A Myopic Tale


This is the one and only time you'll see me wearing glasses that don't have prescription lenses a) my pathetic little nose can't take vanity glasses slipping on and off and b) I'm a myopic beast.  I spoke of Fashion X-Men powers a while back and I can't believe I omitted my most potent power of all.  The power to have the blurriest vision within the 20th percentile of the population.  Cyclops can zap things into oblivion.  Everything I see blurs into oblivion.  Hah, I win!

Anyway, the point is… I'm seriously myopic aka short-sighted… half way to becoming blind with a prescription so high that the NHS likes to categorise me as 'complex'.  Well, I knew that anyway but thanks for making it official.

I've worn gas permeable contacts for as long as I can remember and glasses to me have always been an afterthought after a fairly high contact lens bill seeing as I don't really have to take too much downtime from my RGPs like the soft contact lens peeps have to.  I may have mentioned that I mysteriously lost my crap glasses a while back when flying to New York (sorry JFK airport for having to take my 50 calls regarding the loss).  Then in a press day haze, I was won over by Prism, who have had so much positive press, my brain was busted into submission and finally, I kidded myself into thinking I could perhaps have a bit more downtime and that maybe pushing glasses up my nose won't be half as annoying with a pair of New York-style frames in cream tortoise shell.  In true fashion fooligan style, I also thought if Erika Kurihara, Caroline Issa and Kinga Burza could look great in them (very clever model picks there…), perhaps I might have a chance too.  Then I remembered Erika, Caroline and Kinga are all stupidly stunning creatures…

Still, with much excitement, I ordered.  They came.  I rushed down to my opticians to have them tell me that once again, my myopia has increased (grrr…) and then with one look at my Prism frames, they also said that with such a high degree of myopia, the curvature on the lens would be far too high, rendering me with glasses that would make me feel like I'm looking out of a goldfish bowl.  In effect, I'm restricted to only being able to wear teensy tiny frames which reduces the curvature.  Doh!  I've never felt more like a fashion-fazed/crazed idiot than when I spluttered "But…but… I really like them!" and then the opticians dude say "Well… you're limited by the frames you can choose with your condition… you should have thought about that before choosing such 'fashionable' frames!"  Double doh!

This of course isn't meant to be a cautionary tale.  Because any other person with the same affliction would have known about the whole curvature/high myopia thing.  This is an opportunity to point and laugh at the sort of fashion cliches that one might condense into a token bimbo character on a slapstick comedy sitcom.  I reluctantly have to return these Prism babies, acrylic glass case and all… and instead, I've once again just left the glasses situation in the opticians hand instructing them to choose whatever they think is best because I just don't give a crap anymore.



… and no, I'm not tempted to keep them as 'vanity' glasses to use an 'accessory'… pushing them up the no-nose is annoying enough with downtime glasses…


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  1. Oh Susie! My optician tried to argue with me for about 10 minutes BEGGING me to get thinned lenses for my glasses, not getting my point that since I REFUSE to leave the house in glasses it doesn’t bloody matter what I look like (she snottily made a point of making a note that she’d warned me on my records too). Could you not just get the comic lenses put in since you’ll probs, like me, just wear them at the beginning at end of the day? They’re so pretty!

  2. Those glasses are so cute! I don’t really go for the whole “glasses as an accessory(those without any real purpose)”, though. I like your dress, where is it from?

  3. EJ: I think what he was saying was that I physically would not be able to see a thing out of the goldfish lens if I had them put into the glasses… I’m well and truly gutted….
    Yeah, the thinned thing is a tricksy ploy too…
    Raggedy Ann: Dress is Stella McCartney

  4. Well I should tell you that you look great in glasses and i hope this problem has a simple and painless solution. I would miss those glasses too…

  5. Such a shame! They’re really nice. If you want super cheapies, I think the men’s Specsavers £25 all-in range is amazing. (The more expensive ones and the womens are disgusting). They’ve all got hilarious names too like GREG and GILES and BUCK and SERGE and TELFORD.

  6. Sucks that you can’t have your lenses in the glasses and they’re sooo pretty. Is there ANYTHING in which you don’t look gorgeous?

  7. I’m a little short sighted too and i can never, ever see the board in school, especially from my assigned seat in maths right at the back of the class – that’s why i’m failing at the moment. But i’ve got glasses, but they’re just SO ugly! I chose them like 3 years ago, when i was young and naive. That’s why glasses are a big no-no for me at the moment, except my sight’s deteriorating more than ever πŸ™‚ (But that’s chinese people for you…)
    Except i would definitely go for those glasses! They’re adorable!
    + You look so pretty in them – it’s such a shame you have you have to return them :'( x

  8. Well, you can get them made( you are a costumer, the last word is yours) and wear them just the way they are , thick! Like a supernerd, old school? Embrace the Look?

  9. Ahh I like the glasses, they look really good on you, it’s too bad you can’t wear them. Have you considered getting laser surgery or is that not an option for you or perhaps a bit too terrifying? I’m near-sighted but it’s not that bad so I only have to wear glasses when watching movies or trying to read street signs or things like that. I can’t wear contacts (for some reason my eyes react negatively to them) so I’d like to get laser surgery at some point.

  10. Oh my god. You look super cute with these on. Althought I don’t really think wearing glasses as accessories is a cool thing… you kinda have an excuse. And since you have high myopia, you don’t have to explain to everyone that you wear them “only” ’cause you like them.
    I think you should totaly keep these glasses. But… as you wish πŸ˜‰

  11. Susie! What is the brand of the dress you are wearing? I saw it one of your ancient posts. πŸ™‚

  12. I love love love Prism glasses!
    Great colour choice too =)
    I agree on how annoying it is to find glasses that will sit properly on a typical Oriental nose bridge.

