TWO days without posting in ONE week….!  The thought is appalling me
beyond belief.  I promise though there’s been extreme circumstances, the
results of which I will be posting later on.  Stolmen is the one word
diamond clue though…

I thought I would continue on from the holidays that designers at
Stockholm Fashion Week have been taking with their collections.  I
thought I had clued myself into the vibe of Carin Wester’s S/S 11 collection
but as it turns out, I was a little off the mark.  In actual fact,Wester was
inspired by the changing, heady times of the 70s with men borrowing
from women and vice versa – liberation abound in a collection entitled ‘The Transformer’ and supported by these lyrics here:

“Survival is the name of the game
So sad her eyes she cannot see
Oh, you’re a slick little girl
You dance with your lizard leather boots on
Hey, you hit me with a flower
Hey, why don’t you swallow razor blades
My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder
Your beauty disgusts me

I step on your hands and I mangle your feet
I do what I want and I want what I see
I’m a queen without a throne
You can’t stand me now
I‚Äôll arrive late tonight”

70s love soliloquies aside, perhaps I wasn’t too far off seeing as the 70s was
incidentally a period where people were in the full swing of flying all
over the world, discovering far flung places – hence why I was trying
to pin point Wester’s point of geographical references… feather
jewellery from ‘Native American’ sellers, floral prints from Hawaii, wooden beading from the Masai
tribe and batik tie dye from Java… all of these world-travel, ‘enlightening’ details embedded into
the 70s easy lovin’, easy wearin’ clothes that interchange between
menswear and womenswear.

As with many Swedish designers, Wester’s clothes break down easily into
digestible chunks which is evident despite the amped up styling that saw
guys free in tie dye dress and feather necklaces.  This might not be so
much of the obvious holidaying-sun-drenched collection that I thought it was after reading about its origins, but long lace dresses with
suspended backs that dip low, bustiers with matching open-v dress, sheer long tops, silky trousers that split up the side and the cropped sweater that Wester favours definitely should be chucked into a summer hols suitcase…


















I love that Carin Wester has also done a ‘Henrik Vibskov’ by allowing
the public to see the show.  Like Vibskov respectively in Denmark,
Wester is also fast becoming a Swedish fashion darling as
more-established brands like Acne move on up and step up globally (I
detected a few people sad to see Acne move its show properly to
London… ).  With burgeoning collections in both womenswear and
menswear, Wester has a proper ‘brand’ on her hands that still retains
heaps of personality and soul… evident actually in her website which I
might be making my second web home over the next few months.  This is
to make up for the fact that I didn’t get to visit the physical store
and also because the A/W 10-11 collection is dropping in thick and


The archive store also provides some VERY reasonably priced treats. 
Everyman mid-range pricing is what Swedish fashion does best but when there’s
design packed into it, the deal seems even sweeter… the bustier and
skater skirt print ensemble
that I so admired is still up there…


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  1. love her collections. all the colours in the SS line are beautiful together. i love that minty green. stockholm fashion week looked pretty amazing. definitely one of my favourite cities. xx

  2. inez says:

  3. Kim says:

    I like the runways and outfits. : )
    and I like the statement in your header from Coco Chanel!
    Regards from

  4. Those are fantastic shots!
    I’m a really big fan of your blog! Yours was partly why I wanted to start one of my own.
    xox, Jessica

  5. Chyna D'Jae says:

    The collections are awesome. I love the colors and silhouettes of the designs, very nice!

  6. Nolita says:

    Everything looks super nice!
    -Nolita Vintage

  7. jinko says:

    I definitely love this collection. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sandra says:

    A lot of interesting clothing.

  9. The long coral dress and the guys trousers at the end = winners. Thanks for sharing…

  10. Terri says:

    I like lace on boys.

  11. Evelyn says:

    Love her collection, the color seems match with the costumes.

  12. love this collection looks really comfy

  13. the natural looking and colors are the best

  14. Some gorgeous imaginations at work!

  15. Leonidas says:

    isn’t this very light for scandinavians? Anyhow they look absolutely gorgeous

  16. Paraslim says:

    Wow!! these clothes have really stolen my heart.

  17. Bactium says:

    Amazing!! this designs are really the work of a genius.

  18. Dermatal says:

    that is wonderful cloth and it’s designing look are very georgia.

  19. Renadex says:

    i like this collecti’s definitely nice this collection.

  20. celtrixa says:

    Love her’s very nice cloth’s i liked it.

  21. Extamax says:

    As beautiful as expected…

  22. Extamax says:

    As beautiful as expected…

  23. Brainquicken says:

    Yeah!!the outfits shown above are really very fantastic.

  24. Brainquicken says:

    this is new era cloth style and i like it.

  25. This collection is too good, and it’s a new style, and you can say that lovely get up.

  26. I love the show. The design is so pretty that the suit are really attractive. nice sharing.

  27. This show is very well exicuted i praised like that effort of brodcaster. who represent this show.

  28. Bellaplex says:

    What a show i mean its rocking all over in which very pritiy clothes with very beautiful faces.

  29. NuBrilliance says:

    This pictures shows the fashion show is very atractive and impressive .it show everything who should a show want to show.

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