Swans and Roses at my Feet


From sturdy flats to fanciful treats, my spirits have been somewhat exalted because a) I'm currently in New Forest retreating into massage and pony-land at Limewood Hotel and b) I've just clapped my eyes onto Saga Sigurdardottir's images for one of my shoe-faves Kron Kron's S/S 10 collection.  The combination of my surroundings and seeing shoes nestled amongst twigs, flora and fauna almost makes me want to leap into the woods with my own paltry footwear and start taking semi-creative shots.  Except I'm neither as talented as Saga nor am I as sultry as any of the models in these shots.  Most importantly, nor am I in possession of any of these Kron Kron treats that are also enticingly on sale online.  In fact, there are plenty of components missing that renders my impulses ever so ridiculous.

Aptly vivid make-up that also has that fuzzy 60s-70s quality (where eyelashes are heavy and lips are stained..), bed hair that curls or balloons in volume, perfectly matched styling with plenty of lingerie nuances that never overshadows the shoes, freshly cut blooms and natural ivy as well as a swan or two.  Then there are the shoes… Kron Kron have such a defined aesthetic that their colour combinations are now recongisable a mile away to me (and perhaps to you too?).  Their mixing and matching of colours of course varies from season to season maintaining that element of surprise.  The shapes are also tweaked just a little so that details such as slingback wedge shape, a triple bow detailing and perforated suede all of a sudden look like dramatic changes in the scheme of Kron Kron's shoe quest.  I say quest but I'm guessing that designers Hugr√∫n √Årnad√≥ttir and Magni √ûorsteinsson are pretty satisfied with their shoe methodology and in this case, I wouldn't even ask for an ounce of change.  Just keeeeep on Kron-ing (and take Saga along with you of course…)     













Subtle Repetition


It's true… I'm a sad act.  Ever since some girl back in year 12 set me the challenge of not wearing the same outfit twice (of course you can mix up components more than once… THAT would be an insane challenge…), I have more or less NOT worn the same outfit twice since going "Mufti" in year 12, tweaking combos, accessories and pairings but never really repeating the exact outfit twice.  Hence why I actually don't have a favourite outfit as such and seeing as I don't have one, I just try and come up with a new one every time someone asks me to ponder such question…

Nevertheless, that doesn't mean someone isn't going to be fooled into thinking "Hold up… you lying scoundrel… you've *gasp* worn that same outfit before!!!", purely because tried-and-tested colour combinations such as the one above – pale mint green and sherbet-y orange – collide time and time again, exemplified by my outfit today and an outfit last year prompted by Luxirare's shockingly stunning jacket.  My love affair with this colour combination actually began in good old Toppers (Topshop…) when in 2000, they went all pale and pastelly one summer and I went mad with my Chinese New Year savings and came home with dropped waisted frilly dresses and skirts in those exact shades.  Since then these colours have come out like clockwork and I thwart the repetition loophole once again!  That is one big HAH to whoever it was that set me that slightly ridiculous challenge back in year 12.  This year, this combo has been significantly lifted by recent acquisitions such as this Sara Berman studded leather jacket that is ultra soft and is definitely an unusual colour in the scheme of all things leather.  Underneath, the peach flag is flown by a pleasingly oversized Lonely Hearts onesie that came back with me from down under as well as a surprise from Weekday who very kindly sent me the 'Wink' leggings from Laura Mackness' collection.  I may be stubbornly sticking to this silly bet that has pretty much informed my wardrobe for a decade but I'll allow myself some patterns of repetition… 






Ma Surry Hills Shoes


>> Did I mention getting around Sydney sans car isn't the easiest.  Taxi drivers are questionably reluctant to take you places and are also scarily without The Knowledge (sorry to be patriotic about London cabs but but but… come on… they have THE KNOWLEDGE!)  Sure give me two more weeks and I would have been bus-ing it everywhere but a better option given the amazing light to bask around in would have been to flat it up and trudge around EVERYWHERE.  I definitely work on the basis of the stronger the sunlight is, the more miles of walking I'm likely to do.  

So I'm excited about the launch of Australian shoe brand Provensen other than this is designer Faye's first collection and that she's hell bent on creating shoes that juxtapose the masculine and feminine whilst making comfort her number one priority.  In the heel, I love that the there's both rubber and wood giving both texture contrast and comfort.  I also love the unexpected shades of burnt orange and turquoise blue that pops up amongst the muted shades.  All in all, it's just the sort of excellent type of flat options that I'd gladly trudge around in… or even skip… or maybe run if I'm feeling EXTRA energetic.  Actually, that's just being too optimistic.  Pah!  Me running!  Not a chance…