Some notes of cliched clothes classicism I ignore.  But some are pretty damn useful even if they are predictable.  And 'm not one to go against something for the sake of rebellion.  One of these clothes classicisms is the humble silk scarf… in particular the oft-referred-to benchmark of style, Audrey Hepburn's use of scarves has stuck in my mind ever since I saw a documentary, which reported that apparently in her youth, in ballet class she managed to look like she was wearing a different outfit everyday just by wearing her one scarf in many different ways.  I've had a few run ins with multi-purposing scarves in the past but as it happens, I'm getting particularly scarf happy right now when they look rather good with their corners billowing in this annoying wind.

Benah is a label I encountered in Sydney (the tail end of designer discoveries is never gonna stop!) and whilst classic in its conception of well-made scarves and bags, the designer Brenda Harvey presents its wares with such finesse that you end up seeing further possibilities with Benah's goods beyond the realms of just a scarf, or just a bag… plus there's nothing wrong with things that are just well-made, a sturdy blank canvas to which you're free to paint daubs of your personal style.  Or in my case, create a rollocking mess… 

This is their S/S 10-11 scarf collection which consists of op-art polka dots and stripes…





From the same collection are these canvas and leather bags… of the Ally Capellino ilk admittedly but I suppose a Southern Hemisphere equivalent is no bad thing…




I particular like this compact cross-shoulder style…


I had a swift play around with the large silk scarves from the A/W 10 collection which give enough volume to do some excessive knotting and draping around… called "Ouroboros" (or-ohbor-us), the patterns on the scarves are inspired by serpents as well as the still life photography of Guido Mocafico…




This is hardly like the finished and skilled scarf dresses that say Clements Ribeiro has done for their capsule collection but for a minute of knotting and tying but it does give me ideas for more of my "Scarf off!" sessions…



DSC_0256 (With vintage stripy top, Uniqlo leggings, Emma Cook for Topshop boots, Moustache belt)

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  1. the scarves are gorgeous. So cute and simple and yet perfect with any look. Also love your pictures Susie.

  2. great fashion post, I love the scarf look & those boots are haute

  3. Naomi says:

    Love your topshop boots!!! 😀
    I wear scarfs all the time and those look gorgeous!! 😀

  4. Lovely summery scarves. I’m doing some autumn ones for my degree collection. They’re for guys but I call it the ‘boyfriend scarf’ – girls will be wearing them too.
    You can see them at

  5. a la mode says:

    I love those boots so much! It was heartbreak when I bought the size 8 off the internet and they were still too small! Topshop’s sizing is awful sometimes.

  6. I am finding the best scarves in thrift stores and Goodwills these days. I love the long ones with bold prints/colors for this season 😀

  7. melissa says:

    I love scarves me too! But what I love more are your wedges!

  8. Wonderful outfit – you are so creative! Those boots are awesome Topshop is amazing

  9. mia says:

    this is so cutee!!! you should check out its my friends blog and its sooo good!

  10. mia says:

    sorry ignore that he got mad…

  11. Domino says:

    Those shoes you have on are so great! I like the draping of your dress and the napsacks in the photos are so nomadic and adventurous.

  12. Casol says:

    Great post and scarf pictures.

  13. eliza says:

    as it happens, I just stocked up on a whole bunch of scarves! I love mixing them all up on my head for a massive wrap/turban kind of thing…the prints all jumbled up make for a pretty unique twist (no pun intended haha) on things… Mine aren’t quite big enough to wrap around as a dress or anything like that.. But as always, so creative! it’s really a fun and spontaneous look 🙂

  14. I’m loving the scarfs!
    Not much into the bags though..

  15. I love your blog with all my hearts. Your outfit always perfect I love your hairstyle btw

  16. Magali An B says:

    Such a great post!
    I am Magali An B, one of the Benetton winners, I follow your blog since I met you in NY.
    It’s too bad we didn’t get the time to discuss more while our stay in NY, I am a textile designer and I work on the Kenzo scarves Line in Paris.
    Your blog is very inspiring to me.
    Love these Benah scarves!
    P.S: your video “Funny face” rocks!

  17. susie_bubble says:

    Magali: Lovely to hear from you… didn’t know you worked in fashion! I found it hard to speak to everyone but I felt a bit intrusive butting into people’s conversations….!
    Glad you liked the video too!

  18. Magali An B says:

    I know, we couldn’t get a chance to really talk to each other, it’s a shame really! This It’s My Time experience was crazy and a bit overwhelming! And I was quite shy too, I wasn’t into putting myself outthere like some other contestants. But know that I’m a reader of your blog, I really fancy your taste and especially your posts about young designers. As a designer myself, it’s a great inspiration.
    I’m going to start a blog, not a style-fashion one, more on inspirations-textile-visual diary.
    tty soon!

  19. Scarf says:

    Gorgeous outfit!! I love it! I feel inspired right now. I want to try wearing my big scarf like that too.

  20. Clara says:

    You keep it up now, unedtsrand? Really good to know.

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