Stepping Out

>> I was trying to explain to Phil of Streetpeeper the exact feeling of shallow accomplishment when you buy something and so case in point, prior to my walking into About Glamour in Williamsburg, I was feeling like a pile of poo baulking at the mahussive week of meetings, appointments, work etc that I'd be missing because of this volcanic ashy mess.  I was slunking around and even after I had stuffed my face with both pie and thighs (err…at a place called Pie n' Thighs), my mind was still knotting itself into a fury at Mother Nature.  About Glamour, like Bang Bang in London, is one of my happy havens that has that element of surprise where the mix of new-old, vintage and new is a little unpredictable.  It's a NYC ritual for me to go there and have a rummage…  sometimes I don't buy anything at all, sometimes I do, but it's still a happy haven nonetheless…

Pop_16452_armorlaceup-navycanvas-1 Pop_16469_polkadot-blue-1
The afternoon pick-me-up-from-ashes-drama came via these chambray espadrille shoes which are a touch like the Opening Ceremony x Robert Clergerie shoes though they're not quite as high.  Though I just remembered another thing I could do to kill this unexpected time in NYC; that I might take them to the famous Boris at East Village Shoe Repair (remembered this old post by Tiffany of Six Six Sick) and see if he might be able to magically heighten the heel a little bit to create a cheapie version of the OC x Clergerie shoes.  Regardless, I have my flopping-around summer shoes and immediately after pay for them (in cash… more satisfying than card…) I suddenly got a whole lot happier.  I'm definitely not ashamed that I'm an uncomplicated consumer bunny by the by…




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  1. Ahh, About Glamour is one of my favorites, you should ask for my friend Hiraku the next time you’re there! And Boris is a miracle worker–don’t be freaked out by the squalid conditions he works in!
    Anyway, while you’re stuck here, I hope I’ll get the chance to see you–maybe a date with Brandon!

  2. so glad you go to about glamour— one of my fave secrets in my neighborhood. always spotting great stuff there.. i still have never gotten any magic done by boris but my mind is flipping with ideas now that i am reminded again

  3. Those Opening Ceremony shoes are perfect… I love the ropey looking sole. Sadly though, there is no way I have the pennys for these beautiful things.
    Your little versions are fabulous though! I love the colours running through the sole.
    Clare x

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