Hopefully I'm going to be able to shed some light on what I've been doing to earn actual moolah that keeps these chubby cheeks well-fed.  This I suppose is the beginning of that and one that I'm really really pleased with, considering it was literally a quick flurry of activity on a hot, hot morning in my yard (no, literally…this is the courtyard of my building…).  Ok, for Tommy of This is Naive, with whom I collaborated on for this project, it was probably a longer bout of working activity because she also created the set-up for the image above – cake, pretty icing, cut-outs of me looking surreally cheery around the cake as though the mini-me's were going to descend upon it…

So let's re-wind… Tommy, who works on projects for Dr Martens asked if I'd like to style up some outfits for a series of images for Dr Martens 50th Anniversary collaboration with Sanrio, who has also turned 50 this year.  Erm, a no-brainer really… combining the birthdays of Sanrio, the makers of a spoon that fed me rice/congee for most of my years and Docs, the shoes that I have done a lot of good-stomping/pavement pounding in…. and you get a collab that I couldn't NOT get involved in.  I delve deeper into my love of the two parties on their blog but I thought I'd expand on the imagery here that was posted up – I believe they're going to be made up into look books and distributed with the shoes in some parts of the world.  The shoes are already available in colette but are going into other stores Nordstrom (US), Dover Street Market (UK) and other Dr Martens stores later me thinks… 

These images were taken by Tommy who then pput them onto a background that definitely reminds me of a heap of holidays to Hong Kong, cramming in as many things Sanrio-related that would make pretty gifts for friends back home in London.  The ensuing image with the cake was a concept was all down to Tommy.  I merely provided the chaos of clothes to go with the shoes…




I don't want to explain what I chose to pair with the shoes in some lofty 'Oh this is ART!' airy fairy way.  However, one look at the five style of 1460 8-eye boots and Mary-Janes, only one of which has a direct correlation to the characters.  The others were subtly done with a pleasingly squishy bow as well as colour ways that suggest Sanrio/Hello Kitty.  So in some outfits, I wanted to play up the cartoon elements, and in some, not so much…




(Close-ups above taken by Tommy)


(Last two close-ups taken by Steve)

For some reason, I happed upon a lot of furry textures that started off with a hulking fur jacket by Louise Gray from her A/W 10-11 collection, which I wore with the sparkly Romance was Born shorts, some AA cycling shorts and grey vest… don't ask me why I thought this would be a 'fun' thing to do on a 30 degree morning…

(Portrait above by Tommy, all ensuing photos by Steve)



… more furry fun came courtesy of Sophie McKay's graduate collection that I had to use seeing the pink and black of the shoe…the shaved layers of faux fur is even more impressive in person and actually is the lightest/airiest fur I've worn yet because of the base of chiffon…



The last bit of furriness came in the form of this red skirt from Hannah Clayton's 90s grunge-inspired graduate collection, over which I layered the vintage Kostas Murkudis piece and my trusty vintage denim jacket…



Another bit of Louise Gray in this patchwork dress that I wore with a Comme des Garcons cardi and some socks that mirrored the pattern…


Totally professional set-up right?   

For the final outfit, I sort of 'smartened' up a little with a Tina Kalivas outfit from her A/W 10-11 collection that 'earth's the cartoon boots a little.  Had to resist the tempation of digging out some old Sanrio clothes/accessories from my parents house' and going all out with cartoon references…





Sorry for the multiple outfit shots… and the number of toothy smiles… but hey, when it was as fun as this, hopefully you won't mind my bout of indulgence…

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  1. Eline says:

    Kind of freaking out over EVERYTHING in this post Especially the fur/fluff!
    Also I need those Mary Janes! aaaaand everything else in this post!
    I can’t believe you got that amazing Louise Gray coat. So jealous.

  2. Love the RaRaRa shot in the Sophie McKay dress.

  3. omg!!!!!!! all of these are fantastic! love how colorful every piece is, you look so happy! πŸ™‚ the coat in the last pic is amazing <3

  4. carol says:

    you can indulge in lots of toothy pics – i loooove to see you so happy, always makes me wanna smile. thanks for brightening up my rainy day. πŸ™‚

  5. Love the final outfit in Tina Kalivas! Looks great with the shoes πŸ™‚

  6. Winnie says:

    I’ve never been one for docs deeming them a bit too clunky for my 4’11” height, but Sanrio? I love! I can definitely relate as like you I grew up on Hello Kitty and used to spend hours in the Sanrio section in Sogo, I’m so tempted to find some of these to try on! The Louise Gray outfit is my favourite!

  7. yerri says:

    i love your teeth smiles! πŸ™‚

  8. Joy D. says:

    I think it is a great collaboration! I really want the one’s with bows on them.

