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>> Did I mention getting around Sydney sans car isn't the easiest.  Taxi drivers are questionably reluctant to take you places and are also scarily without The Knowledge (sorry to be patriotic about London cabs but but but… come on… they have THE KNOWLEDGE!)  Sure give me two more weeks and I would have been bus-ing it everywhere but a better option given the amazing light to bask around in would have been to flat it up and trudge around EVERYWHERE.  I definitely work on the basis of the stronger the sunlight is, the more miles of walking I'm likely to do.  

So I'm excited about the launch of Australian shoe brand Provensen other than this is designer Faye's first collection and that she's hell bent on creating shoes that juxtapose the masculine and feminine whilst making comfort her number one priority.  In the heel, I love that the there's both rubber and wood giving both texture contrast and comfort.  I also love the unexpected shades of burnt orange and turquoise blue that pops up amongst the muted shades.  All in all, it's just the sort of excellent type of flat options that I'd gladly trudge around in… or even skip… or maybe run if I'm feeling EXTRA energetic.  Actually, that's just being too optimistic.  Pah!  Me running!  Not a chance…   



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  1. These look quite stylish, I especially like the laced over the ankle ones. And you can definitely see the mix of masculin and feminine in the last shot of the lace tights paired with the blue shoes. Sounds awful with the taxi drivers, I always find them scary, even when they have a badge, or The Knowledge It’s so interesting how we let someone have total control of our lives just because someone else said he’s capable and authorized.

  2. Those shoes are the perfect combo of style and comfort–love the colours, ankle boot style, and the streamlined shape. I would wear these with pants and dresses! Of course, they are probably not available anywhere in Canada 🙁

  3. These are really cool! Perfect for students and people who have lots of walking to do. Now here’s to hoping they also come with a student-appropriate price tag . . .

  4. Just keep your peepers on that link.
    I just know this stuff because I contacted Provensen directly & Faye said she’d be launching an online store in a few weeks.

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