Summer Lovin’

>> Some people can dress in the heat.  Some people just crumble down into a heap of sweaty mess, layers and have to carry Evian sprays and water bottles just to even look remotely composed.  Oh, yeah, the latter would be me of course.  I’m not a street style piccy piccy kinda person because err… heaps of other people do it much better but I was urged by Mandi Lennard to take a pic of this gal I spied at the Albion.  Wearing a full on Carin Wester ensemble, I felt like I needed to go over and give her a high five and a DOUBLE thumbs up, going “Damn you for not looking the least bit bothered by the heat…”

Apologies for breezy posts of brevity… so apparently I’m not just swanning around sample sales and sitting on my arse all day long… this week has just been an intense mess that hopefully should yield something worth talking about in the future…


30 Replies to “Summer Lovin’”

  1. I bought that top yesterday! Almost got the skirt too and seeing this pic is making me think I should have! I’m also reduced to a sweaty, messy lump in the heat so I feel your pain.

  2. She does look so nice…that will look great in the winter too when layered up!
    Also Albion’s nice!!

  3. Beautiful outfit, I love the sublty of showing skin. It’s classy yet still reveals a bit of skin. Where can I get one?

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