Repeat Exhibit


>> I'm not ENTIRELY sure why when this original retrospective of Hussein Chalayan's work from 1994-2009 at London's Design Museum was never blogged about here.  I'm scratching my head even more seeing as the exhibition was also media-partnered by Dazed & Confused, where I was working at the time.  Was I somehow put off by the mountains of positive praise the exhibition got and thus didn't think me and my blog chirping in was going to add anything useful or insightful?

As I ponder what happened to my responsible posting antics during the period of January and May 2009, I'm instead going to be INCREDIBLY belated by posting these pics that I took at the Istanbul Modern where the exhibition is currently touring and has also been updated with additions of some of his 2010 collections.  I guess I still have nothing interesting to say about the exhibition in 2010 as my muted self in 2009, other than to echo what everyone else has said.  What I will say though is that given the bigger space of the Istanbul Modern, Donna Loveday's curation of the exhibition seems even more effective, especially when it comes to the video projections of Chalayan's various film projects that he has accumulated throughout the years.  The choice of mannequins that have an almost-eerie expression and liveliness to their faces all bring the extraordinary clothes to life as opposed to the alternative of the normal headless dummies that could have made Chalayan's creations look cold and sterile.  And oh dear… here we go… review mode… this is of course NOT new for those that did make it to the Design Museum but somehow, reliving it the second time in the hustle of Istanbul, a ground closer to Chalyan's Turkish-Cypriot roots, enhanced the overall impact of the exhibition.  Plus, this is blogpost atonement here.

Ah I just remembered…. I had a duff SD card that deleted my pics of the exhibition… DOUBLE DOH!

Blindscape S/S 05


Inertia S/S 09

DSC_3041 DSC_3044

Ambimorphous A/W 02



Airmail Dress 1999


Panoramic A/W 1998



Manifest Destiny S/S 03

Place to Passage 2003



After Words A/W 2000




Kinship Journeys A/W 03


Temporal Meditations S/S 04



Airborne A/W 07





Box Tidy


>> I seem to think that all posts these days need to be chunky heffer things with oodles of pics which means I've ignored the prevalent nature of blog reading which is that it's normally fast, bite-sized and hurried.  The madness is more maddening when I've been travelling like a lunatic recently (off to New York tomorrow) which means I should be doing more itty bitty posts to keep the flow going.  I therefore give you these itty bitty but by no means weak or flimsy in strength box bags by Sophie Hulme which have just dropped into the Supersweet online store.  Actually I'm glad they've picked up a lot of Hulme's A/W 10-11 accessories which is all screws, brass plating with an emphasis on whistles and good quality leather work.  Yes, the bag we're all SUPPOSED to be toting has gone all square, minimal and sensible but I still think there's a balance to be struck between neat and interesting which these box bags hit perfectly.  Judging by the size, I'm also thinking it can hold the blackberry, Oyster, debit card, lip balm and small digi cam all with ease ease.  The Nikon will just have to be slung over in a multi-shoulder-strapped combination….

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