These Boots Were Made For Walking

IMG_6683(Photo taken by Rebecca of The Clothes Horse, with whom I met up… I didn't break out into a jig though…)

>> What can I say – I'm a fashion journo hack mode that can't come up with a title better than this one even though as a song title it's probably been shoved into many, MANY article standfirsts.  Still, I stand by the choice given that it's 100% apt for these 80%20% boots which I've been wearing non-stop.  It's a shoe label that I've come to discover first hand through a weird and wonderful job that again, I can't quite talk about yet (I promise I'm not being mysterious on purpose… ), and their Adair hiking boots from their A/W 10/11 collection have since been doing a lot of walking in addition to jumping, running, jogging and also prancing.  I am also indeed prone to do a little bit of a jig in the street if I've had a very good meal or I've bagged a bargain in the sales, and these boots are also good for err… jig purposes. 

As a general rule of thumb in the designer heel comfort rankings (and this is personal for me and applicable to LENGTHS of walking as opposed to a few dance steps at a party…), LD Tuttle shoes are good for walking day and night in, Miu Miu/Marni chunky heels are good for walking all night long and as a zany addition, Atalanta Weller wedges give enough bounce to walk around for an afternoon in.  However, on the lower end of the scale, basically only Topshop, Irregular Choice and a few vintage heels have served me well in the WALKING stakes (again, I'm talking about LONG BOUTS of walking…) but now I can add 80%20% to the list.  In addition to the Adair hiking boots, I'm also quite smitten with the toggle shoes and the calf-hair shoes they have in a number of fall-friendly, leave-crunching styles…






… but of course, these creeper a-likes with the hidden wedge in have a neon sign hovering above them saying "Susie could potentially live in these…" 


80304(Soon to be available on Karmaloop who look to be stocking most of the A/W 10-11 styles…)

37 Replies to “These Boots Were Made For Walking”

  1. I love hidden wedges, I thought these looked like they might be really comfortable in your outfit post a few back! I’m with you on the creeper wedges, if I got my hands on them I could see me not taking them off for a loooong time.

  2. hey susie,
    my name is valerie, i work at c. madeleine’s the vintage store in Miami…i just wanted to let you know your blog never ceases to inspire and thank you for living fabulously up to your Sagittarian nature…take care!

  3. Love love love the blazer…was wondering too, where do your headphones come from? I’ve been meaning to get retro cream ones like those too.

  4. i like this outfit. and really like the boots. i am looking for a vintage version sort of like those. i know what i want but they still have to pop up on etsy or ebay. soon!

  5. I cannot explain how much I love the third pair. I have found my winter shoes ! I can just picture myself walking around with no purpose other than to crunch some leaves and frolic in the London rain wearing those…
    And your outfit is lovely – especially that vest ! – but that’s a bit of given.
    (I’ve been lurking around this blog for years now, but I believe this is my very first comment… just wanted to thank you for keeping such a great blog, very inspiring stuff !)

  6. Those boots are amazing, just the thing i have been looking for for winter. They seem practical enough to wear during the day, but with a bit of something special with the hidden wedge. They really remind me of Burberry Porsum’s fabulous sheep skin lined, chuncky back boots that were on the catwalk this season.I must have them! Only I can’t find anywhere that sells them or even their price?
    Suzie you find the best things and wear them to perfection!

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