>> Josh Olins strikes again with this new campaign for Topshop A/W 10-11 which adds even more depth to the lookbook images that went around beforehand… 

With these images, it's less of a case of 'Like, Love, Wow!' and more conducive to setting a mood for the season which aesthetically speaking seems to traverse the lines of sensible and minimal, hiking-style outdoor attire and darker (spikier?) elements.  It's all looking good for mixing up though so that you don't end up marking yourself out as belonging to one particular trend tribe or the other. 

Why all the posting on Topshop you ask when inevitably the same images will crop up all over the blogs like a wild rash that spreads like freckles on sun-ambushed skin (not sure why that precise image came to mind…)?  Well seeing as I missed the initial press day, and haven't seen any of this stuff in person, a ritual I've done with Topshop for the past err…. three or four seasons… I feel like I'm desperately trying to grasp at these collections through whatever images that come my way as inevitably I'll be wearing a load of this stuff for real (along with my Whistles, COS staples…).  Especially when plenty of sheepskin and shearling warmth, interesting uses of studding and chunky knitwear are all involved.  Take away the Topshop label though and they're stunning images all on their own and make me want to rush out into a COLD field (I want below 10 degree temps…) somewhere and layer it up…

**EDIT** I've added more images because to be frank, and I'm still taking Topshop out of the equation, I'm looking at these images as though they could be setting the agenda for colder months to come and perhaps some of you may be too?

Oh and the styling is by Kate Phelan of British Vogue…















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  1. I totally agree, they are stunning images (whether top shop or not)….!
    Really love the black and white on of the two girls, really striking.

  2. Valentine says:

    Nice pictures ! I love the leather shorts… need some …;-)
    -the diary of a belgian stylist-

  3. Sarah Betty says:

    Autumn/Winter looks to be lots of fun then 🙂
    Sarah Betty

  4. Magpie says:

    Oh god, I want a shearling cape more than I want Johnny Depp in Cry Baby.

  5. love it, the coats are amazing!!!

  6. Joy D. says:

    I wouldn’t mind owning a leather dress. Why not?

  7. totally like these pics

  8. Cami says:

    This is a stand out for sure! You would hope a company with the big bucks like topshop would be able to fund a decent campaign. It’s strange that in so many instances they don’t! This is a brilliant exception. Love the unconventional use of studs.

  9. koko says:

    Oooh… I spy lots of leather!
    I suppose this means I will be obsessively refreshing the “New Arrivals” page so as not to miss out on anything, like I usually do with Topshop!

  10. wow!!!!!!! can it be cold already??

  11. jane says:

    i love them! i found a few stuff thats similar to that on http://www.mycelebrityfashion.co.uk/ .. you should go take a look 🙂 xx

  12. Nickie Frye says:

    This is great. I always get so inspired by your blog. You find the best stuff!

  13. i’m absolutely in love with these looks, the fir and the knits and coats all look spectacular. love that certain simplicity of cut and at the same time sophistication of style

  14. Love your blog, Susie! The pics are FABBBBULOUS! Makes us excited to dress up for Fall! Love the navy/black combos.
    Big hug! xoBeckerman Girls

  15. Rhi says:

    Topshop always do so well in winter. I always want to keep on layering with even the summer stuff. Stunning images. Makes me want to be the one who took them.

  16. Fantastic campaign.SarahD:)

  17. I have major lust for everything within this campaign.

  18. I am fixated on those spiked leather gloves. They must be mine…!

  19. love these campaign image, gorgeous and the styling is impeccable

  20. HC! says:

    i love the layered looks that topshop has. it makes me feel like it’s already fall.

  21. Katie says:

    I so need a camel coat! Gonna scour the charity shops, I’m sure my Mum had one when I was little.

  22. The blue coat in the second picture <3 and the studded gloves look awesome too.

  23. moi says:

    I’m so butching my wardrobe with an aviator jacket… so long as I can keep the ladies mitts off it..

  24. Loobs says:

    Fucking hell! (soz about that) this is a bloody good collection, I’m wanting around 85% of it right now.

  25. Fantastic post – you did it again again

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