GFW 2010: Rules Waiting to be Broken


What has happened to Susie you might be asking?  Where are the jutty outty shapes, the super bright colours, the big statement accessories that graduates show in abundance?  Ah, I'll get a bit sagely and start stroking my imaginary beard here and say that being loud and shouty won't necessarily get you heard in the metaphorical graduate room.  Not that, I haven't featured some traditionally 'loud' things…

Call it a change of taste.  Or perhaps I'm looking for merit beyond the needless application of a jutty outty shape coming out of the hips or shoulders.  Nathalie Tunna (Kingston) and her supposedly 'quiet' collection crept up on me slowly.  I was initially attracted to the effort that had gone into the bags – patent rucksacks, sweet cross shoulder leather bags and a patent tote with stitched in buckle straps making a pretty impressive accessories collection.  Then taking a look at her portfolio I found these words…

A book is always judged by its cover…

Heads up, stand straight, shoulders back

Rules, regulations, dress codes waiting to be broken.

Etiquette, decorum and poise. A quest for elegance undercut by its delight of disobedience.

Long, dark, panelled corridors, draughty rooms where young girls become ladies. Where innocence and youth become moulded to society's demands.

As I suspected, the clothes are a slightly subversive take on purely being pretty.  There were hints of Prada or Miu Miu where clean cut frocks, skirts and blazers played off with a sugary pastel palette.  Yes, decorum and etiquette is observed but the girls wearing these clothes might have some other yearnings.  For me it's all very Virgin Suicides and yes Air did come all over me as I was flicking through the portfolio.  A veneer of pretty is better than straight up pretty any day me thinks….















**EDIT** I love it when the grads themselves stop by to add extra information.  Turns out all the bags are made in collaboration with Lucie Gonnard and are now available on French and English Confectioners along with other cute satchel styles for not a lot of money at all!  Pondering on the grey patent backpack now…

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33 Replies to “GFW 2010: Rules Waiting to be Broken”

  1. Graduate shows are like college sports. They just work harder at a faster rate because they don’t have a contract or any sort of notoriety.

  2. Love’d her collection! Sometimes whispering is more attention grabbing the shouting. Simple, classic but gorgeous detailing and I adore the bags.

  3. Looks like a really nice collection. I definitely see some Miu Miu in it, also for some reason reminds me of Luella.

  4. I love how mature it looks but at the same time how innocent it feels. The collection are peaceful and quiet but with a strong sense of layering.

  5. great post as always!
    by the way, got a new found she’s like a little version of you. both of you got something that I desired for long time, a great soul of fashion, a real boldness in fashion taste, and last but not least beautiful black eyeball and hair. been questioning, is she your relatives in any chance? you both are so look alike!

  6. Rose: Just had a gander at the girl’s blog … err… cute kid but she’s an entirely different race from me so she’s definitely not related to me… not sure we even look alike either… but very cute blog nonetheless…
    Nathalie: Thanks for stopping by – will add that info about the bags onto the post!

  7. this collection defiantly stood out from the others at the kingston show for me. The bags are so cute and to see so many accomplished accessories within the collection was really refreshing! cute cute cute

  8. Beautiful textures, shapes and colours. Makes me think of the film version of Revolutionary road, but maybe fifteen years on. I honestly think there’s nothing wrong with simply looking pretty.

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