Stock Grey Days

>> Fashion week is just around the corner and I bet you're anticipating those ever so tiny, not so substantial outfit posts.  Actually err… perhaps you're NOT anticipating them because they are so trifling.  Oh dear…

Well, it begins a little early because in Stockholm apparently, time for long-ass posts aren't the order of the day.  So here comes the filler courtesy of Phil Oh of Streetpeeper who I'm rooming with.  We're hitting into a patch of weather where supposedly Scandi summer is still about but I personally am detecting a blustery autumn ahead already hence, the layers… oh what tosh… I could be sweating and I'd probably still be sweating it out in layers…

(Peter Jensen top, Peter Jensen skirt, H&M cycling shorts, vintage tweed jacket, vintage boots, Elise Gettliffe bum bag)

(Vintage jacket, Christopher Kane dress, Bebaroque tights, Sou Britte necklace, vintage shoes)

(Luella jacket, vintage checked sheer shirt, Christopher Kane dress, Tabio socks, vintage boots, Deadly Ponies bag)

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  1. I Love the Luella jacket something chronic. The silver vintage shoes are all the funk too! hearts 🙂

  2. I LOVE your outfit posts because your sense of style is amazing and so inspirational!! Corse, I love your whole blog, so there you go…

  3. I adore the second look…the mixing of the prints and colors is fantastic – that dress with the plaid jacket…wonderful combination. (And that necklace!…) Plus a Nikon slung oh-so-casually over the shoulder never hurts the look….

  4. I’m always interested in what you are wearing and I enjoy your outfit posts. I get bored of most outfit/personal style bogs really quickly – especially when so many look the same – so your personal style posts are really refreshing.

  5. Those bebaroque thights are so awesome!
    I was just looking at the site of the Antwerp fashion observer where you are wearing the same amazing thights!

  6. I can’t believe that I acctually meet you in person. I asked if i could that a photo with you outside the Carin Wester show on stockholm fashionweek. It was on the 17th.
    It was amazing. You really made my day! Thank you. I was the boy with the with hair. I would die and go to heaven if you could check my blog. There is a translating tool on the sidebar. But even if you don’t I am still the happiest boy in the world. Thank you. // Sandy a.k.a the boy with white hair.

  7. Part of the reason I love your blog is that you showcase peices you love more than once. It’s never felt like you run around trying to get the newest of this or that. You just seem to wear what you like! I remember the first time you posted about those baroque tights, and of course the cycle shorts… You may see it was boring filler, but I quite enjoy the occaisional outfit-centric posts 🙂

  8. the stomping boots/biker shorts combo paired with anything feminine looks amazing. you pull it off with grace and poise. loves it!
    xo s

  9. I love all 3 outfits. I really look forward to reading your posts and if I were forced to pick only one blog to follow it would definitely be yours.

  10. Hannah: Apologies forgot to list… bumbag is by Antwerp graduate Elise Gettliffe…it’s a one-off piece unfortunately though…got it from Ra in Antwerp…
    It’s not real though… leather with faux fur!

  11. Like the last two, but the first meh! The faux fur bag is cool, but maybe with something else. Very impressive though! Love the Docs ( always!)

  12. Such crazily magnificent integration of pieces. The outfits actually look breezy as opposed to the hefty layers most people endeavor to even walk with.
    Jar of Pickles

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