  13. what a shame! Can’t you get your lenses thinned? I have mine thinned for £100+ yeah I know it could break your bank balance but it’s worth it.
    I decided to get my eyes lasered/lasik blah blah, but my optician said I have flat corneas, too flat to slice the corneas half way for the laser to beam through….my hope was lost. I’m using Acuvue True Eyes which is pretty good but pricy.

  14. Kit: Even with super super thinned lens, the curvature is still too great…
    As for laser… I think it’s only suitable for people with like a minus 4-6 shortsightedness… I’m like minus 10!

  15. Damn that’s serious! I’m closer to minus 7 and curve base is 8 something and that’s bad :S !!! I blame the photography and spending long hours watching movies/net surfing on my laptop….in the dark (I am now…gulp**)
    I hope the technology improve in the next 5-10 years or so otherwise….maybe considering eye transplants?! :S

  16. oh susie, i TOTALLY understand!!! i went to get some lovely, large-framed glasses last month and the stupid guy was like “your prescription is wayy too high. theyd be too thick. blah blah blah” and i was so mad! i really wanted huge frames… ugh! by the way these are so lovely and i really wish they would have been okay.

  17. I’m blind too. Totally fucking blind. But you can find some small frames that look good, and I just had to go through that yesterday. I ended up with Prada, sorry to admit.

  18. I totally sympathise. Whilst only half (but still half) as shortsighted as you, AND a soft contact lens wearer, I overwear and overwear as I just cannot stand wearing glasses. I too, have said to the optician ‘no I’m not paying more to get thin lenses for these £30 ugly glasses (mens, specsavers, natch). I actually didn’t mind how they looked… but oriental nose, slippage, big red welts post wear… arrrrrghhh!
    Now I have the lightest (frameless) ugly glasses… which still leave a welt! So I tend to busy around the house on days at home, just peering at things really closely.
    I hope you find some that are at least comfy!

  19. oh man! i’ve been wanting those prism glasses for ages! damn your eyes for not being able to suit stylish fabulously big framed glasses. boo. they look great!

  20. Oh, and the other *massive* (lit.) reason I hate glasses, is that in any given spectacle shop, there are about two or three pairs that fit my face, I do not exaggerate! It doesn’t look it but is apparently preternaturally wide. Shop assistants try in vain until they too have to admit defeat! I hope that gives you a smile!

  21. Story of my life this; my eyes are minus 7 and very much restrict the frames I can wear, love this style on you though. I recently bought larger frames and prefer them to make a statement.

  22. If they weren’t about $450 Australian at the very least i’d get some. They are gorgeous, especially the Crystal Grey Rio’s. I lost my Gucci glasses about 3 years ago and i’m too scared to tell my Dad. My eyes are suffering. I’m sure i’ll be at a permanent squint by age 26. Ha!

  23. Susie, one (very big) word for you – orthokeratology! Look it up, it’s been the best thing ever for short sighted me. πŸ™‚

  24. Oh susie, I feel so sad for you! They really are stunning, and they look beautiful on you. I wish you could keep them!! The cream tortoise shell is delicious. They really are some beautiful glasses.
    Clare x

  25. I feel your pain of having a high prescription…but the worst thing is, because my eyes will still grow for about 10 more years, my prescription will probably go up even more. Dammmit.

  26. Managed to find a nice pair in specsavers £25 mens section, and being 16 with a high prescription it was ‘Yay NHS!’. Basically paid for themselves, even with the ultra light lenses πŸ˜€ My oriental nose is slightly bigger than most, both a blessing and a curse it turned out to be >_< Those glasses look wonderful on you though, you must find a way to wear them! x

  27. Those frames are lovely!
    ummm maybe just go for the lenses anyway?
    I have similar eyesight, and I bought from Selima Optique NY, a couple of years ago.
    The frames are a more usual tortishell colour and have slightly smaller surface area than the prism ones β€šΓ„Γ¬ so were able to have the lenses in β€šΓ„Γ¬ check their website for the design(s). But I also opted for varifocal lenses and these seemed to work quite well, with a slightly bigger frame.
    But those are gorgeous! Iβ€šΓ„Γ΄d be tempted to have them anyway + lenses!

  28. Susie! I implore you. Keep those glasses. They are so amazing, and they look absolutely FANTASTIC on you!

  29. Hey, have you ever considered getting laser surgery on your eyes? I was serioulsy miopic and after lasering (twice even om my right eye) i still am. But now only a little.
    So instead of messing around with contacts i wear these crazy, huge retro specs. it’s become my trade mark and even gets me more attention from guys. huh? yes, really!

  30. It’s a sad story. 8(
    Prism glasses are great Susie but loads of other specs are cool. Don’t give up. Try some Oliver Goldsmiths (original 60s retro remakes released this month), or Cutler & Gross, or Moscot or Mykita, or just get digging around for some cracking vintage. It’s cool to be complex! Have glasses-blogged about your dilemma… http://bit.ly/aUFcpr

  31. That’s awful! I ordered a pair of their New York frames, and having to wait to get them approved by my optometrist was seriously nerve racking! I’ve had glasses rejected for the same reason- and it’s so disappointing after falling in love with a frame.

  32. I share your pain. I think I’ll be wearing contacts for many years to come until they finally invent a pair of glasses that don’t slip on my tiny Asian nose.

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