GFW 2010: Clowns, Birds and Holidays…

So what was keeping me up from sleeping on my flight back from New York to London last night?  Call me weird, obsessed and slightly deranged but it was the fact that I knew I would be missing the Ravensbourne show at Graduate Fashion Week which took place this morning.  My flight was delayed by two hours and so my plan to rush into the venue in the nick of time for the show was scuppered.  This generally happens when I concoct elabourate travel arrangements…

Still, I'll make do with second best and after taking a look at the sketchbooks, I've definitely got to go back for some more of this year's amazing crop of students.  For now, I give you the things that stuck… clowns…birds…holidays…

Actually there are more motifs than those things but that's how it goes in my befuddled head at the moment where too much coffee is swimming around… oh, and I haven't spoken to any of the students yet so words will be sketchy…

Jessica Holmes… I was going to shy away from this one seeing as it features everyone's favourite common fear – clowns.  That said, I had to at least by intrigued by the combination of illustrated clowns, rabbits, children, balloons, ducks and what looks to be DUMBO.  The combination of these somewhat childish motifs and the elegant cuts of everything does make for a positive jarring combination.  I like that the girls that Holmes is trying to convey is one that is trapped between child and woman.  Oh, and there's Dumbo… 'nuff said.  I spent many hours crying with that baby elephant over his poor mum…




Sera Ulger… One of the designers featured in the Rankin/Katie Shillingford shoot, I knew she would come up trumps with her animal (though mainly birds…)-themed collection.  I loved that one of the dresses featured a tarsier… just because I randomly watched an hour long programme about these wee little creatures which are apparently in danger of being over-petted because they're so delicate.  The use of mohair in the bright colours really enhances the animals' features if that makes any sense…




Harriet Clinch… Click click goes the knitted camera.  Now, why oh why did people say that I would like this collection… hmmm…. could it be the 110% fun factor.  Clinch's collection (imagine the titles one can come up with a last name like that…), is all about a trip to Kodak Island in Alaska.  I detect some Peter Jensen-qualities but thus far, in shows where linear lines and muted palettes have dominated, fun knittists such as Clinch are a refreshing breather. 




27 Replies to “GFW 2010: Clowns, Birds and Holidays…”

  1. They are all, completely and utterly, epic
    I think my dream of getting into Ravensbourne for 6th form may be scuppered by the amazingness of these lot compared with me (I mean, you’ve seen my blog (long ago) and it’s going to take work to get this good… then again, they took work to get that far!)
    I love the knitwear, those tights should be stocked in M&S for me to nab…

  2. Thanks for sharing the illustrations and collages and inspiration boards with the work! I love seeing all that to understand how they get to final product on the catwalk!!! So inspirational!

  3. i absolutely adore the freaky birds outfits!!! here in ecuador is the home of one of them, the blue legs bird =D

  4. Where can I find these super sublime clothes, I will take all the duck, clown and painted things, next the chunky stars and striped sweater, high waisted pink charmeuse pencil skirt with either feathers or sticks coming out the back side, the drawings it’s ah inspiration

  5. Love this collection, the owls are so cute. I have been preaching about clown couture for ages, even started a Flickr group about it. Did you see the amazing clown necklace Katerina Graham wore to the MTV Movie Awards Sunday?

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