Picture5xf Egg-citing things are on the horizon and this one bit of egg-citing-ness came a bit earlier than expected.  I'm not sure if it's on the news stands yet as normally London newsagents get things first and I've yet to see it, but anyhow, the July "Ageless Style" issue of British Vogue with Cameron Diaz on the cover is out to subscribers for sure… 

The font on the cover is supposed to be orange, not pale pink as well.

Ok, I'm dithering.  I'm not here to discuss pale pink vs. orange fonts or the merits of Cameron Diaz on the cover. 

TA-DA….I'm in the 'Coming of Age' feature, where, you know the score, someone represents each decades (teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 60s – no 50s, I don't know why…) and blahs about their style and on this occasion I'm the twenties girl.  Which in my head, sounds like I'm someone from the 1920s – I wish it was to do with modes of time travel.  No, no… it's a plain age thing…

Img026 It's quite frightening that there are only a few years before I'm boxed into another decade.  I'm very chuffed though that the twenties in particular is the decade where I've been photographed for such a feature – as it is such a volatile time in general for most people but for me personally, it has also been a style whirlwind that has coincided with the development of this blog.  You can just about read the text (written by Aimee Farrell) in the scan here but the basic gist of it is that I'm feeling a lot happier about my style than when I was at school – then again, I suppose as each decade comes about, that self-assuredness builds up even more.  Ask me again in ten or twenty years time as I'm pretty damn sure, nobody is going to be wanting to ask me to be their 40s, 50s poster girl then…

The portrait was shot by the very charming Jason Bell who I hope will be sending me some of the other shots that were taken around my gaff (including one of me hanging off a stunning hidden spiral staircase I never even knew about… trust Vogue to do some excellent location scouting in about five minutes…).  The shot they used was taken outside the Emirates Stadium (Arsenaaaaaal!) so as I was doing it, there were random tourists looking at me like I was a freak as I stood on this electricity box looking petrified (it's preeeety high up… I wouldn't have been able to do it in heels that weren't wedges!).  The graffiti has been cleaned off now. 

Oh, and BIG BIG BIG props to the EUDON CHOI trench that I'm wearing – this ISN'T a Topshop jacket as stated in mag… not sure how that slipped through but apologies to Eudon – the cut and construction of the trench is perhaps a stretch to be Topshop (soz Toppers… !).  Oh and you can't see but the Christopher Kane skirt has those treacherous double thigh-high slits which in the wind, caused some very loud builder's whistles… so apt for my construction-heavy developing area…


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  1. vicki says:

    congrats on your feature! i’m gunna be ready to buy this issue! really love your outfit here 🙂

  2. F3 says:

    so amazing that you r in vogue!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE those AW shoes

  3. Kb says:

    Amazing! Also intrigued to see this elusive HK wardrobe and more of your UK one. I too hope to sort myself out during this decade and experiment to the max!
    Kb from http://www.iwantyoutoknow.co.uk

  4. tricia says:

    you look very *pretty in pink*. and congratulations on your vogue feature ^_^

  5. Kazuko says:

    oh, that’s fabulous! congrats! looking forward to the july issue!

  6. val n cami says:

    YaY!!! Susie!!! So Well deserved:) Can’t wait to see it and love the outfit you were shot in so pretty, that color is great on you.

  7. Naomi says:

    Well done You look sooo fabulous 😀

  8. hey got mine through the door this morning, you look great!

  9. Margherita says:

    Congrats, really nice shot

  10. Karoline says:

    You look so good in pink, sweety!

  11. Laura says:

    I just opened it up and saw you 🙂 and had to come here to see what you’d said. congrats!!!

  12. Joy D. says:

    I like your hair a lot in the photo. If I was being photographed by Vogue I would get up on scaffolding in heels.

  13. Lorena says:

    Congrats! I’m glad they picked you to represent the 20’s because your style is so fun and expressive (though I feel age shouldn’t matter in that regard) but also thoughtful and well put-together. I think your style shows that you can be serious about fashion and finding your own personal style without looking like you take it TOO seriously.

  14. in VOGUE!!! WOW, that’s AMAZING… Congratulations Susie!
    LOVING the trench….

  15. bravegrrl says:

    congratulations! you look amazing! great smile 🙂

  16. Hebden says:

    Congratulations, I’m really chuffed for you…you look fantastic!

  17. Saga Sig says:

    Amazing congrats!

  18. Mavi Malone says:

    Wow, congrats!! I love that Trench, too.

  19. Elle says:

    You look stunning and radiant in that pink ensemble. Congrats!

