>> Bea Szenfeld has been doing the rounds a bit on the design blogs so apologies if you're getting deja vu.  That said, I couldn't NOT post her latest collection that is even more impressive once you find out no laser-cutting or machinery is involved…

Szenfeld moved from Poland to Sweden and went to Beckman's College and then started her own line in 2002 (apparently she was the winner of the show Fashion House???) and has also launched other lines including "Insert Coin" and "Bea Szenfeld Vintage.  Her website is a shell so past collections are hard to find but she's definitely an experimentalist that takes pleasure in using unconventional materials.  Which brings us to "Sur la Plage", her latest collection made entirely out of paper, hand cut and hand constructed.  The video above from Prendas Publicas that speaks with Szenfeld explains a great deal but main points to take away…

‚Ķa 1920s-style bathing suit in paper pailette form…

…a concertina fold sun hat that is part parasol, part headgear…

…paper hair bows that look like not a crumple could dampen their spirit…

…a skirt with spoke cut-outs.  I got to use a bicycle part to describe a piece of clothing…

…paper circles acting as 'boob flowers' that make sense in the context of the matching halter 'swimsuit'…

…beautiful freckles…










**EDIT** Silly me… I forgot to post these three images that are also part of the collection…




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  1. Wow those images are amazing!! And thanks for visiting my blog:)!

  2. amalie says:

    wow awesome pieces! and with paper – even more awesome.

  3. Raggedy Ann says:

    Cool! I like the model!

  4. Selena says:

    WOW. Wow! So unbelievable. Can’t believe the work that has gone into it! And the model is perfectly stunning!

  5. annica says:

    what´s the models name?

  6. Wangie says:

    Haha, I wish I’d thought of those designs first!

  7. Shira says:

    The model is a blogger called Alma!

  8. Wow when I read that this collection was all paper I wasn’t expecting to scroll down and see something so impressive! Amazing work.

  9. annica says:

    @shira: i also thought that they look alike but it can´t be her. she doesn´t have that many freckles. it must be someone else. does anyone know?

  10. Winona says:

    Oh my god I LOVE EVERYTHING. Especially those giant pearl necklaces. I might have to ask the Five Men for their thoughts…

  11. Joan says:

    holy moly,
    those pictures were amazing.
    it’s art, i tell you..

  12. KD says:

    I hope you can actually swim in the pailette swimsuit, because then it would rule the earth.

  13. Leonidas says:

    everything is so bold. astounding photos.

  14. Maikito11 says:

    Absolutely beautiful…

  15. Sophia says:

    I love it when you find models like that in a shoot. Makes me want freckles 🙂 I love the turban head band and the first top, absolutely mind boggling! <3

  16. Sundal says:

    i want to know who the photographer is! the shots are stunning… this designer is an artist!

  17. Werepup says:

    how how how do i follow you?

  18. Jenny says:

    Stunning, love the 3rd photo shoot and expression.

  19. Daniel says:

    alma helgesson
    Photography Bea Szenfeld fashion team

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