Stop the Palette


>> I feel I've overindulged this spring summer season.  I've gotten to the point where I may have over gorged on all the things that I love in clothing because too many people have been ticking those boxes so perfectly.  Quite literally, I've had one too many gelato triple scoop cones (well triple pastel colours anyway…) and now the gluttony is cloud my judgement.  The pastel rant goes on and on because I'm being fed that palette so effectively.  Spanish designer Gemma Degara's S/S 11 collection, a few of the pieces I drooled over today (sadly not for me…. ), is just one of many collections that feeds the habit.  The close-up shot of this floral top and the matching 'puff ball' purse is basically drawing out my addiction to this exact shade of pink and type of frou frou embellishment in the most tantalising way posisble.  There's something about the way the flowers are being accentuated that makes them all the more 'alive' looking…



What's needed is the sartorial equivalent of a detox/cold shower/a hard slap around the face.  Therefore I took a peek at Gemma Degara's sobering A/W 10-11 collection Siboney.  Colours, frou and frill are all turned down several notches and instead Degara develops prints that speak of themes of recollection and collection itself (mirrors, picture frames and keys are the main motifs…).  What remains are the reversible shapes where front or back can dip low or be cropped high, best seen in the tops.  A gentle wave of frou still remains in the hip ruffles as well as the ones that are worked into the backpack.  Alright, it's not quite the icy cold wake-up call that will purge my pastel gluttony but hey, summer is not yet over – there's still the whole of August to stabilise my judgement of palette.




>> A shoe goes 'hoof' not just because of the dizzying heights of the physical shoe but because visually, it 'makes a 'oooooof' of an entrance and instant visual impact, in part due to its perilous architecture.  The 'hoof' shoe has had its fair share of catwalk amalgamations, from Balenciaga A/W 06 'cut-away wedge boots to the over-blogged Alexander McQueen reptilian S/S 10 shoes and these shoes from Iris Van Herpen's  A/W 10-11 collection are definitely another teetering step towards an a great thudding onamatapoeic "'oooooof"… that's not someone falling over (like this kind of 'Ouch!') by the one but someone skilled with strong ankles that can make significant visually-shattering steps in shoes like these.

I took no notice of what I thought were essentially show shoes – i.e. things that won't make it beyond showrooms and editorial shoots – until I found out today these are actually a collaboration between Iris Van Herpen and United Nude.  Seeing as the founder of United Nude Rem D. Koolhaas is the famed architect nephew of famed architect, Rem L. Koolhaas (creator of my fantasy dream home – wow that was a heavily corrected sentence there…) I doubly intrigued even though I've yet to find the right pair of UN shoes for me.  The element of architecture in this shoe collaboration does make them more than just ostentatious show shoes.  Functionality and technological soundness, qualities which UN prides itself on seem to jar with the design and 'hoofness' of these shoes but I may be mistaken as the proof is in the trying on.  Produced to the quantity of 240 pairs (at a different kind of ouch-inducing price of EUR1,000), it means these are tangible and buyable products too unlike similarly ooooofing hoof shoes which tend to be guarded objects not meant for shop floors.  I'll race you there for some sneaky phone trying-on shoe shots…