I've always been a bit skeptical when people remark or ask me whether fashion bloggers have influenced trends or style.  Is it just all a load of smoke (or ash?) being pumped in by the media who like to think there is this major shift in fashion taking place in order to concoct a story?  Sure there may be micro instances where certain items come into a microcosm of popularity but even then I have to remind myself of that the fact that fashion bloggers/readers are still a relative minority amongst the general fashion-loving public. 

I find myself more convinced about the way fashion bloggers present themselves, their clothes and ultimately their content and how that has been utilised by fashion brands and stores to cash in on the tide.  As I was browsing the e-store Storets, because the owner very kindly emailed me to ask if I would participate in some 'blogger styling' because err… they have a section called 'Dressing Bloggers', I found myself chuckling just a little bit about how many 'Bloggerisms' I spotted in the comprehensive catalogue of items and also simultaneously interesting that within this niche emerges some trends or tendencies of its own.

I was also reminded of this hilarious French blog that gently takes the piss out of fellow French fashion bloggers as well as Refinery29's very helpful flow charts.  I'm hoping Alix, Pandora, Scott etc are laughing.  So likewise I'm hoping and thinking the majority of bloggers can laugh at ourselves too as I compile this list of -isms.  Trust me when I mean no illwill whatsoever because of course, I am myself a guilty party.  This may also be my irreverant mood swing speaking from staring outside my hotel window for far too long… but what the hell, I'll just go ahead and call out these Bloggerisms and have a good laff… hopefully you can too and of course add your own…

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The cute expressionists – One eye wink, hands over mouth, on head, eyes and mouth wide open, tilted head, pursed lips… take your pick and pose away…

The very purposely set-up white background that best showcases one's outfit with a lone prop adding ambiance and a 'homely' context (a dressmaker's dummy perhaps or a rail…)

HOH – No, not House of Holland… it's Hands on Hips.  Ah, my favourite way of doing away with awkward hands… one or both hands works depending on the outfit.

Getting Outdoors – Woods, forests, fields, graveyard, on the beach… anywhere really that communicates that you are at one with Mother Nature.  Nothing like a dose of natural light to show that outfits live beyond the walls.  

Walking In the Busy Streets – Somehow New York streets work well in this set-up.  Decent camera needed here but Jak and Jil-style shots have had more than their fair share of copycatting.  Sometimes a Starbucks cup in hand helps.  That, and no traffic or god forbid, other people walking in the street getting in the way of that mint shot.

Props Props Props – An umbrella, a whimsical hat, a headband or two or three, some feathers and if you're on the street, the vaguely-old looking bike with a scarf-clad basket.  Anything that prevents the arms dropping plainly at the side.

DSLR Camera – I loved this R29 post pointing out myself and a few other bloggers' first posts with my fuzzy camera in the mirror.  That said, there's no denying the impact of a decent DSLR camera and mine isn't even a patch on the ones that does all kinds of whizzy things.

Pics with plenty of DOF – What's that thing where the background is all fuzzy/blurry thus making the foreground (i.e… a person and their outfit…) appear sharp and spot-on… ah right… it's DA DOF!

Staring down at the ground – Chew your fingers, your hair, or just plain shoe-gazing… works particularly well for me and my not so model-esque mug.

I have to leave now because in my head, the walls of this hotel room are closing in on me but please do add your own bloggerisms if think of any… I will be elongating the list later when I get back…

Remember, this isn't a blogger-hate post at all.  It's just a bit of fun, so keep it fairly jovial comments-wise…!


I've added some of your -isms, mostly pose-related, a few of which I'm guilty of…

"The old 'mid-air jump' pose is another pose not for the light hearted blogger. Tried it once. Never again. Think I'll just stick to the 'Are those MY shoes?' pose in the future." by The Licentiate

"Knocked knee pose is missing – that's a given standard" by Tea With One Sugar Please

"There is also the 'staring away from the camera, gazing at the clouds' pose. That's a popular one." by Leah of Captain Magnets

"HIH- hands in hair! Creating that oh i just got out of bed and my hair was naturally teased to perfection look." by k.m. of Pookabox

Then a few more of my own…

Vintage-y Photoshopping – Yellow-tinged, slightly aged, softly focused, Polaroid-esque… anything that suggests said blogger is into all things aged, yellow-tinged and vintage.

Head Turn – I don't do this because I look lopsided, but many have perfected the walking in the street with back to the camera but head turned around giving a sort of 'Come Hither' look… oh that's why I don't do this…it's because I don't do come hither very well…

I'm in the Club – Photos taken at night with a high flash that sort of go sort of in the Cobrasnake/Dirty Dirty Dancing direction…works particularly well with lots of jewellery and accessories.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    uh oh, i felt slightly stupid when i saw that french dudes piss take blog
    i’ve just re-started my blog, hopefully i can try and skip the akward photo stage? probably not? no?
    very humorous post suzie πŸ™‚

  2. lopi says:

    Well we all have to start from somewhere, right?
    I still remember your Style Diary days (and mine)… You were on my favourites list of course! Remember that yellow Zara tiered dress? Oh my, the nostalgia!

