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I'm used to feel insanely slovenly and lazy lemon-like for being the sort of blogger that has few ambitions save for carrying on the blog and doing little to extend that remit.  As people have made leaps and advances towards bigger and better blog formats, well-edited videos, photos worthy of a magazine photo spread and general creativity that boggles the brain (examples being Luxirare and Di$count) and thus extending their blogs to being outlets beyond the informative, I have just plodded along with the same old same old.  Then I realised that perhaps for people like Mimi Jung of Brook & Lyn, the subject of this post, their primary role isn't in fact blogger and that their skills as a stylist, photographer or designer were seeded in before their blog even begun and that their blog is only secondary to their pending plans for a brand and err… probably world domination.  Ah, shame on me for having no other discernable skill other than what you see here.  Style Bubble – a brand?  Pah!  No way in hellz…

Anyhow, nobody can deny the beauty of Brook & Lyn's well-curated, well-designer, well-done everything style blog which is of course just but the starting strand of Brook & Lyn, the brand.  The first part of that was a shop selling Mimi's own used items of clothing and accessories, which has been beautifully presented through carefully thought out lookbook images that play with proportions in a mini-mignonette way…




Then Mimi has her Brook & Lyn Style arm which is a personal styling service.  A Brook & Lyn Closet Swap site will also be launching later on this year.  For her own brand, she has started off with a jewellery collection which was launched a couple of months ago.  Based on some agate stones that she found on a recent trip to Hong Kong, the first collection entitled is "Surrounded" is named thus because of the natural ring formations of an agate stone, the surrounding of it with a crochet border as well as a thick rope.  


Choosing each agate stone carefully to compose these one-off pieces, she has in fact sold quite a few of them and in particular, the violet stone body roped necklace came to me as something to play with though the long length of rope that doubles up as a belt or can be turned into varying formations on the body depending on how you tie it…

Mimi stated that she wasn't actually all that keen on agate as a stone before she started the collection because of the bright colours and muddled patterns but that's sort of precisely what I love about them -  that there is this element of unpredictability with them.  The patterns look like they are almost moving in the light and are in a constant state of flux because the rings are organically formed.  This is the necklace directly scanned in… my most popular mode of procrastination… scanning random stuff in to see what it looks like…


As for tying it around the waist, criss-crossing it or looping it around the neck twice… it's almost something that could be played around with on the go.  I found myself fiddling around with it in various loo breaks throughout the day just to change it up.  With the body necklace piece in particular, the central positioning of the stones also cleverly draws all attention to the necklace.  Cue instant ooomph-adding to any lazy crap outfit…



(Peter Jensen top, ASOS Black skirt, vintage sheer dress, Stella McCartney heels)



(Tina Kalivas dress, Under.Ligne navy sweater, Topshop knee high socks, Miu Miu shoes)

39 Replies to “Aga at Agate”

  1. Really Cool necklace!
    I wouldnt say your not creative because you have not advanced to “better things”. Your blog is good enough to last with this type of blog!
    Much Love,

  2. i love brook and lyn! her jewellery is so pretty. you keep hinting at various side projects so i’m sure the blog has led you to greater things anyway!

  3. God your outfits are probably the most killer of any on the blogs now days. I think I would place you and luxirare in that position without question. Exquisite work as always!

  4. I’ve been lusting over the surrounded collection for a while now. I am dying to get my hands on this piece. If I only I wasn’t a broke med-student!

  5. argh, i’ve been waffling on those necklaces for so long. i love them but they are not on my “needs” list right now.
    they work very well with your wardrobe though, judging from these outfits. one reason i haven’t taken the plunge yet is i consider them summer necklaces but now, after seeing your layered looks… hmmm…
    i love brook&lyn!

  6. I agree there’s nothing wrong with the format of your blog! Sometimes I think we feel too much pressure to constantly evolve when we should be encouraging each other more to be the best in whatever medium we decide upon! At least with blogs, it forces people to read!

  7. Wonderful accessories. I love those necklaces. They are one of a kind. You have a great talent in fashion design. Keep it up. I know that you will become famous in future.

  8. Heya… thanks to those for saying that it’s essentially ok to be ‘same old same old’ – I’m pretty much resigned to it because I realise I don’t have too many talents up my sleeve…

  9. I love the second out fit with the dip-dye blousy top and the color concept of the allover outfit. The first outfit I have the feeling you are trying too hard.But anyway, the accessories are gorgous.

  10. Susie, we love your blog and you, just the way you are, so don’t change a thing! This is the appeal of your blog–you don’t try to be anyone but yourself, and your style is so far from what is generally out there, it’s incredibly inspiring and refreshing. That Tina Kalivas dress is one of my favourite things I’ve seen you wear recently–the whole outfit is crazy wonderful.

  11. Styling is a serious talent, and girl…you got it! It may be an under appreciated skill, but it is nevertheless totally valid…especially when it’s really well done. xo

  12. I Love the second outffit , the mix between the dress and the sweat is very good and to finish with beauty you have lovely shoes !
    Genius like usual .

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