I've never wanted to write the type of fashion blog that basically goes 'Love!', 'Like this!' as the extent of commentary on things.  However, in some cases, it is as simple as 'Love!', a singular word that in fash speak has now transcended into a word that can be stretched out across two-three syllables to add emphasis on the amount of loving you're doing.  If I went to the Arcadia press day, in the Topshop section, I would have done a lot of Lo-oo-oo-ving.  As it is, I didn't go because of a certain ash cloud moving around the British Isles.  So upon receiving the Topshop A/W 10-11 collection (with our long winters, I'm sure there'll be three main collections dropping within one season…) lookbook, I did a lot of 'lo-oo-ving'.  That's two syllables.  I'm knocking one off for not being able to see the clothes in person, save for a long pleated and utterly pretty dress.

Firstly I'm lo-oo-ving the fact that the front and back cover of the lookbook has been illustrated with two hat looks.  A hunting trapper and a studded leather aviator cap.  I'm quite happy with my own leather vintage one but I'd be interested to see whether some new dimension can be added to outfits with the spiky studs…


The Outsiders – Clearly nothing to do with the real deal behind outdoor pursuits but an oh-so-pretty interpretation of outdoors-y elements.  Definitely in tune with all the Topshop Unique stuff which is coming out.  Guesses for shearling cape on the left becoming the equivalent of that Zara brown leather trimmed cape that has stormed the streets.


Dark Nouveau – Darkness that no longer translates into straightforward studs, rips, slits and all the rest of it.  Well, ok there's some of that stuff with added elements of romance and as the name suggests, 20s modes of embellishment.


Out of the Wild – Not how I envisioned the 'trend' transpiring as and definitely nothing to do with the wider wilderness but it goes without saying that I'm loving the contrast between the soft and delicate layers and the tougher pieces.  You know how it goes, sheer, sheer, sheer…blah blah blah… lo-oo-oo-ve… ah… there's the third syllable.

(Photography: Franck Sauvaire, Styling: Katie Shillingford)

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  1. wow
    i love this collection
    really nice clothes
    love the studded leather aviator cap too
    i wish we would have the topshop-shop in germany ….

  2. Shini says:

    Love! Wow! were exactly my sentiments when I received the lookbook today in the mail. You beat me to it though. I just love! wow! the pleat skirts near the end, funny to think I’m looking forward to colder weather (what a blasphemy).

  3. Eli says:

    note to self: request Topshop catalog.
    This makes me smile because there are so many beautiful things, but sad because I cant visit in person..there had been rumors swirling last year that a topshop would arrive in Las Vegas. Let’s see when this happens!

  4. Nina says:

    This looks really cool! I love the layout of the pages.

  5. Love the spiky aviator cap. There, I said it. I love it.

  6. lo-ooo-ving these looks indeed, the collection seems to be very cohesive and structure, perfect for a modern girl. the knitwear and fur look amazing, great clothing for a lengthy winter. That hat from the lookbook cover with the metal pin details is absolutely gorgeous. loved how rough it looked.

  7. I really like this collection! Gorgeous post…

  8. Chuck says:

    mmm… the long aviator jacket/coat looks interesting…
    very nicely styled too. thanks.

  9. carling says:

    terrific collection! love it:)
    Come follow my blog:

  10. whats not to love sometimes thats all you need! what a great collection can’t see anything not to love in it

  11. The spiky aviator cap reminds me of Gaga’s… I have it saved someone on my computer, if I could only remember who makes it?? There’s a lot to love here, I just wonder why I never seem to tire of shiny spiky things, haha. Lauren

  12. olive says:

    I like their skirts collection!superb!

  13. rollergirl says:

    The styling is great. Beautiful.

  14. Anon says:

    This collection looks really great. I was just wondering how you request a lookbook though- i can’t see anything about it on the website?
    If anyone knows that would be great!

  15. Alex says:

    Amazing post. I love the aviator hat!!

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