  3. k.m. says:

    HIH- hands in hair! Creating that oh i just got out of bed and my hair was naturally teased to perfection look. I have constant anxiety over whether I should actually do outfit posts anymore- I just feel so awkward and narcissistic!

  4. Clare says:

    This is so spot on and rather funny πŸ™‚ Outfit post blogging has become a little textbook but everyone has thier own individual take on it I guess.
    I love Le Petit Echo Malade! Me and my mum spent ages laughing at them all a few weeks ago, I had to show her why they were funny though but it was worth it!
    Hope NY is treating you well.

  5. That French blog is very funny. I guess a lot of the photo bloggerisms came originally from people being unsure how to pose themselves, but now they’re the done thing!

  6. haha! was kinda sleepy but that parody blog just woke me up

  7. Winnie says:

    Ah I love the french blog that are taking the piss! So funny and so true. I have found myself wanting a DSLR on more than one occassion…and very nearly forked over the cash.

  8. Claire says:

    that french blog is funny, i’d love it if someone ever took the piss out of me i’d feel like i had truly made it!
    claire y-s x

  9. Kiwi says:

    The P-et-P blog is hysterical.

  10. i tried posing on the street. it’s hard man! lol

  11. Bunny says:

    Hehe love it. As I’m just starting out I’m not sure whether to embrace the cliches or avoid them!? Maybe a bit of both πŸ˜‰

  12. See Sassy’s “Dopey Fashion Poses” – now that is a good laugh. That French blog is hilarious! Love it.

  13. Tania says:

    I’d be scared of posting on the street. Not only starers, but of people stealing my camera. STUPID PARENTS MAKING ME SUPERSTITIOUS!!!

  14. India Seth says:

    Hi random people and Style Bubble (:
    Enter my wonderful world
    Lots of love
    India Seth

  15. Leah says:

    There is also the ‘staring away from the camera, gazing at the clouds’ pose. That’s a popular one.

  16. Clare says:

    Haha, that blog is brilliant. I’ve never come across it before. And everything you said is so true. It’s really quite funny!
    Clare x

  17. miss a. says:

    I love P&P! Too many bloggers take their hobby way too seriously – I don’t see a point in becoming a totalitarian for something that’s supposed to be fun.

  18. eva says:

    the P&P blog is hillarious. I LoL’d more then once while i scrolled through the ‘familiar’ entries.

  19. emma says:

    HaHa! Super fun post and all so true many of which i am guilty of myself hehe!

  20. Sarah says:

    The French blog is very funny. Thanks for the link. x

  21. kirsty says:

    ha ha this mademe giggle xxxx

  22. Knocked knee pose is missing thats a given standard!

  23. The old ‘mid-air jump’ pose is another pose not for the light hearted blogger. Tried it once. Never again. Think I’ll just stick to the ‘Are those MY shoes?’ pose in the future.

  24. Eline says:

    Aaah! So much laughs at the French blog, that is one to put into the precious Google Reader :D.
    This list is good, but I don’t follow blogs that fall into that stereotype. Okay, maybe I follow one or two of those but they really do get on my nerves. I try to look out for blogs with exceptionally nice, intelligent or creative people behind it, or a completely honest blogger. I find you can often tell the difference between someone who wants to build up some social network and who’s looking for recognition etc. between people who blog just for fun and who don’t care how little people are reading/commenting.
    I can only see myself in the DSLR love and the cute expressions. The latter is because I’m mostly thriving off too much coffee when taking photos, sigh.

  25. Jasmine says:

    hahaha you hit it spot on. So much so that I feel awkward taking outfit photos where I am actually looking at the camera. everyone seems to look down, away, at something and it looks so good (but doesn’t seem to work so much for me haha).
    i need to work on the poses (will try hands on hips) and cute expressions haha

  26. Becca says:

    THis post made me laugh, so true. It’s good to be able to laugh at oneself though. I haven’t done outfit posts for the sole reason, so far, that my camera is terrible. Holding out for a DSLR all the way.

  27. susie_bubble says:

    Hey, by no means am I saying these ‘bloggerisms’ are bad… many bloggers have created fairly compelling content and of course their own personal style rises above the presentation of it all…
    Will be editing the post to include some of your additions!

  28. Margaret says:

    sleepy-no-smile face πŸ™‚ xx

  29. Kb says:

    This is too true, I like the bloggerisms and am a frequent offender of most of your list. I’m glad I’m part of a world where people understand the need to take such pictures, and am just working on a knock-kneed, tilted head, hands on hip kinda post myself.

