Itty Bitty of Tsumori

>> On my hopefully pending trip to Tokyo, I'm making it a self-assigned journalistic task to try and find out why is it that so many of the Japanese labels (including the 'big' ones that I know of, exempting the smaller ones that I'm sure would also blow my mind…) hardly make it over to Europe-bound stockists… or more specifically and selfishly London.  It's a connecting question to why certain brands have different Japan/Europe/USA regional stock variations.  Perhaps I'll get a big fat inconclusive in-need-of-translation mess but seeing as I have thus far loved the process of commissioning myself (when you think of bloggers in that way, I suddenly see "Saddo" branded across my forehead…), it's still an issue I'd love to get my investigative teeth stuck into.

In the meantime though, I'm consoling myself with the beginning inklings of e-stores such as Koshka.  Based in Berlin, they aspire to "an aesthetic that encompasses both the calm and pure beauty of Japanese pottery and the jittering neon of contemporary Asian metropolis."  Err… which perhaps is an English statment lost in translation as I'm not sure if Japanese fashion should even be let loose near those seemingly naive cliches.  Still, the intentions are clear as they are now stocking Tsumori Chisato which is a good enough reason for me to give it a thumbs up seeing as Chisato UK-available stockists are literally a handful.  Farfetch have a few pieces and now Koshka adds more to that pool…



Of course life would be a happier one with plait/rope suspender cloud wooley tights… I know tights aren't meant to be trews but perhaps an exception needs to be made when clouds and plaits and 100% opaqueness are involved…

Cat_three_0845 Cat_three_1063

Sticking to the hoisery category, Koshka also stock Ayame socks, made in the old city of Nara where Japanese artisan techniques and fabrications are applied to designs that are anything but 'old'… the sock drawer refuses to be shrunk and is actually the one category of wardrobe which I didn't reduce in my big clear out…

18 087

Through Koshka, I've also learnt that Hall Ohara a design duo I knew from their London-Tokyo love story, have renamed their label as In Process.


Shida Tatsuya's website is pretty scant with information or images but all I need to know is that I'm willing to restrict arm movement for this cracked metallic effect woolen mishapen cape that is THE chunky cocoon to fight of all the other chunky cocoons that are out in force for this winter…



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  1. Uuuh ! It all looks really fun! Speacially the leggings and the trousers on the second photo from the bottom!
    Dimogonda blog

  2. I want those chainmail trousers so badly!! I just checked out the store. Amazing stuff!! Is this only online or can you actually go to a store because then it would be just around the corner from me!! With so many Japanese people living in Düsseldorf that should prove to be a gold mine in terms of things being stocked for those residents? Mmh, I should research that! <3

  3. wohooo!!! love them all:-) extremely COOL!!!
    check out my fashion blog at!!!
    and follow it at blog lovin:-)

  4. When you take this hopefully pending trip to Tokyo, will you need a translator?
    We’re totally here for you if you do.

  5. Good luck on your quest. If there was a petition to sign I would be right there with you. I would also love to see many more and easily available Japanese designers here too. Xxxx

  6. I know I shouldn’t even give those suspender tights a second thought (repeats mantra to self, “tights_are_not_pants”)but I can’t help loving them all the same. I just have to work out how to wear them..

  7. I have seen her from lookbook! She has amazing style and update her store regularly. I can’t believe you wrote about her, it such a long time that i found her and i forgot to save her link. i relly like this post! 🙂

  8. I have to let you know that reading your lovely lovely blog inspires in me clothing lust. Right now I’m suffering from it because of those chain printed pants and that fuzzy, wooly cape. (For some reason I find that I like descriptive words about clothing a lot. Especially ‘fuzzy’, ‘wooly’, and/or ‘nubby’.) XD

  9. One reason Japanese brands aren’t prolific in the uk is that the cost price of units are prohibitively expensive (especially so because of the exchange rate from yen to sterling). This is before distribution costs such as freight for stock, nevermind showroom samples, customs duties, VAT, administration, and agent commissions are factored in. The final retail prices ends up being much more than what the market can bear if the standard trade markup of 2.3-2.5 is applied. There are always exceptions to the rule, such as the cult brands visvim, neighborhood, Yamamoto but they have spent years cultivating brand awareness and a very specific following that is willing to pay over the odds.

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