Today I’m Getting Animal… AM II

Yangdu1 What was supposed to be a PM post then entered into the AM hours so it's AM again for the second hit of animal-friendly animal-lovin'.  I'm going in for a second dose of Yang Du after I investigated her knitted meat butchery last year as well as having MUCH fun playing around in her penguin S/S 10 top for the Nylon Japan shoot, because the PLAY FACTOR of Yang's clothing can't be emphasised enough and are thoroughly communicated in her look book shots…

Take S/S 10… who DOESN'T want to try on a cloud/bumblebee knitted horse hat with horsehair sticking out of it… even if you object to head gear in general, who wouldn't want just a moment of laughs and larks with one of these hats on?  I'd be severely frowning upon those that don't want to take just a second out of their lives for a 'silly hat moment'….


Then there's the backpacks… the inner child within me still resides and not even the slightly juxtaposed image of a buffed up, tanned dude wrestling with one of the backpacks is gonna put me off…



For Yang Du's A/W 10-11 collection 'Xmyheart', she took inspiration from Sunbury Antique Market at Kempton Racecourse where she bought herself some old toys that made way for the teddy bears, strawberries, doll-faces and giraffes on oversized knitted t-shirts.  Pom pom chicken scarves and faux-fur monkey hats complete the trip through a particularly good toy car bootie.  


X-3 X-5


X-9 X-12

Once again, I'm warning those that get a bit sniffy about 'cartoonish elements' to back off… the monkey inside me will get ya…



27 Replies to “Today I’m Getting Animal… AM II”

  1. Holy crap I need one of those backpacks. Possible even more than a Giles fluffball/metallic dinosaur bag… Oh god now I can’t make my mind up!!

  2. Ian J, androgyny works both ways (:
    Thank you for the introduction to Yang Du. I remember being happily/helplessly shrill when I saw your first post on these cheeky surrealist knits.

  3. Gah, I suddely have an urge to dye my hair frost blue & pink. I wonder if I could rock that at the office.
    Or maybe I should settle for that pink zebra poncho. Love this stuff, so much fun!

  4. was that model in the recent levi’s campaign? was it even levis, the one all over the tube for a bit? well i agree with all the above commenters, her hair is amazing. but i wear my monki sweater constantly and the animals are the best things on there, would certainly be perfect for lecture wear

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