Touch Wood

Somehow.  Some way.  Someone.  Something.  Some shoe bestowing being up there was shining on me and a smiling UPS man came with a discreet black box encasing these hand crafted phenomena that at first glance, without the distressed leather upper could easily be some sort of eroded driftwood, cast upon a beach or leaving aside the fact that it is wood, could also be rocks sand-blasted to beauty.  Let's rewind a bit before we get into overly floral language.  I wasn't expecting these.  I'm not even sure why they are in my possession but like I said with all the 'some' words above, these Jil Sander S/S 10 wedges which I think went into production in teensy tiny quantities are on my feet.  Well, not right now they're not.  But they could be.  Or perhaps it's better that they're not on the feet.

Afterall these are shoes to be gazed at to the most extreme degree.  Blink.  Rub.  Stare.  And stare again.  When you're wearing shoes, it's mostly onlookers that are staring at your feet and not you.  Not unless you literally go into 'shoe gazing' mode at bus stops.  So if I wore these, I'd have to faciliate some way so that the wedge was somehow put into my path of view every two minutes or so.  That's basically me at home with the feet propped up onto a coffee table, balancing a plate of chips on my tummy.  That therefore means that these are more likely to be more of an objet… probably one that will need its own clause in my will as well a dignified shelf that isn't from Ikea. 

It will fall upon deaf ears but I will have to ask Raf Simons how he even conceived or conjured up the idea of a wooden wedge that is both made to look ravaged by nature but also looks like a deft bit of handiwork has been applied to it…?  Might just tap him on the shoulder some time around Paris menswear, interrupt a coffee/cig break and go "Yo Raf… these shoes… how and why?"  I'm sure that will go down like a treat.

So in short, there are questions to be asked but none that are consequential to the finite conclusion of these shoes… one which is better expressed through pics than more of my torrid, florid and ultimately shell-shocked language… blame it on very special black boxes and UPS men.  








(Worn with Roland Mouret headband, Limedrop cloud print blazer, Gemma Slack crop top, Digitaria shorts, Cooperative Designs crocheted leg warmers, Moustache belt)

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  1. Paired with the legwarmers, that is one crazy, crazy outfit. You fiercely pull it off!
    Those shoes are incredible, but I’m not sure whether I like the colour of the upper parts of the shoe set against the the wood wedges. Still, they’re intense.

  2. That is probably the most amazing pair of footwear I’ve ever seen, so great to see you treating them well. Lucky girl!
    And those legwarmers… …I’m starting to love them…

  3. shiiit! that is awesome!! i want these shoes! omg i want to try and carve myself up a pair next time im in the workshop! omg and wearing them with those crazy black leg warmers that dont actually look warm? haha that was genius!! your outfits and beautiful confidence amaze me every freaking time! soo glad i stumbled upon your blog, you’re very inspiring!

  4. They are really wicked heels. But I would have never guessed them to be Jil Sander! I had to re-read your post multiple times to be sure… If you were say that it was all a joke, and this was really some sick test of brand envy, I WOULD BELIEVE YOU. Well, I guess that’s how much I know…!

  5. They look hot! You look hot!
    Come back to Sydney, we need that spark around here! haha
    Together we could rule the city … hahahaha

  6. WOW. Just wow. I heart Jil Sander and Raf so. And you’re going to menswear? Me too! Maybe I’ll bump into you there!

  7. I just dont get it, the shoes are ugly where is the style!.
    There are so many of us girls looking for something different but these are not it.

  8. Oh Lulu, I must disagree. The basis of the shoe is really simple, but it’s that wedge that really makes it. It’s so elegant and yet feels really natural – like it has literally just been picked off the beach. I love the colour of the wood against the leather too.
    You are a lucky, lucky girl Miss Bubble! These are one of the best pairs of shoes I have seen in a long time.
    Clare x

  9. I would definitely break my no heels rule for these. Driftwood shoes are simply genious. And I still need to know where to get those Cooperative Designs…things.

  10. GREAT shoes, I’m officially uber-jealous.
    And congrats in general on that whole kickass geisha look you have going on in this outfit – the headwrap, the jacket, the shoes, all and all it is *killer*. Definitely a keeper.

  11. Sarah, if that is a slightly snide comment to say that I (as a fat person) shouldn’t be wearing them… then ta very much – really, just superb…
    If that’s a comment for fat people in general… then define your idea of ‘fat’… I’d agree, err…bulging sections of lag in between the different sections might not be completely agreeable… but then if the leg was toned but maybe even bigger in size than mine… these could still work I think…

  12. oh woooow! even more dream like with your cloud jacket. i’m sure you’ll have to pretend you didn’t see a few people staring at these so they can continue to eye them up, they’re a feast for the eyes

  13. I found over the years that many times I would call on a customer just to say hello and would ask if their is something I could help them with. There would always be something they were thinking of doing but just had not called me.

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