>> I'm loving that there's a lot of x activity going on at the moment.  It's a chain of never ending collaborative x's that seemingly won't stop… Sketchbook Studio x Vintage Academe x Supermarket Sarah x Tatty Devine x Mrs Jones x Kylie x Everyone else who wants to give her an x.  

In particular Sketchbook Studio, buoyant from its success at the pop-up space on Newburgh Street has moved into the ground floor of Kingly Court on Carnaby Street and has been organising exhibitions, shoots, meet-ups and a flurry of other things that involve merriment, cupcakes, drinks and good vibes a plenty.  This Sunday sees the unveiling of a collaboration between the wonderful Supermarket Sarah and my newly discovered Vintage Academe which has uprooted some its stock from its leafy Notting Hill residence to create a 70s Sunny Wall at Sketchbook's Live Studio space. Perhaps it will, plead with the sun to come back for another month or so.  Let's all shimmy down on Sunday to do a sun dance as they're holding a 'Grand Finale' event…

When: Sunday 1st August At: Ground Floor of Kingly Court off Carnaby Street, London W1B 5PW, Time: 6pm-9pm





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  1. Oh those oversized pearls are just WONDERFUL. And the haori jacket is lovely.

  2. Nolita says:

    Love both, Supermarket Sarah and also Vintage Academe. Great post!

  3. jess VA says:

    thanks susie…hopefully see you later!
    jess, vintage academe…

  4. super post! Thanks 🙂 Bring on the X’s 🙂 see you later

  5. Good post, I gained a lot of benefits, the fund will want to continue to publish

  6. dsquared says:

    I like them , I want to arrange my room like that , so beautiful.

  7. Wow! Très belles photos.

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