>> I feel I've overindulged this spring summer season.  I've gotten to the point where I may have over gorged on all the things that I love in clothing because too many people have been ticking those boxes so perfectly.  Quite literally, I've had one too many gelato triple scoop cones (well triple pastel colours anyway…) and now the gluttony is cloud my judgement.  The pastel rant goes on and on because I'm being fed that palette so effectively.  Spanish designer Gemma Degara's S/S 11 collection, a few of the pieces I drooled over today (sadly not for me…. ), is just one of many collections that feeds the habit.  The close-up shot of this floral top and the matching 'puff ball' purse is basically drawing out my addiction to this exact shade of pink and type of frou frou embellishment in the most tantalising way posisble.  There's something about the way the flowers are being accentuated that makes them all the more 'alive' looking…



What's needed is the sartorial equivalent of a detox/cold shower/a hard slap around the face.  Therefore I took a peek at Gemma Degara's sobering A/W 10-11 collection Siboney.  Colours, frou and frill are all turned down several notches and instead Degara develops prints that speak of themes of recollection and collection itself (mirrors, picture frames and keys are the main motifs…).  What remains are the reversible shapes where front or back can dip low or be cropped high, best seen in the tops.  A gentle wave of frou still remains in the hip ruffles as well as the ones that are worked into the backpack.  Alright, it's not quite the icy cold wake-up call that will purge my pastel gluttony but hey, summer is not yet over – there's still the whole of August to stabilise my judgement of palette.


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  1. calamityjem says:

    Ruffle side pants – Genius!
    I want a pair of those 🙂

  2. carrie says:

    I don’t blame you on the pastels one single bit. Think I might go slap MYSELF right now.

  3. Marlena says:

    I NEED that floral top in my life. *-*

  4. Wow, I feel that I could and would wear every piece in that fall collection, absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Kate Rose says:

    ooh. the cut of the black and white print dress. and keys a and mirrors and this is just a swell little journey of color sobriety!

  6. Dani says:

    i’m not usually a frou-frou roses-and-kittens sort of person, but that top is amazing. just saying….

  7. Halie says:

    Wow, that top is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I’ve been wanting a flowered top or jacket just like for ages now. Although I don’t really care about the color, as long as its something FUN!

  8. God love that floral bag..so cute

  9. sayablack says:

    The floral top and bag are awesome!!
    I really love this collor<3

  10. Becca says:

    I LOVE the pink flower top and bag.. so pretty and perfect

  11. Jill Pineda says:

    WOW!!! THose pieces are amazing!

  12. Sophia says:

    I love the flower embellished top and bag. I can’t help it! The ruffled trousers are also wonderful in addition to the darker pieces of the collection. I am just as ridiculously drawn to gelato shades, yum! <3

  13. Studio Girl says:

    Gotta love the pastels.
    That first black coat is amazing.

  14. Those flowers are exquisite, they do look alive indeed. Gorgeous flowers – real or not – are so uplifting. I’ve been eyeing my neighbours’ peonies and I’m on my way to the florist right now to get some so I can stare in the privacy of my living room. I might feel up their fluffy petals a little, too.

  15. nicool says:

    kinda in love with all the prints on those bottoms. so great.

  16. **Nova** says:

    don’t feel bad, I share in your addiction!! I just bought a pink and poofy tou-tou with chiffon roses all along the hem… I’m tempted to never take it off and possibly sleep in it. I think we need to create a Pastel, Poofy and Pretty addicts Anonymous hahaa love the blog!!

  17. Love the flowers pochette!
    It’s GORGEOUS!!!

  18. Agathe says:

    Omg the purse is SO pretty !!!!

  19. V says:

    eek! no time to read the entire thing, but just wanted to say WOW!! to the two flower pieces!! Those made me droooll

  20. rita says:

    Those are what I called ‘design’. I hope they are available to buy on her web site soon.

  21. I love the bag, incredible!
    congratulations you have a taste absurd.
    i just start with my blog, I would like you to see.

  22. Flowers says:

    I want the flower top and bag! They are Gorgeous!

  23. Chotronette says:

    The floral top belongs in a museum.. the details are just perfect.

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