Box Tidy

>> I seem to think that all posts these days need to be chunky heffer things with oodles of pics which means I've ignored the prevalent nature of blog reading which is that it's normally fast, bite-sized and hurried.  The madness is more maddening when I've been travelling like a lunatic recently (off to New York tomorrow) which means I should be doing more itty bitty posts to keep the flow going.  I therefore give you these itty bitty but by no means weak or flimsy in strength box bags by Sophie Hulme which have just dropped into the Supersweet online store.  Actually I'm glad they've picked up a lot of Hulme's A/W 10-11 accessories which is all screws, brass plating with an emphasis on whistles and good quality leather work.  Yes, the bag we're all SUPPOSED to be toting has gone all square, minimal and sensible but I still think there's a balance to be struck between neat and interesting which these box bags hit perfectly.  Judging by the size, I'm also thinking it can hold the blackberry, Oyster, debit card, lip balm and small digi cam all with ease ease.  The Nikon will just have to be slung over in a multi-shoulder-strapped combination….

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  1. I’m definitely interested in moving towards a smaller bag..the larger my bag, the more it ends up resembling a filing cabinet with all sorts of paper, receipts, etc littering it up.
    But speaking of the camera…someone really needs to start making great camera bags…So many people seem to have SLRs now, and the REAL camera bag options are…well….they’re black, made of gross scratchy nylon and are ridiculously overpriced for how ugly they are ($150 for a frumpy bag with Canon/Nikon logos on it? no thanks….)
    So uh yeah…can you make that happen? 😉

  2. woww that’s so cute!!
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    i just updated two new posts today!!!

  3. Angie: I was just thinking if these were a SMIDGE bigger in depth, the DSLR could be carried…. I’m still holding out for some supremely nice leather ones that don’t cost over $500!

  4. i really like the camel one over the blue 🙂
    i saw your post on japanese fashion previously, if you were in HK now, you would love it! big IT clearance sale, but the big IT brands, so CDG, Tsumori Chisato, Merci Beacoup, hysteric glamour, all 75% off!

  5. i LOVE Sophie Hulme, I still think her clothes outweigh her accessories though – utilitarian playsuit and sequined coat for me please!!!!!! ….i wish….!!!!

  6. Yes, $500 is not in my “bags for very specific uses” budget. Plus a bit of padding internally…I’m terrified of breaking my camera…
    The style of these bags would be great though! This is the level of style I want in my camera bag!

  7. These are so chic! I love the simplistic leather look with the big hardware on the front.
    I wish I had one of these to tote my camera around in too, alas, broke and slightly afraid of the dings my camera would get if I left it in there.

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