Yard Sale Weather Watch

>> So I apologise to those that turned up last Sunday expecting a Yard Sale only to be faced with a locked gate… not sure why people got the dates wrong when it clearly said the 22ND AUGUST on the flyer but there you go…

It is upon us and it is going ahead with some minor changes… Mademoiselle Robot is unfortunately unable to take part in the sale as she is away on holiday and Alison of Popcorn Stories is no longer selling her delish cakes… actually, that is a pretty major change.  Boo hoo to no green tea cookies… I'll try and think of a fast alternative and if anybody wants to do some baking, please drop me an email! 

As for my mound of yard sale stuff – there's about 200 items going on sale… more than I expected and er… well… lots to choose from!  Like I said, vintage, high street, designer, random, sample… etc etc…

Oh, and I've taken to obsessively looking at BBC's weather forecast which seems to be changing ALL the bloody time… yesterday, it said Sunday was looking like there would be light rain and today, it's saying sunny intervals… of course I'd like the latter.  Please, sky/sun, co-operate with me here…


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  1. Aiya what a major change.
    All weather forecasts are different: Sky Weather,25’C rain, BBC Weather, 24’C sunny and scattered shower, Met office, sunny and blustery shower Oh whatever, fingers crossed for NO RAIN :S
    Do we need to bring our own table and clothing rail?

  2. Do you mean cakes to sell or cakes for sellers to scoff? I don’t long to be there for the full eight hours! But I wouldn’t mind baking a couple for the sellers and coming down a bit early to drop them off, have a browse and head off again…

  3. Please, please, pretty please change the date to the 27th? Or anytime after that? Haha, of course I stand on the same importance level as the queen, therefore you have no choice but to oblige…No? Really? OK…. *goes to sulk in corner*

  4. Im coming so i guess ill just have to buy all of it!!!mwahaha!! will you have any accessories for sale? Besides shoes i mean?
    I wouldnt worry about the cookie troubles…fashion will feed our hunger enough!

  5. I just received an e-mail from IFB, and your name is included as a speaker @ the fashion blogger conference in N.Y. I’d love to be there, but no possible. Just wondering what an amazing life you are experiencing thanks to blogging.

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