>> I can't quite keep up with the number of documentaries, live-stream talks and Q&A sessions where fashion's big hitters are candidly talking about their career paths.  Industrie is a new magazine that claims to be the world's first "culture of fashion" magazine, offering readers an in-depth look into the fashion industry via extensive articles and investigative articles on all the fashion biggies. 

The first issue features Tom Florio, Publishing Director of Vogue, Natalie Massenet, Founder of
Net-A-Porter and and Luis Venegas, Founder of Fanzine137.  Stylists Karl Templer, Katie Grand, Marie Am√©lie-Sauv√© and Panos Yiapanis will be discussing their careers and creative processes.  Past collections get another reinterpretation by S√∏lve Sundsb√∏ and Camilla √Ökrans.  Patrick Demarchelier also has a lunch date with Industrie before shooting Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone.  The mag will also delve into the story of editors becoming cover stars, hence the change-up in cover from the original Daria cover to the Wintour one here.

I realise, this is all a press spiel and I haven't read it yet seeing as the magazine isn't out until the 25th May but I may as well as pre-warn the industry nut heads that will lap this stuff up and also perhaps it's worth enquiring via their shell website whether Industrie will be landing in their local newsy. 


This is an Anthony Bourdain-esque Cook's Tour post script note at the end of each chapter.  Actually, there are no chapters.  There is JUST the one post script note.  Reasons why Susie SHOULD not speak on camera and why she SHOULD not be on video.  This closely relates to a topic that EJ and I were discussing, about the possibility and hilarity of me doing 'haul vlogs' after watching an hour's worth of them (they are engrossing but not for the right reasons, one might add…).  I concluded that were I to actually get the balls to do said haul vlogs, I'd look and sound like a fooligan.  This is concrete proof. 

Joyce just sent through a video accompanying the lifesize cut-out styling session that I did in Hong Kong, that they very lovingly edited…. wafty music, clothes, smiles, carefully edited voiceovers… la-di-da-da-da-da…

Except one crucial thing. 

I said…

"Peace Out.  Keep it chilled.  Thank you." at the end.  


WHAT POSSESSED ME TO DO SUCH A THING?  Watching it is like having an outer-body experience, with the real me hovering over a cliched California-ised person that semi-resembles me spewing absolute rubbish.  I want to go into the video and gouge her eyeballs out.  And then chuck them at the Marios Schwab dress that 'she's' wearing.  The real me wouldn't do that of course, Marios – your print is too pretty.

I share this with you now because if the vid ever did get circulated and some of you who actually know me, came back asking "Hey I saw this video with someone that looked like you but it didn't SOUND like you and err… you said something really moronic at the end…" then I'd have an explanation. 

Is there one?  I tried on far too many clothes?  Didn't have any food?  Not enough water?  No sunlight?  It was filmed at the end of the day… I'm trying to recall.  I remember zilch.  I'm going with the classic line… "The lights were too bright…"  There is no peace or chilled-out-ness to be had after watching this…

I'm not somebody who can talk to anyone and be the best of chums within two minutes and yes, I'm still not great with 'strangers'.  That said, I can get 'feels' and 'vibes' from people and in the case of Feng Feng-Yeh aka the designer behind New York label Savant, though I've never met her, through her teddy bear texture-laden A/W 10-11 collection, I somehow knew that I wasn't going to be facing an evening of uncomfortable silences.  And I've had my fair share of awkward tumbleweed moments in my time.

So off to the House of 'Feng' I went.  You may know Feng Feng (actually pronounced Fun-Fun btw…) from her days as one third of the original Six Six Sick party organising trio but she has also worked for Benjamin Cho (where are you?) and Narciso Rodriguez and it was Cho that encouraged her to start her label Savant.  I really was in dire need of revisiting all things 'Feng' given that the last show I saw of her's was the A/W 09 one where her interesting use of textures caught my eye.  A/W 10-11 is also texture-heavy but with a sense of play that Feng Feng was keen on playing up on… in her words, it's Bambi meets Donna Summer (the soundtrack on the record player attested to this…).  Fleece, tasseled wool, furry textures, shearling and sheer fabrics play off with each other in flirty shapes that require a lot of movement to bring them to life.  A good deal of leg kicking in chunky heels does the trick.  She very kindly lent me some pairs from her maHUSSIVE collection of shoes to better try on the clothes…


…don't chide me for not having my DSLR with me.  I frankly don't care about resorting to oh-so-2008 style pictures given that I had a great deal of FUN-FENG trying on piece after piece… I probably don't do her pieces justice in that respect but believe me, it takes the weight of a fluffy shearling waistcoat or the flare of a orange fleece and pale pink chiffon panelled skirt to really get into the Feng Feng's less-than-serious head space…


I also don't do this beady chainmail and velvet shirt much justice either.  These pieces from her A/W 09 collection really need to be brought forward to this season for some weighty goodness… the chainmail makes her pieces hang amazingly.  Oh and the mass of purple tubing, that I loved as a fresh texture, was painstaking hand sewn together…


From this evening that was supposed to be an hour or so (turned into about four…), Feng Feng very very kindly gave me a pink flashback in the form of this S/S 09 organza jumpsuit.  She may have got the memo that there are few people in the world that want to touch this colour other than me.  That's ok.  I'll take reject pink especially when it's in the form of a onesie that I can use to "pop" out against paler, more subdued shades… 

I look forward to more Feng times of the House of Feng… and yes, I may keep milking the pun… because it's just so damn fun…

DSC_0222 (Worn with Krystof Strozyna blazer, Topshop crushed velvet body, Uniqlo tights, Stella McCartney heels, KaPowWow ruff)

>> You may not like prints.  You may not even like colours.  You may be a die hard monochromatic edge-head.  But go on, indulge your imagination and try and pick a Prada print for you to leap into a possible world where a print could accompany you.  Or if you're like me, perhaps you want to take one of everything and have odd shoe and multiple bags day (I think carrying three tops knotted together isn't overdoing it, right?)  I'm a bit late in the posting game but I could not help but put up these Prada goodies, arranged in the sort of visual merchandising set-up that renders me helpless to their printed evils.  They are going on sale mid-May as part of their new 'Print Collection' and the key story is the "OMG, they're under ¬£500!", which sadly doesn't make a dent of a difference on my acquiring them.  Still, I guess there are some of you that can revel in the OMG of it all…

For me, I'll just play "Pick a print" in my head and be done with it.