What Coat Are You?


The "What we have in store for next season" press release for stores can be some truly dry-as-toast reading material.  colette made theirs more digestable with some fairly amusing prose and so I made it through four pages which brought me to one of their new additions in new clothing labels for A/W 10-11.  As well as stocking Anthony Vaccarello which of course makes me BEEEEEAAAAM with joy, they've taken on Julien David and his capsule collection of coats for A/W 10-11.  Previously, this French-born, Japanese-based designer has done core collections of scarves as well as a very cute collaboration with Pringle, involving a keyboard printed twin set.  For A/W 10-11, David has moved onto a collection of coats inspired by our dependence on medication.  Which sounds stranger than its actual manifestation in the clothes but it turns out the connection is more to do with the way medication can change our body.  

And so we have seven styles of coats, all in a light wool, each one tweaked in proportion to differentiate between them, which means that essentially, one label will find its way to most customers…

Style 1 –  The mood passes through me in straight lines // Style 2 – I could have danced all night, and still have begged for more, I could have spread my coat and done a thousand things whilst flouncing all I want… 

Web-CPF-101-B-front Web-CPF-102-B-front

Style 3 – I'll take you in pieces, we can take it all apart, keep me cropped, keep sleeves safe…


Style 4 – Quit playing games with my sleeves…


Style 4 – Yo shortie, we're gonna party, it's my one button birthday… // Style 5 – You better get right to the point, I can see you're a coat of distinction…


Style 6 – Puff the magic sleeves, are ready to roll up… // Style 7 – So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen to being without a staple coat…


Hunters and Collectors


Windowdisplay1 Zome

Presscorner Swing

I'll be making my way over to Antwerp and perhaps along the way, I might stop in Brussels to make a very quick detour to Hunting and Collecting.  Aude Gribomont, a fashion editor and Niels Radtke, event producer came together to open this 300 square meter space over two floors back in the beginning of March.  It's a little depressing that new retail space injections that I'm excited about in recent months have both been in Belgium – RA in Antwerp and now Hunting and Collecting in Brussels – but hey ho, you can only hope that someone has some big plans up their sleeves for London…



From the physical store images, I gather they favour a fairly clean background, have a magazine/books area as well as a thing for Mary Ping's Slow and Steady Wins the Race… and most importantly, they have a flower-adorned swing in their store, which also features in their lookbook images that they have shot for S/S 10 featuring their label selection.  The more relevant bit though is they've just launched online store today which puts those images to good use.  In general, I tend to favour e-stores/e-shops that shoots their own look book images as it makes things look a bit 'neater' and for some reason, in my head, feels more 'legit', like I'm buying from a REAL e-store as opposed to one that might swindle my money away, laughing all the way to their offshore bank account…

I think Hunting and Collecting are in the process of adding items still to the store but thus far, I'm liking the fact that they have got a bevy of Spanish young labels such as Martin Lamothe… I particularly love the flagstaff print blazer on the left…

Captain-blazer-dress Captain-blazer

… and Gemma Degara whose pastel accessories like the floral bum bag from S/S 10 is particularly lovely…

Flower-bag Flower-belt

… and I'm please to find El Delgado Buil has got another online stockist… if I wasn't so shit scared of buying tight tight leather trousers, I'd definitely go for these ones that have leather bows above the zips…

Black-bow-pants Black-bow-pants (1)

White-bow-pants (1) White-bow-pants

Danish designers are represented by a good selection of Stine Goya

Promenade-blazer Rays-silk-trousers

Browsing through to menswear, it's clear that obviously Hunting and Collecting doesn't really have a leaning towards any specific country of origin in design but definitely a certain kind of fresh and quirky aesthetic that isn't overly complex… from left to right, top to bottom… Cosmic Wonder Light Source, Anntian, Patrik Ervell, Perks and Mini (P.A.M.)

Letter-cardigan Silk-blouson

Jean-jacket Marble-denim-pants (1)

And finally, I notch a Style Bubble first… blogging about contemporary childrenswear… as opposed to memories of velvet peter pan collar frocks, I give you cute cute kids in Danish label Popupshop.  Hunting and Collecting stock a lot of this stuff and it's the one instance where they have left the clothes on the bevy of presumably Danish kids, who all wear these sustainable and organic basics very well indeed.  Let's not get started on how inferior I feel looking at them in their grey jersey bombers, slightly harem-shaped leggings and leopard print tights… 

Black-jumpsuit Bomber-jacket-

Leopard-stockings Grey-baggy-leggings-by-popupshop

Today I’m Getting Animal… AM II


Yangdu1 What was supposed to be a PM post then entered into the AM hours so it's AM again for the second hit of animal-friendly animal-lovin'.  I'm going in for a second dose of Yang Du after I investigated her knitted meat butchery last year as well as having MUCH fun playing around in her penguin S/S 10 top for the Nylon Japan shoot, because the PLAY FACTOR of Yang's clothing can't be emphasised enough and are thoroughly communicated in her look book shots…

Take S/S 10… who DOESN'T want to try on a cloud/bumblebee knitted horse hat with horsehair sticking out of it… even if you object to head gear in general, who wouldn't want just a moment of laughs and larks with one of these hats on?  I'd be severely frowning upon those that don't want to take just a second out of their lives for a 'silly hat moment'….


Then there's the backpacks… the inner child within me still resides and not even the slightly juxtaposed image of a buffed up, tanned dude wrestling with one of the backpacks is gonna put me off…



For Yang Du's A/W 10-11 collection 'Xmyheart', she took inspiration from Sunbury Antique Market at Kempton Racecourse where she bought herself some old toys that made way for the teddy bears, strawberries, doll-faces and giraffes on oversized knitted t-shirts.  Pom pom chicken scarves and faux-fur monkey hats complete the trip through a particularly good toy car bootie.  


X-3 X-5


X-9 X-12

Once again, I'm warning those that get a bit sniffy about 'cartoonish elements' to back off… the monkey inside me will get ya…