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>> It feels slightly weird staring at an illustration of your ex-boss.  Feels a little wrong in fact.  But then again, this is an extenuating circumstance where the ex-boss in question is Jefferson Hack.  I never really delved into what it was like working for him and if I was one of those hacks after a sensationalist book deal, I'd probably write an annonymous blog entitled "Secret Confessions of a Dazed & Confused Worker".  Except I'm not and frankly, Jefferson's achievements (the founding of Dazed & Confused, AnOther and all the webby-ness attached to that…  DazedDigital and now all speak for themselves. 

So I'm going to be popping along to the interview between Jefferson and Imran Ahmed of Business of Fashion tonight at the Sanderson Hotel which will be live streamed in the box above because I know both will have a lot to say and I know Imran will bring up the appropriately pertinent and interesting issues.  Say hello if you're going too.  I'd love to hear some live commenting on the stream too so feel free to watch in one tab and comment in another (to avoid interrupting the stream…).

BOF are also inviting to send questions for Jefferson Hack to their Twitter accoun@_BoF_ using the hashtag #pioneers during the stream so you can also botch some questions over to him.  I may ask one too if it gets through! 

The livestream begins at 11am Los Angeles | 2pm New York | 7pm London | 8pm Paris and Berlin

Comments (15)

  1. HI SUSIE!!!!
    you’re great 🙂
    I love BOF and I’m also the BOF spotlight artist ! I made a portrait of you :)!
    hope u like it :)!!!

  2. Tiffany mcgee says:

    Hi Suzie
    Always love easing ur blog! I’m really interested in popping into the interview tonight as well I was wondering if anyone is able to watch it at the sanderson hotel?
    Thanks so much!

  3. susie_bubble says:

    Tickets are ¬£40 and are now sold out I’m afraid but the stream is available for all!

  4. Isabelle says:

    Should be a good ‘un, might have to rush home to watch.

  5. Naomi says:

    i think i’ll be watching the stream! 😀
    I love STYLE BUBBLE!

  6. Mr says:

    I’ve been keeping up with the blog but didn’t realise you had another job now. Are you a full time blogger now Susie?

  7. Mayweather says:

    Perhaps many people are now lying their hobbies in the internet esp in blogging. It’s okay but limit yourself in using and or exposing to the PC or your laptop.

  8. Joan says:

    oooh the interview should be entertaining.
    hope you have tons of fun, by the way.

  9. emma says:

    Oh sounds like a fun event!

  10. Mac says:

    Imran read out my question! Fantastic interview, non?
    Great blog x

  11. Ali says:

    Come on. Dish the dirt!

  12. Adorngirl says:

    gutted as i has uni, so couldn’t watch live, but it will defintely be some great late night viewing.

  13. Shin says:

    That sounds amazing! I love to hear you speak! xxooxoxxo

  14. Wenxin says:

    You no longer work at Dazed and Confused? It’s be interesting to hear your new job is!

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