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I don't think I've ever checked BBC weather so much in one week even with my own obsession with humidity levels (if I know that there are gonna be smelly arm pits on the Tube, I want to avoid that, ta very much…).  Londoners will know how topsy turvy the weather has been though the past couple of days… storms, humid, heavy sticky air, harsh sunshine, grey clouds… the full British unpredictable works, which made predicting the weather for yesterday's yard sale activities a hellish clicking journey.  I had on 'DOOM' face when I woke up on Sunday to my windows being battered with rain.  Lo and behold though, once 9.30am rolled around, the sun was streaming into the flat and I think I may have done a fist in the air punch, thinking 'Yes this was meant to BE!'

Kit from Style Slicker, Fiona from Save Our Shoes! and Zara from Geisha Rock were the first ones to arrive… then the peeps from Sketch Events VERY VERY kindly came with some tables for sale.  I innocently thought we were gonna do this on the lo-fi-lo-lo with some bedsheets spread out on the concrete floor, without thinking of the wetness… so yes, the tables were a saviour.  The boys got on with the testosterone-driven BBQ… "Man make fire.  Woman… err… sell clothes!".

Now, I first want to apologise for the timings of the sale.  We did close up earlier than the pre-announced 6pm time because I didn't expect that people who be turning up WAAAY early… like actually bang on 10am time and basically raid the sale.  I thought in a hungover state, people would be sauntering by in a casual post 12 noon fashion.  So before I had even got everything out, people were going through the bags that I had out.  Then Nadia of Frou Frouu and Shini of Park and Cube also turned up with their goodies.  I thought it was great that everyone bought quite different things and there was that exact mix of vintage, designer, high street, indie designer… or for selfish reasons, it's the mix that I so love for myself…



FYI, way to go with sale professionalism… Shini, Kit, Zara Fiona all had TAGS.  Kit and Fiona also had BANNERS for their stalls.  I had err… large Ikea bags for ppl to rummage through and me going "That skirt is…. one pound…. oh no, it's Ann Demeulemeester isn't it?  Ok, two pounds…"  Then they would turn around and give me money and I would be like "What did I say?  Did I say a pound?"  Punter would give me a confuzzled look and I would look at a tenner not knowing how to subtract numbers.  This happened A LOT.

See how Fi and Kit need no introductions with their nifty banners…



Shini and Nadia… some very excited ppl came along wanting to meet these two blogging superstars…


Apologies to Zara for not snapping her properly but here she is on the right doling out some change…


So glad I hauled out some of my Japanese magazines for sale as it made some ppl very happy… again, only a pound a pop…actually, my most favoured pricing was ¬£1… no need to bother with 50 pence coins AND people are likely to have a pound rolling around somewhere, giving me much needed change…


Here's me doing my trader act… "You can have that for…. a Paaaaaaaaand!"  DSC_1981


See the difference between pictures?  These two below were taken by pros like Shini who know how to use their camera (and can tell the difference between fancy lens…).  I like to opt for the 'Auto' mode…



She also very craftily snapped my neighbours in my building peering down wondering what all the kerfuffle was… actually I did pre-warn them with a flyer and some came down to get into the rummaging act.  "How long have you lived here?" they ask.  "Two years!" I say.  "Oh… and we've never seen each other before!".  Yup, this is neighbourly love London-style.  They did say they thought I should do this more often… hmmm… mind is cogitating about that…


So glad the Vivienne Westwood dress went to a smiley owner home… I think I may have sold this for ¬£20… which someone said was too little.  I wasn't out to make a huge amount of money and to be honest, I myself LOVE the feeling of a bargain which are just too few and far between in London now even if you're a hardcore thrifter so it kind of gave me a buzz to say "You can have those Preen trousers for a fiver…"



(Again, superb photo taken by Shini…)

On the non-sale front, I have to thank Vicky Riches (above), the Kingston fashion student who did these wonderful sketches of me for coming down to the sale as she wanted to sketch some of the sale goers…

She really added a different element to the sale with the presence of her sketches tacked up onto the concrete wall in an impromtu way and she worked so fast, sketches of bloggers and sale-goers were done in a matter of minutes.  I was also in awe of her Jean Paul Gaultier sheer jumper that she got from a Sloane Square charity shop… must head down that Westerly way soonish myself!



