>> We stumbled into Andreas Murkudis' (brother of Kostas Murkudis) store that is beautifully tucked away into a courtyard away from the Mitte noise and I was confronted by a rainbow… 

One singular silk georgette dress by Kostas Murkudis (btw, seeing his designs in person in the store was kind of painful…) that is entirely sheer in…

143 colours…

Apparently there's a possibility of 21,000 combinations depending on how many layers you put on and in different ways…

This of course is all teasingly, mind-boggling, AMAZING to me, lover of all things sheer, colourful and in rainbow formation.  I think I may have ran my brain through the colours just to check things were all in sync, the way I would have put them into rainbow formation.  One or two shading/tonal disagreements but all in all… a colour co-ordination job well done…


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  1. That rainbow of dresses is absolutely breathtaking! Oh, to have my way in that section of glorious greens and blues, what fun layering would ensue 🙂

  2. Susie, I am going to Berlin tomorrow July 10 and Sunday. Can you please provide the address? Many thanks.

  3. Oh my gawd, my heart is all a flutter! That is so beautiful! I would love to see what the dresses look like on someone. Thank you for those wonderful pictures!

  4. Ooh, gorgeous! I do that in my own wardrobe (the colour rainbow of dresses) but that doesn’t even comes close to the impact that Murkudis store has.

  5. Mindblowing- the only problem is, it would be an absolute impossibility for me to decide on a colour! It’s hard enough with only two colours to choose from, with this you’d have to flip over 100 coins 🙁

  6. LOve the idea!
    Whatever colour you feel like wearing, you just need to go to this store and you’ll find it!!
    You know when you feel like buying an outfit in a certain shade of green or blue and you search everywhere but don’t find it?!
    This store solves the problem 🙂

  7. wow! love rainbow formations – even have my closet structured according to colours. 🙂 would have loved to see how the dress itself (it’s always one and the same shape, no?) looked.

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