off of 90s stark minimalism or 70s YSL-colour combos or something that is more solid as a base reference such as last season's woodland creatures and outdoors wear which was was felt unanimously in fashion.  Instead they went down a road which is a braver one – one where they're trusting instincts on their own and banking on girls up and down the country falling for autumnal colours blasted at slinky flares, thigh-high split dresses, caftan/capes and dusted with smatterings of crystals – pieces that may not necessarily have other high fashion labels backing them up on the trend train.  Tamer dresses in the nudes or Pegasus-printed cream or the distressed faded denims would still require an some less-than-straightforward thinking to get them working on a mainstream level. 

I guess this is the Topshop design team giving their consumers more credit and that Topshop Unique, rather than being "a more expensive version of Topshop" stands out on its own as something challenging in its own right, a momentum they've been building up and one at which my eyes have been growing like saucers at the audacity of some of their designs.  For now, I can't seem to get the Sarah Moon Pirelli 1972 calendar images out of my head when thinking of this collection – something about the otherworldly sensuality that can't be pinpointed by decade in the pictures that is definitely prevalent in the collection that will have a hard time falling into a particular category other than the one the design team has carved out…somewhere in a magical forest…

Tsuniquess11 (All backstage photography by Morgan O'Donovan for Dazed Digital, Sarah Moon 1972 Pirelli Calendar images from TFS)