On the Pretty Doorstep


It all started with this Moody and Farrell pigskin powder blue thin boater hat that I spied at My Sugarland in Angel the last time I was there, when I was still experiencing a no-time-to-languidly-shop blip.  I visited My Sugarland when it first opened up back in 2008 but this one perfect flat boater told me that owner and stylist Zoe Lem's treasure trove of a shop will need revisiting even though I generally post about stores once to recap the 'discovery' experience.  As I was here to do a shoot for a Hong Kong magazine, I thought it warranted a 'revisit' post… and after delving into the store, I think there may need to be another… and given that it is in my hood, I don't really have an excuse not to.  Not quite on my doorstep but it's pretty enough to kid myself that it is.  

There isn't much to go by on British milliner Moody and Farrell's website other than a logo… but Zoe tells me they can do custom orders on their hats, making them in any colour that you want… the star attraction here, and alas you guys can't feel this, is that they're made of a very VERY buttery pigskin leather…



I was pleased to see Anita Quansah's textiles which I had briefly investigated have now manifested as interwoven grey jersey fringe necklaces


I also discovered one of My Sugarland's simpler offerings… Zehr


… who has given summer structure to seersucker


Jasper Garvida…aka the frock meister winner of Project Catwalk (that's the UK version…) season 1.. surprisingly turns out this sheer shirt with a beautiful collar that is about as far away from what I know of his work…


As always, vintage and contemporary mix it up and at the moment in the back section of My Sugarland, an ice cream parlour of sherbet, pastel and muted colours have taken off… this is probably where I would come if I wanted to probe the differences between eggshell and pearl white…


I'm also pleased to see some heavily reduced past season pieces courtesy of Steve J & Yoni P which perfectly fall into the pastel parlour…

DSC_1812 DSC_1816

Same goes for John Rocha… the ickle peach shorts are crying for summer and tingly bare legs…

DSC_1817 DSC_1815

… and err…wedge alert!!!  Without close-up shots on Style.com, these are the kind of beauts that get away from me… John Rocha pale pink wooden wedges with a pleasingly curved wooden wedge that isn't over polished…



DSC_1814 DSC_1781

I'm not sure why I was so shy about trying on the ABUNDANCE of hats at My Sugarland last time I was in but this time, I had no excuses what with the Acne dress I was wearing 'accidentally' matching everything I put on… like this vintage floral number and the Christine Bec lace hat on the right…

DSC_1779 DSC_1808

Bung on a pale blue ickle cape from past season Steve J & Yoni P and you have yourself an almost sickeningly sweet outfit that I personally could only tolerate on a sunny day where someone (*cough* boyfriend) has prepared a picnic basket stuffed with Victoria sponge, mini pork pies and mini cucumber sandwiches…


The only ish-sad note was that I learned that Laura Lees, eclectic embroiderer whose work has probably left a vaguely recognisable impression on most girls' heads what with her numerous collaborations that she has done over the years… has decided to stop doing full ready to wear collections… boo…

My Sugarland has been getting in Lees' samples into the store so some of her sweet skulls, scribbles, flowers and safety pins in multi-coloured threads can still be found…


DSC_1769 DSC_1771

DSC_1789 DSC_1791

Laaaaandon looking optimistically bright on a poncho that is super oversized…

DSC_1793 DSC_1794

Our fair city also pops up here in this print where flowers grow over the Gherkin…

DSC_1799 DSC_1798

Lees is instead going to be concentrating on soft furnishings and homeware… when is my 'cushions and throw' loving self going to emerge…?


37 Replies to “On the Pretty Doorstep”

  1. I think hats are a seriously underutilized accessory and seeing these makes me wish more people wore awesome hats! This post is so chock-full of stuff that I think I have to read it again, haha. Oooh, pink wedges, nice.

  2. So funny, I was just editing a few photos from a vintage fair that I just came back from, and I see you posted this. Yes, I was editing, and procrastinating by reading blogs. Anyhow, the necklace looks great! And hats on you look very very cute.

  3. No more Laura Lees? This is a sad sad day indeed. While her collections went on and off the boil I thought she had so much promise! I loved her silk embroidered dresses, and dreamt about her sheer blouses. Oh well I suppose I’ll just have to fill my house with cushions and pillows now, it won’t be the same though.

  4. So what did you buy, Susie? The seersucker jacket I hope. And the Rocha shoes.
    Oh, and please don’t use the word “ickle” anymore, okay?

  5. TimidByzantine: But how can you NOT use the word ‘ickle’ with that particular cape? ; )
    I didn’t buy anything… limited funds and all… I have my eye on the wedges though I did think I was getting tunnel vision with shoes as I had on my brown Wang wedges today… thinking I’m only into one kind of shoe at the mo… !

  6. First and foremost, I love your blog, it’s so inspirational; I have discovered lately….when I need ideas for my craft and sewing projects (am still a beginner) I know where to come.
    Adore the Steve J & Yoni P dress, its so pretty.
    You are cute as ever, hard to believe that such a petite fashionista is such a talented blogger. Cheers! Hope you get more and more successful. Best wishes..

  7. Timid: Ah… I forgot to mention the Venus de Milo thing with my disappearing hands… is that what you meant by ‘cunning’? I still think it’s more ickle than cunning but as you wish…
    Oldbrightnew: Thanks for the praise… though I’m not so petite… in age or height or weight! But thanks anyway!

  8. I guess it’s an American thing… Perhaps the ickle cape does not possess keen intelliegence, but she is certainly quaintly interesting & pretty.
    (CUNNING, adj. : U.S. colloq. Quaintly interesting or pretty, attractive, taking; as having attributed to it the qualities described in sense 2b, or (as said of young children) 4 or 5. 2b: Showing skill or expertness; skilfully contrived or executed; skilful, ingenious.
    4: Possessing keen intelligence, wit, or insight; knowing, clever. 5. Of things: Showing or characterized by craftiness; crafty.)

  9. Oh those wedges! They are so pretty. I love the curve in the wedge, and I agree, I love how they’re not over polished. Wooden heels often irritate me, as they look a bit plastic. These look lovely. The wedge love is taking over me!
    Clare x

  10. I had to buy the pastel Steve J & Yoni P jacket that you posted as it was on sale on the website and I have been looking for a pastel cropped jacket like that for so many months. I am so excited!!! <3
    Steve J & Yoni P

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