>> I'm still feeling like a horribly blasted jacket potato after my flight home – who knew you could get across the Atlantic in just five and a half hours – this unfortunately isn't conducive for catching up on sleep.  Bear with me as I know I haven't really said anything of Montreal, the place where I went but I saw so much and also spoke to so many people, delving into the fashion scene of a city that is full of contrasts isn't a task for someone with a jacket potato exploded brain. 

I am just about equipped to say a few things about these embroidered facial coverings courtesy of Scott Ramsay Kyle.  Now, Scott has been weaving in and out of collaborations and consulting work for other brands and instead has chosen to go down the route of projects as opposed to full blown collections.  Blub blub for me who has always been a fan of his embroidery work from the get-go of his MA collection.  His latest project is a small collection of face and body coverings photographed here by Cassia Tabatini, which inevitably leads onto items with more religious connotations – I picked up the latest issue of Worn which successfully cleared up the glossary of the hijab.  I might be being too presumptuous by saying that Scott Ramsay Kyle was trying to twist the idea of an opaque piece of black cloth for religious function into something sheer, ornate and colourful… that would be me making this into something too cerebral.  Instead, I was reminded by a recent interview I did with Daphne Guinness (oh dear, that's an amazing can of worms I can't delve into until later…) where she told me of her love of decorative veils, covering her face with something sheer so you can make out features but at the same time you're kept hidden in some ways.  These sheer coverings by Ramsay Kyle, certainly fit the bill in both covering/revealing and are certainly not pieces for icognito attire, considering the amount of deets on the cloths.  I love that you can clearly pick out the colourful stitches of Ramsay Kyle's embroidery, which highlight facial features and abstracts them on the sheer organza cloth like fleeting demi-masks…



3_mask 7_mask



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  1. diane says:

    These are beautiful.
    Get rest. hugs. xo d

  2. Louise says:

    i like the one with the green and blue, it’s a bit bolder, but that suits me just fine (:

  3. tanya says:

    nice to have you back. missed you 🙂

  4. Kerstin says:

    The pictures look very cool and creative,
    i think that is the art of the photographie,
    very nice.

  5. freaky, but i like the concept

  6. lyrebirdgully says:

    Now, wearing these as scarves or overskirts would definitely get my vote…

  7. nice scarf or nice mask, the man show great about the mask.

  8. moncler says:

    wow, it is nice ,it have a style urlab .

  9. dresswedding says:

    nice scarf or nice mask, the man show great about the mask.

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