DSC_2023 DSC_2024

Shini and Nadia sitting on the weed-ridden concrete ground…


Me with my sketch that needs to be framed…


Instead of manning my stall in a semi-professional way, I was also off snapping sale-goer deets and exclaiming "I love what you're wearing!"… such as these pale green Church's…


…some Miu Miu oldies that I'm cursing myself for not getting…


Multi-strapped booties that this girl wore from the night before…


Lira Leirner of blog The Portmanteau had on a bracelet, of which I don't remember the designer but (Lira informs me the designer is Yorkshire Pearl) I love how encrusted with 'stuff' it is…



Some peeps from Tabio came down and did some representin' with these over the knee socks…  I was also wearing Tabio socks incidentally…


Alice (of Alice Point) and her sister came all the way from Poland on their first trip to London… armed with an A to Z of course.  They came to the sale to see Shini who they were v. excited to meet…


On another non-sale front, of course the food was integral to the whole event…I'm not going to be selling clothes without a juicy sausage and ketchup bap in one hand and a fistful of change in the other.  So Steve and our friend John prepped the sausages in the oven beforehand and also made some homemade lemonade…


Tommy of This is Naive then came along with another efficient food joint set up with take-out boxes for the peanut sauce and cucumber chunks (SO good with the satay…) and her amazing chicken satay on skewers… I think I saw someone pouring the peanut sauce from the box into their mouth, it was that good…



Along with Tommy, of course Ferry the ferret had to come along… actually she was a star attraction all by herself with her changing outfits of fleece blanket to denim jean cosy…



After Alison of Popcorn Stories wasn't able to make it to bake some cakes, Anna of blog Magpie stepped up to the challenge of providing the baked goods and came by with a basket full of treats… Victoria sponge, a ridiculously good chocolate cake and some passion fruit cookies that had an unexpected citrus tang… turns out Anna also was a fellow HBS-er, one year above me… can't quite articulate what a weirdly specific experience going to Henrietta Barnett was… you just had to be there to know it…


Of course, I don't just host a joint bloggers yard sale without the remote possibility of some of their wares coming home with me… I'm now blessed with a piggie cookie jar that I'm using to store sweeties from Kit, a cute little mug from Fi…


I also got myself a Joseph wool dress (as photographed again by the talented Shini)


…and a Jaeger hat that is high enough for me to wear my hair in a big bun underneath, both were stellar items that I got from Kit…


Anyhow, apologies for such a long post on an event that is insignificant in the scheme of things.  However, like I said before, making this a repeat thing is a distinct possibility… with different bloggers perhaps… in an indoor venue… with a music programme… more illustrators/creativies… more cakes… different kinds of sausages maybe…

Basically, I'm on an organisation high at the moment and whilst it might pass, I'll bear in mind that this could be a regular thing seeing as I do actually love making things happen in a peculiar way…

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  1. I would love to participate next time, I had so much fun! I loved how random everything was; people sketching, free lemonade and the friendly atmosphere. I loved how bargainous everything was even though you could’ve been a lot more aloof and charged more money, but I’m glad I found some pieces that I wouldn’t have ordinarily been able to obtain due to laziness/money. Thanks for a great morning!

  2. ooo thanks so much for the description! it was almost as good as being there (though I would have loved to sample some baked goods and leave with some £1 bargains!)

