>> Was anyone else tickled by the presence of a few reviews by Hadley Freeman on Style.com at this season's shows…?  A bit of light relief that still has something salient to say?  In particular, I remembered her words about the Cacharel A/W 10-11 show that proposed newly appointed C√©dric Charlier's rejuvenised aesthetic for Cacharel as a potential filler for Miu Miu, a brand that she no longer considers to be a lower-priced diffusion line.  Having seen the show as well as checking out the newfound formation of ditzy florals at a press day yesterday, I would wholeheartedly agree with Freeman's analysis with regards to the void that Cacharel could possibly fill.  Miu Miu may be a stretch but the absence of labels like Luella also can't be avoided especially when ditzy florals are involved.  I haven't a clue what Cacharel's new price points are and these are not merely simple cotton printed prissy tops and skirts so they're never going to be dirt-cheap me thinks but around the ¬£300 mark for a draped/pleated dress seems about right for that particular type of void-filling.  In person the point is that the florals never seem as ditzy or girly as one would think synymous with the brand Cacharel, especially as Charlier's materials and shapes in question as well as the nutty autumnal colours seem to have a 'kicky' cool factor when placed in their right ensembles.   Yup, you can wax on and on about the merits of a certain pleat or mode of draping but if we're talking about that broad age group between 14-30yrs old 'getting' what Cacharel is all about, then the arbitrary and random potluck nature of 'coolness' needs to be factored in…


One for the DIY-ers out there…. little slouchy leather spats tucked into brogues… easy peasy.  Now, where to find the ditzy floral brogues to accompany said slouchy spats… lets hope these beauts actually go into production…


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  1. Syed says:

    Yum, yum, yum, I am loving all of those prints. And those brogues really are delightful.

  2. Joy D. says:

    cute DIY idea. I will store it for when it gets cold.

  3. whatiwore says:

    Those prints!
    And those brogues remind me of a pair of floral-printed doc marten combat boots I had when I was 11. Ah, youth.

  4. fashion finds says:

    nice prints, but i don’t like them all over….
    There are really nice printed clothing at Macy Sadler’s online shop ( http://www.macysadler.co.uk )

  5. We love the prints, especially the playful mixing and matching. Questions about how to pull of the look? Look no further: http://www.stylemadesmple.net or check us out at http://twitter.com/SMSstylefeed

  6. Annie says:

    well, they are VERY luella.

  7. Leonidas says:

    it’s true that cacharel may be doing a comeback lately! it was a beautiful collection

  8. Ji says:

    The GLOVES OMG !! 🙂

  9. Louise says:

    i love those brogues!
    the whole thing kind of reminded me of Luella though a bit.. not that she invented floral ditsy prints or anything haha!

  10. Clare says:

    Ooh, I’d not seen any of this yet! I’m actually very pleasantly surprised. I really love it! The prints are beautiful, and the way they collaged them all together looked wonderful. The colours are also really pretty, especially those rusty oranges next to the vibrant blue.
    Clare x

  11. *sighs* I miss Luella, but mixing up ditsy floral prints- yes please!
    Florrie x

  12. Becca says:

    These prints are to die for! Wow wow wow

  13. Web Designs says:

    where i can buy those shoes?

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