Pah to the Green Truth

Did anyone else massively enjoy the article by Stephen Moss on his search for the real Robin Hood, as a reaction to the upcoming Ridley Scott film?  In particular, what struck me was the resounding conclusion that for most die hard Hood lovers, it doesn't matter who the real Robin Hood actually was and where he was derived from but that "There's a real myth which is living and breathing" and that preserving this myth is far more important than seeking the truth.  So the real Robin Hood, or whoever the original bandit from Nottinghamshire/Yorkshire was, may not have worn the plethora shades of green that range from olive to forest to emerald, as demonstrated by this accompanying slideshow of the various Robin Hood interpretations in film and TV through the years.  Oh well, I'm with the dude who runs the World Wide Robin Hood Society; "If the truth gets in the way, print the legend" and therefore I'm gonna go and disseminate the myth.  Consciously or not, after reading this article, I suddenly got a bit happy in colours that would wash over the various incarnations of Robin Hood costumes quite nicely… Maid Marian too if she so wishes to be matching her bandit beau.  In fact I think I've covered a plethora of shades that can be seen on everyone from Errol Flynn to Kevin Costner…  

It ain't Sherwood Forest but Bedford Square will do…I wasn't stealing gold for the poor this day but I did swing through about eight press days…. ahhh… what's bringing help to the needy in comparison to snapping A/W 10-11 collections like a demon? 


(Vintage African textile shirt, vintage cashmere jumper, Y-3 pants, Y-3 trainers, Vivienne Westwood bag, Giia necklace)

A slightly more flamboyantly textured green but when I received this feathered cowl from a friend (who shall remain unnamed but I'm most grateful of course…), I knew it had to sit with this Hoss Intropia dress which is the heaviest fringe piece I own.  Speaking of which, I've popped into the new Covent Garden store several times now, contemplating various things that have a Marni-esque vibe and like I said before, with plenty of interesting deets.  This dress may be the weight of a slightly premature baby, but it does move like a dream (errr… unlike a premature baby…) as the fringe is controlled by the top and bottom hems and comes away from the body if you wish.  As there are handy pockets at the side, it doesn't feel like I'm wearing something that flamboyant, given that I can fit my Oystercard and keys in there.  The blue is a bit unorthodox but hey if Maid Marian can be leader of the pack (god that show was goooooood…), then my shades of Robin Hood greens can afford to mix in with some blue…




(Hoss Intropia dress, American Apparel blue sheer dress underneath, feathered cowl from a friend, Tabio tights, Michael Angel x Manolo Blahnik ankle boots)

46 Replies to “Pah to the Green Truth”

  1. That fringed dress is perfect. It looks so weighty. I love the way it hangs away from your body.
    I have a soft spot for Robin Hood, being from the lovely city of Nottingham…ahem. I have not yet dressed in a tribute to him yet. Maybe it needs to happen!
    Clare x

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  3. OH GOD! I love love love how the on the fringe outfit none of the colours are what you think they are going to be. Like one would expect the feathers to be black, as well as the fringe dress itself – as most fringe dresses are – and then when the pantyhose and the sleeves aren’t actually the same shade of blue, I just go nuts with amazement.
    (wow, I’m articulate. blah!)

  4. Oh yes, that was a fine show! And I am on your same side, on the robin hood debate. The legend matters.
    That green fringe dress is dreamy.

  5. That African top is a fantastic piece of design!?! Could you perhaps ( please pllleaasse) take a few close up shots of the arms? I’d love to see how it was made.

  6. The African shirt makes me feel kind of sick when I look at the arms! Don’t take that the wrong way because it is a beautiful piece of clothing, but something about the arms just makes me feel uncomfortable in my stomach, haha. Like some sort of vertigo.
    I agree with Francesca though, I would love to see some close-ups of the arms.

  7. Wow, that is such and incredibly beautiful dress, the Hoss Intropia dress. I love the length of the fringes and that they are attached to the bottom of the dress.

  8. The fringed dress/feather cowl outfit is one of my favourite outfits of yours–love the muted green with the blue tights and printed shoes. It is elegant, funky, and rock and roll all in one!

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