  30. RAPEX says:

    Well all I can say is that thanks for sharing the post it really made me laugh.

  31. selena says:

    ahahaha. oh dear. i’m embarrassed and laughing with my hands on my hips and winking as i write this and take a picture of myself with my camera. ahaha.

  32. hanny gultom says:

    hai susie.. nice post.. i just knew that, people perspective now about fashion bloggers, and the French blog is cool.. ^^, and ohyah susie i’m hanny from indonesia.. nice to know you by reading the blog.. πŸ™‚ cheers..

  33. DJM says:

    Brilliant! It’s such a minefield really, the old posing malarki. I try not to smile like a fool at the camera but it’s my default camera pose that just happens whenever a camera is pointed at me! When the BF takes my photo I like that he just snaps when I’m still sorting myself out so I might ocassionally get a natural not-looking-at-the-camera shot. Bur rarely. That French blog is hilarious.

  34. suziem says:

    thanks for that hilarious french blog. i’ve had a good laugh.
    about the posings, please, do not forget about those bloggers that from time to time hold one heel with one hand. it’s a little bit old-fashioned now but you can still see it from time to time…

  35. Style Spy says:

    Oh, I know, I KNOW. I am sick unto death of taking pictures of myself — I have to use a timer and it’s so tedious. But Polyvore just doesn’t do the job, and I haven’t yet figured out a better way of showing outfits. All suggestions welcome.

  36. gosh you are so spot on! this is hilarious! πŸ˜€ i’m all for a good laugh, i’m not much of a good poser, i leave that to the real models πŸ˜›

  37. ThatGirl39 says:

    Ha ha.. loved this post! How about the one where your daughter comes and jumps in on the act? I might try the shoe gazing one next time as a) I feel like a dork whilst trying to smile in the right way and b) I love shoes! Have only done a few “here’s my outfit” type posts so far and clearly have a LOT to learn. All good fun though x

  38. Dru says:

    I don’t own a camera, my blog is just boring text- but P&P are hilarious! I do understand the conundrum of the ‘hand’ problem though, a lot of people solve it by sticking their hands in their pockets (if they have pockets- one more reason to love pockets!). And the other, possibly commonest bloggerism is the pigeon-toe (same as knock-knee?) stance, esp. when wearing heels.
    V. def. want a DSLR too, only I want to take pictures of other things with it- not myself.

  39. Tedd Bryant says:

    Great post. There’s always the profile/gazing off in the distance pose, or the “self-portrait” pose holding the camera and looking into a mirror. It actually can look sort of cool. I haven’t actually tried doing my own photos yet. I just asked for a camera for my birthday. Do you recommend a camera?
    Teddi Bryant

  40. Vint Junky says:

    Aw the french blog is genius, especially the tin foiled brogues which i’m guessing is their interpretation of the atacoma’s
    thanks for the link, brilliant!

  41. Rosie says:

    love it, Susie! Don’t forget the classic sitting or lying down with your legs splayed out like a doll’s- what? my legs are naturally this long and gorgeous, and see how epic my shoes look!

  42. Someone says:

    Yep, if I see ONE MORE PIC with that stupid coy toes turned in pose I will scream.
    (AKA knock-kneed…we’d call it pigeon-toed. HATE that!)

  43. aw, I loved your old mirror shots. They were quite mysterious…
    The other funny thing is – in the woods shots are more likely taken by shy bloggers who don’t want people around to see them photographing themselves and city street shots are usually taken by braver bloggers (or their long-suffering partners) who don’t mind a little attention…

  44. Lydia Okello says:

    I love this post! It’s so true, and yet I still do them everytime I take outfit photos. Probably why my boyfriend laughs and asks me why I look so pissed (Pensive Angst Face, a stable for looking just the right amount of detached and aloof).

  45. Lydia Okello says:

    I meant staple not “stable” in the above comment.

  46. katie says:

    crossing road or zebra crossing- just strolling across the road, vertiginous heels, legs always so evenly spaced- and never a hint of a run- or quick I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF A ROAD!
    Brilliant post think its good to take a look at ourselves and laugh!

  47. alice says:

    the crossed feet (while standing)!
    But that’s more frequent seen on street style blogs. πŸ™‚

  48. madame e says:

    you forgot the tyra fave – which I have noticed you do yourself… “the broken down doll”
    hands on the front of your hips with elbows sticking right out forward…

  49. Dina says:

    I’m so happy I came across this, was nodding away thinking “aye, aye, been there, done that, got the alexander wang t-shirt” (i wish)
    now, onto de-photoshopping vintage-looking photos…

  50. RAN says:

    I don’t own a camera, my blog is just boring text- but P&P are hilarious! http://www.game-hot.org I do understand the conundrum of the ‘hand’ problem though, a lot of people solve it by sticking their hands in their pockets.

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