  9. Ah lots of fab fun! Great make do studio am much impressed xx

  10. prince says:

    wow these was a cute photos

  11. Kit says:

    So sweet, the styles are soooo kawaii. Tommy has done a great job ;P

  12. buzzmeout says:

    so cute..likey like

  13. Ava says:

    The boots are wild! They are very different from anything I have seen lately. I really like the fur. It seems that fur vests are going to be in style for this upcoming autumn!

  14. OMG this is so amazing that I might just die!!

  15. Annie Markantonatou says:

    surreal post! really!

  16. Style Souk says:

    I love this…
    It’s eccentric, psychedelic and almost makes me question whether the nice chap in Starbucks slipped an LSD tab into my Macchiato this morning.
    Sarah x
    P.S: I also happen to adore your cute, little chubby cheeks – so be certain to keep making the money to maintain them! ;0)

  17. Melai says:

    Your quirky style is fantastic. I’ve been lurking on your blog ever since I started or before even blogging. This is the only time I’ve placed my comment cuz you seemed untouchable. Haha I’m so shy but I do really love your quirky and eclectic style πŸ™‚
    I’ve always been a follower. Hope you could drop by my blog sometime πŸ™‚
    Melai of Style and Soul

  18. I want the jacket from the last look.

  19. Rachel says:

    Super cute of your toothy smiley face!!
    Those cartoon sneakers are so adorable and perfectly paired outfit make them even more desirable!
    Hopefully my daughters grow faster so they can indulge themselves in those cartoon madness outfits soon.

  20. Lovely post Susie, fantastic pics for stunning outfits but what I like most are your facial expressions!

  21. snappy says:

    What an amazing collaboration. Two style icons in one. From head to toe this was really fantastic. And I didn’t mind the toothy smiles at all, how could you of held back?! All outfits, very snappy.
    snappy x

  22. Lulu F. says:

    I adore your shoes with the ribbon!
    I would like to buy a pair!
    Nice Blog!

  23. kathryn says:

    best ‘growl’ face I have ever seen πŸ˜‰

  24. Rosemary says:

    I have never seen any of those styles before in my life! amazing! great photos, you look very pretty.
    Skin & Wood Vintage,

  25. Lorena says:

    Wow, I wish I had your legs so I could get away with the docs/skirt combination. Or any type of ankle/low boot with a skirt.*sigh*

  26. Karl says:

    Holy shiz, Hello Kitteh and Doc’s combined, ahmazing! (Hell, this might make my Hello Kitteh-lovin’ mum fall over with happiness!)

  27. Claudine says:

    This post is an insane amount of fun to look at. It’s nice that you had fun doing it. You make me want to run out and buy Sanrio Docs.

  28. Kazuko says:

    seriously love that pink faux fur top. and i really wonder how you manage to post and post and post – a couple of times a day. this post is epic – and very japanese πŸ™‚

  29. Pete says:

    Dr Martens big in Japan?

  30. Laveena says:

    Amazing! I love how you put things together, it’s so inspiring. Honestly I don’t always read what you write, I straight away get to the pictures and seeing how you style yourself, it’s a treat.

  31. super cute. i want a pair. i hope they come all the way to New Zealand

  32. Tessa Zeng says:

    The styling is remarkable here. I did my customary freakout at the character-dotted shoes as I do with any cute overkill (!) but your sophisticated, off-kilter clothing pairings just drive me over the edge. Somehow you maintain your composure in the presence of mindboggling fashion pieces enough to flash us one of your effortless toothy grins while putting it all together. And the biggest difficulty for me is figuring out how to unravel your ingenuity so as to compliment the most relevant part! Just the fact that you’ve gotten me to this stage is quite impressive.
    You’re really a multi-talented woman, Susie.

  33. I think this is my all time favourite post on your blog!!!
    I’m a huge fan of Sanrio and Hello Kitty, so nowonder I’m loving every pic and look here.
    The shoes are so adorable!
    Love the styling and colour combinations too.

  34. Gem Fatale says:

    Too awesome!! Congratulations on such an amazing collaboration! You must be so excited πŸ™‚
    I adore the white Mary Janes!

  35. mimi says:

    as always you pull together the most inspiring outfits!!! i am in love with the Tina Kalivas peices. Do you know anywhere that stocks her?

  36. Ché says:

    How cute! I <3 it. Nostalgic Sanrio obsession xx

  37. Becca says:

    THis looks like so much fun! So many great outfits and the sanrio/docs combo is awesome – I love the white and blue boots!!!

  38. prutha says:

    i love the pink fur top and the black tutee skirt!!

  39. selina says:

    the docs aren’t for me but this whole shoot is!! maybe too obvious but i wish there was a real kitty print on something, but you’ve shown how the shoes can be styled up rather than having a childish logo i suppose, much more versatile!

  40. Lucy says:

    you look so. freaking. cute. I want all those shoes. ALL OF THEM.

  41. Lacey says:

    Now we know who the sebslnie one is here. Great post!

  42. It’s great to find someone so on the ball

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