  3. I’m sort of annoyed that I didn’t force myself out of bed to get there earlier now – Ann Demeulemeester! Preen! Vivienne Westwood! I’d be so much better with midnight shopping, hehe. Lovely to meet you, and great idea to do another one with music. I do low key vintage tea parties every few months, and good music and cake are KEY 😉

  4. AH I just realised I’d just seen the famous outfitpost balcony yesterday and didn’t even say HI.
    Thank you so much for being such a wonderful host! I think it was a HUGE success, definitely should make it annual.
    Also, just called Loftlets and I have a viewing now at a work-live unit in Stoke Newington which is like 700sq ft?? thanks so much for that, I asked about your compound and I guess those empty mailboxes are already taken 🙁 Would’ve been funny if the same type of balcony appeared on my outfit posts too actually…

  5. Fun times Susie! Well done all for organising, I loved the illustrations and food and Ferry! And discussing the merits of Pilot vs Rotring pens with Andrew Bunney. I didn’t come to shop so wasn’t bovvered that most of the stuff was gone by the time I arrived. Was nice to just hang out and chat with Kit and Fi and Tommy and um, ‘Penny’. Was that JHLittle23 then in the denimy shirt? Lovely boy!
    Please do another event, it was ace.

  6. WISH I COULD HAVE MADE THIS!!! The bracelet’s by Bert from Yorkshire Pearl. He’s one of Kristin Clotheswhisperer’s best mates… And I may or may not have had a fling with his assistant…

  7. loved those miu..miu shoes…. really wish i could come out of my country…just to attend your sale..ah!well….glad you people had fun…!!!! gross bises….

  8. Hi Susie, I wanted to say thank you to you for organising it. I had so much fun. I got a green 3.1 Phillip Lim dress (one shoulder), It literally made me so happy as he is one of my all time favourite designers and it is my first ever piece of designer clothing as I am always so poor! I wanted to say this all to you in person but I am stupidly shy! I’ll post a picture of me wearing it on my blog soon 🙂
    Also if you do organise another I’d love to be involved. I just had a huge clearout and now have bags of clothes to get rid off!
    Sorry for the uber-long comment.
    Love Christina xoxx

  9. so happy to see a good in depth run down of the event! was so bummed i had to miss it (dissertation is due in one week! eeeek…). it looks like it was such a success. love all the photos of everyone. shini took some gorgeous ones of you! sounds like there were so many amazing bargains to be found. definitely a good idea to make this a recurring event! i’ll definitely be there at the next one. xx

  10. Next time I am not going to drink so much wine or stay up so late the night before and get there early. It was lovely to finally meet you!

  11. Susie Susie! Thank you for having us I had a reallllly fab time and enjoyable experience working behind a stall haha. Would be fabulous to have more of this yard sale event (I have an attic full of stuff to sell off) say maybe pitch an idea to BFC about having ‘Susie Bubble & Co Mini Yard Sale’ at London Fashion Week-END’
    Thank you agaiiiin 😀

  12. this looks like great fun, and i can’t believe how low you set the prices! very jealous of everyone out there who picked up a bargain.

  13. This looks wonderful. And what about making an online store? I know you said it will be extremely hard, but for people who are out of the err, hemesphere would also like to have some of your pieces 🙂

  14. ’twas fun! and I would be so delighted to take a more active part next time. (bit disappointed with myself that I wasn’t organised enough to go through my clothes…) But just coming for fun and games was great too.
    (and dear, I hope you didn’t find our short chat ‘beige’ or even worse ‘camel’)

  15. It looks like it was an amazing day. I’m glad that the weather held up for you guys.
    Amazing bloggers and what, you sold a Vivienne Westwood dress for £20? That is incredibly bargainous. I am sooo there next time!

  16. My lifetime wish was to move to London (perhaps, this is my genes talking to go “back home”)and when I saw this here, and over at some other lovely stylish blogers i wanted that even more. I know most of the blogers in photos from blogosphere, and I know it would be an amazing experience to meet you all. Only thing is, I cant believe the weather you are having… here we are backing on 30C. still… wanna trade? you look so cute in the last photo with the hat 🙂

  17. Great post which sums up the fun of the event! And you included Vic’s sketch of me! She’s so talented, I was bowled over by her “live” drawings at the yard sale. Roll on the next one…

  18. hahah what a fun read, looks so crazy that so many bloggers were together!! and so many stylish people in one place, hopefully everyone got a fab bargain by the sounds of it!

