Good Day Handsome Beings


Handsome is such an underused word.  For both men and women.  Replaced with 'hot', 'fit' and 'sexaaaaaaaaay', it's been banished to the word realms where 'delightful' and 'amusing' are also sitting.  Me?  I'm a fuddy duddy who loves saying things like "That is too delightful!' and 'That is a HANDSOME piece of furniture'.  So we come to Aussie swimwear label We Are Handsome and I'm confronted by blindingly cool prints that demand to be sun-drenched in cuts that are indeed 'hot', 'fit' and 'sexaaaaaaaay' (that's with no less than eight 'a's there…).  I actually didn't see their swimsuit efforts in Sydney but instead I was introduced to them here, where we've luckily had just about the right amount of sun to warrant wearing them.  Though that said, even on a murky day, surely a stallion galloping across the tummy, a balloon floating up the breasts and flamingoes walking across your err… nether region is just what you need to transport you somewhere else.  In fact, the whole S/S 11 collection by We Are Handsome is really all about those cheesy postcard moments… Los Angeles at dusk, Yosemite Park, cruising in Miami, Hollywood stars, moonlit Savannah, green Bordeaux and some bonus roars from Africa/Amazon in the form of a lioness and a panther. 

Seeing as I already reached the levels of ridiculousness by 'fashing' up a wetsuit, taking these onesies which come in zip-up, bandeau, scoop-back and bodysuit one-piece styles only means they're ripe for the picking in outfit composition.  It would be a 'crying shame' (I notice I say this antiquated phrase a lot too… and people say I sound distinctly Victorian when I do…) if they were merely restricted to the beach or in fact, sunny climates, though there's no denying the sun really does pick up the sheen of these postcard printed suits…



(With Lonely Hearts playsuit, Gemma Degara flower belt, Repetto flats)




(With Miss Sixty sheer skirt, Krystof Strozyna jacket, ASOS knee highs, Basso & Brooke shoes)




(With Limedrop cloud print blazer, vintage denim shorts, vintage lame skirt, Stella McCartney shoes)




(With Christopher Kane floral t-shirt, Topshop Unique rubber crop top, American Apparel cycling shorts, Melissa x Vivienne Westwood shoes)