  20. Romi says:

    Awesome!!! Even though the cover with Cameron woudn’t have enticed me; and I buy Vogue every month, I’ll get it so I can read the write-up feature…Oh!! Congrtas!!!
    http://wonderlandcloset.blogspot.com/ [check out my blog]

  21. Congrats doll!
    That is egg-citing!
    You look gorgeous as usual.
    Madeleine Louise
    wekilledcouture . com

  22. wow, congrats! Can’t wait to get the magazine and read the full feature. MyRepublicofFashion

  23. Brigadeiro says:

    You look so different in the Vogue pic! CONGRATS on your feature! So amazing! And I LOVE your Eudon Choi trench/outfit!

  24. Jen says:

    Congrats! That’s ah-mazing! So happy for you! Great blog! (:

  25. Elena Vasilieva says:

    Love the photo from Vogue. You look great in this pale pink coat. Amazing feature.

  26. Treasuremauu says:

    This is perfect, so cute! Congratulations, Susie!

  27. Big congrats Susie, you look great in the pic!
    You’re a fashion wizard, you make the unbelievable happen…you know what I mean! xoxo

  28. Winnie says:

    Wow Susie, you are amazing. Congratulations!

    I’m really glad you quit your former place of work so you can explore the possibilities of the fashion world! I’ll be definitely buying that Vogue even though I don’t really like Cameron.

  30. Izzy says:

    love your coat

  31. arghhh! you’re an arsenal fan!!!!!!! >_< i'm ManU

  32. Becca says:

    How wonderful! Congratulations on the well deserved feature!

  33. Sophia says:

    That portrait is glorious. Really not keen on the fact that Cameron is on the cover, but will definitely get this issue now!

  34. 42things says:

    Wow! congrats iheartnorwegianwood for the feature on your bratop!

  35. 42things says:

    oops pressed enter too soon.
    iheartnorwegianwood makes some awesome stuff! http://www.etsy.com/shop/iheartnorwegianwood

  36. Carla says:

    congratulations on your vogue feature, if anyone deserves it it’s you 🙂

  37. Congratulations on the feature, Susie! I’m honestly happy for you since I can’t think of a more inspirational 20something fashion lover if I tried….though I’m sorry to be a party pooper here and say I’m not so fond of the emphasis on the quantities of clothes you own or the quote about your not repeating outfits in school.It sounds like fun facts when you talk about it on the blog (also, numbers are understandable- I’m a pack rat too), but somehow when Vogue prints it it turns out sounding like your style comes from owning a lot of clothes and shoes- which any actual reader of the blog will know is not the case. They’ve done you a bit of a disservice IMO, even though you may not agree with me on that.
    The photograph is gorgeous though- and please don’t let my vague moment of Grinching put you off being happy to be featured in Vogue! I was surprised enough as it was to see that you weren’t on US Vogue’s fashion blogger list- somehow, talking about fashion blogging and not having you in that lineup is like talking about evolution and leaving off Darwin.

  38. 42things – thanks!

  39. Muqliza says:

    congrats susie! you look great!
    PS:thank you so much for mentioning my bracelet!
    i am so happy 🙂

  40. susie_bubble says:

    Thanks for all the congrat notes… !
    Kb: I can barely handle posting about the one wardrobe but i’ll endeavour to comply!
    Blue Floppy Hat: Well to be fair… the piece is not JUST about me…it’s about a group of people and to do a comprehensive article about someone’s style in 600 words or less is pretty impossible I think so I’d cut the writer some slack in that respect…
    Also you can’t really get an understanding of my style (or anyone’s style!) by meeting me just the one time which she only had so again, I wouldn’t have expected it to be all-knowing or completely spot-on…
    That’s why it’s great that people who have read the blog for a long time do know better!
    As for US Vogue – well, I’ll be honest – I was asked to be part of that bloggers piece but I couldn’t do the shoot because I wasn’t in New York at the time and I was also busy with work…

  41. BFH says:

    ^Fair enough, I do see what you mean about not ‘getting’ a person’s style in just one meeting, it’s just that I’ve frequently read style profiles in magazines and thought ‘what a twat this person sounds like’.
    It’s not so much sarky fun to read when a person you know (via blog, anyway) has been presented in a way that is somewhat at odds with what you know of them/not the way they’d choose to present themselves (e.g. Grazia orangeface feature from a couple of years ago). I guess this teaches me to be a little more charitable with my thoughts? I still like Vogue UK plenty, though- fashionwise, it’s my favourite English-language edition of Vogue out there.

  42. viona says:

    OMG! The Emirates Stadium! I was there twice to catch the Arsenal matches! 🙂 I’m a big fan of your blog and congrats on your feature! You are an inspiration to all the fellow fashion bloggers out there! Go Girl! 😀

  43. tram says:

    congrats onthe feature! so cool!

  44. Isy says:

    excellent that you’re in Vogue. Mwah!

  45. Tania says:

    well, you can BET I’ll be buying that!
    I hope you had a good time in NY, and welcome home ^^
    Sorry it’s not raining yet, but maybe soon (although I’m writing this when you’re still abroad…. I think…?)

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