  19. I HELD that Westwood in my arms but alas, it was too big and I couldn’t have made it work even if I had wanted to 🙁 Oh well, I’m happy that someone was estatic to get it 🙂 Susie, it was amazing and there was such a nice vibe around that is oh so absent nowdays when shopping.
    I really hope you do it again, I am still getting over my brilliant finds AND the satay, geesh I haven’t had that heavenly stuff since the last time I went to Malaysia, mmmmm, kudos to Tommy for making PROPER satay, I had to get another to take home! 😀

  20. I am echoing everyone else but I really did have a great time, damn my clownish big feet otherwise I would have picked up some of your shoes on offer. Thank you again xx

  21. The Yard Sale was very fun, thanks for setting it all up, Susie! As I tweeted to you (wanted to make sure you include it in the post) my bracelet is by the amazing designer Bert from Yorkshire Pearl, his images and bangles are being shown at London a La Mode and he’s going to be in London Fashion Week next month. 🙂
    I made a video of the Yard Sale, if you want to have a look, think it captures the scene quite well! 🙂
    Thanks again, I had a great time! And that chocolate cake was AMAZING!

  22. this is done very often in Brooklyn, NY as a crafts fair.
    it’s something you should do monthly 😉
    looks like a big success.
    You have great style!
    8> ash

  23. no need to apologise for the long post, i really enjoyed reading it! it made me feel like i was there & its by no means insignificant in the grand scheme. i reckon meeting nice folk must be one of the coolest perks of what you do. i will definitely reorganise my life so that i can attend any future happenings!

  24. glad to know that the sale was such a success! I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I could’ve gone but I’m in the states. boohoo. 🙁 I would’ve LOVED those deals! seems like you had such a great collection <3333333 Hope this will be an annual event...I'll definitely stop by if I'm ever in LDN!

  25. What a fun event, the lady with her sketches injected so much creativity into a yard sale, the barbeque and bake goods added to the fun factor. The items on sale seemed great and were a bargain steal. You are extremely generous and big of heart Susie, to offer your designer pricey pieces for nothing. It’s also nice to see that you are not some crazy hoarder.

  26. Thanks to Susie and all the other bloggers/stall holders who made the event so great – it was utterly random but my friend and I had such fun! I ended up with a gorgeous brown leather bag (no label) for ¬£2 – bargain! Glad we got there early and just wanted to say that the girl on the stall opposite yours (with huge acrylic heart necklace) was super friendly and so kind to put up with me eating all her sweets! Hope there will be another event like this soon…Xx

  27. either you have a very well dressed doppelganger who was on the tube on monday feeding crisps to her boyfriend, or i stood right next to you. most likely the former but it added a little thrill to my day.

  28. Hi Susie
    I’m the girl with that MIU MIU wedge,nice meeting you that day:) Something went wrong with my camera so the pictures I took(of us) did’t come out at the end. I’m just wondering if you won’t mind me using a photo of you for my blog.
    thank you X
    hum and as i can’t sign in as tumblr user, here’s the .com

  29. Hi, the photos of the yard sale look great. I am a partner of the ethical street wear company r.a.j.e. and my partner Abbie went along to the sale to find some bargains, she found it an altogether inspiring experience, especially meeting and chatting to you, who we admire greatly. We have a blog and have created a post about Abbie’s trip to the yard sale. Here is the link: Thanks for organising such a great day! X x

  30. It definitely looked like a success so I’d say go for it again! There’s nothing better than rummage sales from people you know have style. Wish I could have been there! A good bargain gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

  31. oh….my….god. soooo gutted I missed this….please say you’ll be holding more of these? pretty please?!! I’m moving to London (well UCA epsom) in a few weeks and am dying to come visit you for some good old vintage pieces and er bargains!!

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