EMS Packages Ahoy!

I associate a lot of my vintage buying with that familiar USPS logo.  Envelopes and boxes (with a satisfying rip strip…) branded with those red stripes and blue logo.  Reason being that a lot of my vintage does come from across the Atlantic.  At the height of my eBay habit, which I nurtured in my last year of uni when I couldn't leave the house because of a dissertation, I had three-four packages arriving a week. 

Nowadays, I still get those packages which more often than not are slapped with some sort of customs fee charge and a little card telling me to trollop down to Royal College Street (Camden…so close but SO FAR at the same time…).  This week, a different logo appeared on my doorstep sans charges (phew…)… EMS.  Hmm…. that rings a bell in my eBay brain.  That's the mail service that fake handbag/trainers/cutesy clothes from China use to send their wares quickly.  Fortunately there's no "Chanel Style,Take me with you Quilted Chain Bag – Black" in the box though.  Instead, I find pieces of vintage all the way from….. Beijing!

Some of you vintage eBay shop aficionados will know that The Olive Shoppe, once based in California has moved base all the way to China as well as set up a brand spanking new website.  Elaine, the owner, like many of the new-gen vintage sellers has a knack for finding unconventional pieces which in turn, she presents in unconventional ways.  I'm not sure whether it's the new style of photography on the website, the sum of all the pieces she currently has but the styling in all her wares has suddenly been amped up a heck of a lot to a degree where I find myself wanting everything and my eyes are being opened up to ways to wear it erstwhile.  I like the fact that they also present each item in more kosher ways too so that even if you took away the patterned tights, the cool shoe/sock combos and the amazing layers, you're still left with the a piece of unexpected vintage that don't necessarily traverse to obvious trends either.  Or at least it doesn't look obvious when styled in the deft hands of Elaine…

I normally pick out 25% of stock that I'm into… here I raided a good 60% of it… ah… the clarity of a good percentage… takes the frippery out of the 'Like/Dislike' question…

The pieces don't really traverse through obvious decadian roads and whilst pieces are 'worn', the important thing about each piece is something 'special' that stands out – a chunky zipper, embroidery on the arms, an interesting knit pattern or an exaggerated shape…


Elaine has also bought in some new labels, most of which are from Bangkok… on a Thai-related note, I seem to be finding more and more Indonesia/Thailand labels that are coming through… a mini trip to Bangkok me thinks tacked onto my next jaunt back to Hong Kong will be necessary.  Here are pieces from Bangkok labels One Hidden Agenda and Triptych… both don't seem to have websites which just makes curiosity grow…


So in the EMS package was this ruched raspberry dress where the ruching is very tight and concentrated in the centre.  I got more vintage happy the last time I was in New York (correction, I was escaping into vintage stores in Brooklyn to get some air-con relief…) as the jacket and shorts are all from New York. 


(With ASOS leopard print skirt, vintage woven shorts, vintage orange/red plaid jacket, Miu Miu shoes)

Then there's this sheer white jacket with satin collars and cuffs that for some reason, reminded me of a more luxurious version of a lab coat.  This is me playing at being a school lab technician.  No, not the science teacher as they don't get to do the fun stuff like prepping chemicals and yelling at people for breaking the beakers…


(With Uniqlo sweatshirt, vintage shirt, Roberta Furlanetto white dress, Alexander Wang wedges, Moscot sunglasses)


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  1. i was wondering what your wardrobe was like whilst you were a student? i’m at uni now and am so envious of your collection (although i’m guessing that’s not limited to those without full time jobs). was your taste always so eclectic and daring?

  2. k.m. Yup, I always had an eclectic taste though obviously the strands of eclecticism were different back then… when I was at uni, I did waitressing as well as working at Stanley Gibbons doing stock take to make extra money for clothes so my wardrobe really started then… I don’t have many of the clothes that I had before uni…
    My wardrobe is more diverse now of course, being exposed to different things…

  3. Had never heard of Olive Shoppe before-very cool. She certainly has an eye for unique pieces. Definitely on my bookmarks, now.
    Love how you paired the dress with the leopard print-Looks very cool. I don’t like the jacket with it so much, but I do love the jacket on it’s own or with another outfit. The shoes are adorable.

  4. a few of these vintage pieces were truly gorgeous. loved that pale pink dress with the puffed sleeve. it looks so modern and so today. the jackets and the knitwear is pretty great too, loved the details and the embroidery. These pink shoes you are wearing are stunning, the colour looks gorgeous + adore the detail at the front

  5. Actually i never had a digital camera back when I was a student…. never got one until final year I think….
    So I don’t have too many pics of me in .jpg format…. some shonky polaroids and film pics…so sadly I can’t fulfill that request… I’ll have a dig around though!

  6. I bookmarked the link to the Olive Shoppe as I love every outfit in the photos. They are impeccably styled, especially the incredible tights and leggings. Those pink heels you’re wearing are adorable!

  7. So cute!! The shop is absolutely amazing. I freaking love everything. I will definitely be snapping up some pieces as well. I love the sheer jacket. I can only recommend Thailand. I have been going for a long time (my step mother is Thai) and the shopping is amazing. Especially in Chiang Mai and Bangkok they have amazing markets very hundreds of smalls designers sell their pieces. I’ve found some wonderful things. <3

  8. amazing! i used to love the olive shoppe and i am glad to see them back with their truly stunning clothes and styling.

  9. This is such a lovely post. Totally inspired! And by God, I am in love with your Miu Miu shoes! They are absolutely divine! I was just staring at them for like a full 5 minutes till I realize I needed to move on. LOL.
    Love your blog!

  10. Haha I just got an EMS package this morning!
    I love the sheer white jacket. Not least because it looks a little like a lab coat. 😀

  11. I have been following your blog for a long time 🙂 and I want you to know that I absolutely admire your PASSIN for fashin and style, and writing abotu things deeper than just the clothes ^^

  12. I don’t know why, but your aesthetic looks as though it was completely random… as if your wardrobe would have exploded in your face this morning and random pieces of clothing landed on your body ..the colors are horrible
    and anyway ,.,,do you go out like that????????

  13. Please post more photos with basic skinny jeans and strap tops.
    Or something else that is not random at all.

  14. Ahh! The Olive Shoppe!! I was such a fan of her ebay store when she sold things on there, then one day she just stopped updating and I lost track of her. I’m so so happy you posted this and I’m back on track. I’ve always admired her finds and the ways she styles them.
    Thank you, thank you!

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