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(Laura Mackness' CSM MA graduate collection from Dazed Digital)

CSM grads have been doing the surprising collabo rounds lately with Derek Lawlor's pieces for Finnish label Marimekko's latest collection and now Laura Mackness, who graduated with her CSM MA last year has done a mini capsule collection of tees, tee-dresses and leggings that utilise the simplicity of her cheeky graphics in her MA collection for Swedish chain Weekday.  I went a bit Weekday mad last time I was in Stockholm, during its sale period when my eyes popped out at the amount of Acne that was super reduced.  However, I didn't spy any collabs of this ilk and judging by the website, it seems like it's only recently in the past year or so ramped this up…

I'm glad they've turned to designers like Mackness though for a fairly straightforward yet effective collab that will also give them the impetus to go it on their own (which Mackness says she plans to do…!!!).  With a winky eyelash here, a hand there and even a slight reference to Regina George's holey boob tank, and all around the ¬£20-¬£30 mark, job's a good un'…   







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I'm also glad that the collection got some lovin' from Tweet (fast becoming my most fave blog these days…) and Fred Butler who got hold of these amazing inspiration boards from Mackness…

Womensbreast Womenscolour1

I thought I might delve a bit more into Weekday's ventures seeing as their website is fairly comprehensive with its updates… Oden Wilson, another CSM grad has also done a capsule collection.  Wilson now works at Marni but found some time to do a bit of geometric twisting in royal blue…

Odenwil1 Odenwil2

Peter Jensen has also done a seersucker-filled collection for Weekday…

Peterjen1 Peterjen2

Home grown designers such as Carin Wester has also done a collection which I believe is in stores now…?

Kallycardigan Katritoppink

As has Danish designer Stine Goya… both warrant pretty microsites which have more comprehensive lookbook images…

Stinegoya1 Stinegoya2

I also don't recall any vintage being present at Weekday nor did I take any notice of Weekday's own collection MTWFSS but then I checked out the Weekday zine that I got at their press day today and saw these images which mixed both Weekday Vintage and their S/S 10 MTWFSS collections together quite effectively…

Weekday1 Weekday2

I especially loved this spread in the zine entitled 'Belarus', shot by Mathias Sterner, using again mostly Weekday Vintage and their in-house label…

Weekday3 Weekday4 

Weekday5 Weekday6 

Alas, all of this just means I need to try and find another cheapie Ryanair flight to Stockholm given that Weekday annoyingly doesn't have online shopping.  It has a collections page which tricks you into thinking it might be an e-store but it's a fakie…

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  1. Clare says:

    I just posted about Laura Mackness too, she is a little bit amazing… Looking forward to seeing WAY more from her in the future!

  2. Alixanne says:

    Adore the teeshirts & the models lipstick.

  3. First off, great post! second: Im giving away this little black dress on my blog.. you should go and comment; i think you would love it!

  4. Clare says:

    I got too excited and forgot to say thank you for mentioning me and saying that! It means rather a lot as you’re like my blogging idol… Lame I know, but true!

  5. Hugo Hase says:

    Weekday is so great – as is the other new Swedish chain Monki – I’m really looking forward to go to Hamburg sometime soon and have a look at both stores collections!
    Can’t wait for them to open in Berlin!

  6. Love the Belarus images! I’m googleing Mathias Sterner now! 😀

  7. Linda says:

    Laura Mackness? It’s more like Laura Madness.
    I love all these designs. They’re crazy, yet simplistic at the same time.

  8. walkthesand says:

    Awesome awesome stuff by Mackness. JoJo & Malou earlier print elements randomly came to mind when I saw these prints. I’m loving the orange sherbert coloured pieces… and haha for the Regina George reference.

  9. Joan says:

    those cardboard cutouts are awesome.

  10. how fun! i want a pair of blinking knees 🙂

  11. and oh WOW – just saw the boob scarf on the inspiration board. that’ll turn some heads!

  12. millie says:

    wow I LOVE those tees, does anyone know where I can buy them online or in a store??? Thanks – I want!

  13. I freaking love weekday. Great post!!! I love the collaborations <3

  14. moi says:

    awesome about the tee’s! BBQ weekend BABY!!!!! yeah!!!!!

  15. Clare says:

    Wow, I had no idea these would be so cheap! When I saw them on Tweet, I just assumed they would be far out of my price range. Now, just to get my hands on some…

  16. Becca says:

    Such great garments!

  17. Grace says:

    Does anyone know if the Laura Mackness weekday collection will be available online anywhere?

  18. susie_bubble says:

    Grace: There’s no online stockist as yet and currently it’s only available in Scandinavia… I’m looking into it though…

  19. Styletastic says:

    Weekday does such amazing collaborations, I have that pink Stine Goya dress and it’s such amazing quality for the money (think it was something like 40 quid). Will definitely check out Laura Mackness next time I go to Sweden…

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