Subtle Repetition

It's true… I'm a sad act.  Ever since some girl back in year 12 set me the challenge of not wearing the same outfit twice (of course you can mix up components more than once… THAT would be an insane challenge…), I have more or less NOT worn the same outfit twice since going "Mufti" in year 12, tweaking combos, accessories and pairings but never really repeating the exact outfit twice.  Hence why I actually don't have a favourite outfit as such and seeing as I don't have one, I just try and come up with a new one every time someone asks me to ponder such question…

Nevertheless, that doesn't mean someone isn't going to be fooled into thinking "Hold up… you lying scoundrel… you've *gasp* worn that same outfit before!!!", purely because tried-and-tested colour combinations such as the one above – pale mint green and sherbet-y orange – collide time and time again, exemplified by my outfit today and an outfit last year prompted by Luxirare's shockingly stunning jacket.  My love affair with this colour combination actually began in good old Toppers (Topshop…) when in 2000, they went all pale and pastelly one summer and I went mad with my Chinese New Year savings and came home with dropped waisted frilly dresses and skirts in those exact shades.  Since then these colours have come out like clockwork and I thwart the repetition loophole once again!  That is one big HAH to whoever it was that set me that slightly ridiculous challenge back in year 12.  This year, this combo has been significantly lifted by recent acquisitions such as this Sara Berman studded leather jacket that is ultra soft and is definitely an unusual colour in the scheme of all things leather.  Underneath, the peach flag is flown by a pleasingly oversized Lonely Hearts onesie that came back with me from down under as well as a surprise from Weekday who very kindly sent me the 'Wink' leggings from Laura Mackness' collection.  I may be stubbornly sticking to this silly bet that has pretty much informed my wardrobe for a decade but I'll allow myself some patterns of repetition… 






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  1. I do the exact same thing since a girl noticed that in the couple of months I’d known her that I’d never worn the same outfit twice, since then I’ve subconsciously stuck to it!
    Love the leggings on you, they sent me the t shirt in the same colour so I shall be playing with that one too!

  2. That’s such a funky challenge… how fun you’ve sort of made it your mantra! The colorcombo you show is SO great – Luuuuurve the studded jacket and quirky nylons!

  3. I love the colour pallete very sophisticated but still fun!!!! That Jacket is amazing! I know exactly what you mean it about reworking different outfits with the items that you have got! When u put your mind to it is actually a lot of fun and you can often surprise yourself! Another great post !!!

  4. these are so gorgeous! i try to mix up my outfits as much as i can, but on a student budget it can sometimes be difficult! i really really love that jacket. and the weekday….sigh.

  5. i love it! love it all! your writting always cracks me up..repetition loophole thwartde indeed. That leather jacket looks amazingly comfortable and the color is so perfect with the sherbet orange! stunning as always πŸ™‚

  6. Suzie,
    Love the jacket, but when I checked out the link, I found out that it was around $800! How can you afford such an expensive jacket, esp now that you left Dazed Digital- sorry if that came across as rude..
    I’d LOVE to be able to buy a nice Helmut Lang or even All Saints jacket, but am always prevented by the prices- it’s almost 2 months rent for me! Any tips or tricks up your sleeve to acquiring one that you can share with me? I’ve looked everywhere, but prices are all about the same..

  7. Christine: Not rude at all… I suppose bloggers’ finances is a hot topic at the moment… I won’t go into details but suffice to say that I’m not destitute post Dazed and I am earning an income of sorts – how much, of course I’m not going to divulge…
    Re: Saving up for items you like…All Saints… well I think their items are pretty much tweaked only very slightly every season and I think eBay always has a pretty good selection of All Saints stuff… leather jackets are especially easy to get hold of…
    You don’t sound like you’re in London but All Saints also has regular sample sales in Brick Lane… if you have any friends over here, might you ask them to pop over to them for you?
    Helmut Lang – I’ve also found some good bargains on eBay especially with the GENUINE Helmut Lang-era of Helmut Lang stuff… surprisingly…
    FYI, just to reiterate, I’m not actually wearing different ITEMS everyday so I do repeat-items, but that the combinations are always different… like I said, it would be INSANE to even attempt wearing different items and not repeat them…

  8. I really love the wink leggings, I need to dye my hair a new colour so it doesn’t clash with orange. Btw. Really like the studding on the jacket.

  9. much as I love the feeling of lying in bed planning outfits… dont you want to wear the same outfit sometimes when you really love it?

  10. I’ve been trying to shop the Laura Mackness collection via Weekday but nothing has been put up! It’s torture. If anyone here knows, please share.

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