Gifting Myself

>> I've gotten into the habit lately of buying 'gifts' for Steve that are masquerading as things for me to nick.  It's a selfish deed that is supposedly making up for the fact that I'm not really shopping for myself but then subconsciously or err‚Ķ in some cases, with a blatant amount of consciousness, these 'gifts' for Steve from abroad, that are supposed to say "Sorry for all this travelling around‚Ķ" inevitably end up going on my back too.

It's too obvious for words when they all come together here yet I stand
my ground.  When in store, I thought to myself "Steve will LOVE this", and ok, I
pretty much got it 80% correct.  The tassels on the black denim
Phenomenon shirt were perhaps a step too far and yes, everything can conveniently also be worked into my own wardrobe.  That my taste in menswear
concurs with my own taste in clothing isn't a radical brainwave but perhaps a lesson in the art of sturdy menswear wardrobe-building probably needs to
be taken if I'm to stop this selfish habit‚Ķ or simply put, I should just think about whether tassels and prints are at all Steve's cup of tea… doh! 

1) KZO navajo-style jacket from Aloharag in New York

2) Phenomenon black denim shirt from Pigalle in Paris (alright, Steve may not like tassels but the offerings from this Japanese label are exactly what it says on the tin…)

3) A Kind of Guise leather backpack from Wood Wood in Berlin

I'll wear parts of these gifts in their separated form only if I really have to‚Ķ to lessen the guilt.  I just need to get them on his back more to properly atone‚Ķ

On an up note, the backpack is a wild success.  Steve wants to butter it on toast and eat it.  There's a whole lot of wrong in that sentence.






(Worn with Victim leopard print dress from Cash in Berlin – ok, I DID shop for myself…DOH, Tabio socks, Acne shoes)

30 Replies to “Gifting Myself”

  1. I have NEVER ever seen an outfit in which I thought leopard print looked good, but you did it… + I fell in love with your sweater. This is really beautiful!

  2. the navajo jacket has sent me into a trance…it is just beautiful paired with your leopard dress…and the shoes, the SHOES
    i can’t even make it to the backpack

  3. aaaaahahaha I do that too!! its like “here honey, I got you something!” next thing you do is steal it out their closet! heeh but its fun though. thank god they never get mad :))

  4. i love these items, the backpack is amazing and i should hope that he liked it, not that it would have been a total travesty if he didnt, it’s such a convenient size… i do the same with my boyfriend, and he is luckily almost the same size as me.

  5. really love this look (perhaps because I’ve also been taking to my boyfriends wardrobe more than my own lately) and the KZO jacket is just beyond!

  6. You are amazing, so cute!!
    Your blog is one of my favorites, I love looking your outfits; each one`s a work of art.So Exquisite!!
    kisses and hugs, Clara!

  7. i love anything navajo print….it’s sorta timeless isn’t it? I swear I had a myriad of navajo printed fleeces growing up and i’m pretty sure if I dug some up now they’d still be pretty darn wearable….as for self gifting…’s secretly almost as good as gifting others…mwahah!

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