P-1691 Poacheressex1961 (3) 

>> I have no idea what this beauty of a jacket has to do with the various 'poacher' gentlemen I found via Google.  Probably nothing at all, despite the above fellows possessing a certain style panache in their own attire, but as it stands, this Mulberry poacher jacket, in shape, is one of their most iconic pieces of outerwear.  This is actually merely a 'Buy' reminder for me that I set myself early in January when this jacket came online.  I didn't want to jinx the whole 'Buy' scenario by posting it too early and now that it's inching towards the sale period, I'm now ready to hold my hands up and say "This is what I want and I am setting aside x amount of money towards it each week…" and I'm going to get SERIOUS about the jacket this time, rather than throwing meaningless 'I Want This' notes at it.  This is a virtual fridge post-it with a written goal if you will.  People seem to love repeating what they write on post-it notes before they grab their daily OJ… I'll just peer on this particular post every now and again between now and the sales period and shake a hammy power fist at the screen

"I will conquer you, o jacket of nude and black leather oozy butteriness with rose gold hardware and plenty of pleasingly useful pockets…."

"I will poach you, poacher jacket… wuhahahahahaha…." 


Heading for Home


>> These were looking for a home…

…a pair of loose fishnet collars that I picked up in Florence that were meant to be for a DIY project…

…a very old Louise Markey Basics white shirt which inevitably never gets worn because I used to have a fear of buttoned up collars… surely a sign of old age that I no longer fear them…

…a pair of Alexandra Cassanti neoprene shorts that I bought in Oak for the space-surf Halloween costume in New York last year…

…and today they all found each other together with a Louise Gray bustier and a COS necklace as part of my ridiculous attempt to wear everything I own at least once within a few months and thus preventing them from heading to other homes…

…via another summer illegal street sale on Brick Lane…



Spying through English Eyes


It was most peculiar that on the day I turned down a trip to Moscow for the Cycles and Seasons event (booo….), a gem from Moscow turns up in my inbox in the form of Clare Lopeman.  Well, actually, Clare is British and has been living in Moscow for two years and most recently showed as part of British Council's British Designs Day at Russian Fashion Week (apparently there are several fashion weeks in Moscow…).   Lopeman is a CSM BA grad who has freelanced for a number of brands, finally settling on establishing the BA Fashion programme at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow… alongside that, she has set up her studio and made her debut that reflects the culture clash between her Moscow surroundings and her British design background.

Her A/W 10-11 collection took vintage patterns from a classic Soviet dressmaking book '100 Dresses' which reflect French 50s couture silhouettes and shapes and transferred them to body conscious pieces with a lot of complex construction in some cases.  (I may have to email Lopeman to probe her about this intriguing pattern book which wasn't Google-able…)  If I hadn't known they were dress patterns, I was thinking they might have been aeronautical or mechanical ship drawings, what with the rigorous technicalities of the dresses, which are then further emphasised by the Soviet-era eye testing glasses, reminiscent of the old fashioned ones we all had to use for checking our prescription (urgh..enough with the myopic woes…!).  I love how the patterns from her inspiration source don't ever overwhelm the dresses themselves, allowing Lopeman's construction and precision toe shine through.  I also love the subtle palette seen best in the gradiated grey peeking out from the inside of a cape…


Clare_Lopeman_AW10_01 Clare_Lopeman_AW10_04.1

Clare_Lopeman_AW10_08 Clare_Lopeman_AW10_10


Clare_Lopeman_AW10_12.1 Clare_Lopeman_AW10_22.1

Clare_Lopeman_AW10_17 Clare_Lopeman_AW10_20


Reading her inspiration list, I was also elated to find Howard Sochurek's LIFE magazine photograph story from 1959 depicting Christian Dior's New Look hitting the streets of Moscow as one of them.  Lopeman speaks of a British girl in Moscow and the fusions of cultures which I guess is why she relates to this seminal photostory, where alienation, curiosity and sharp contrasts are all at play.  The political and social significance of this story of course can't be ignored either (this site analyses it quite well…).  I'm hoping we see a few more collections of Moscow through Lopeman's English eyes…


Lifeh2 Lifeh3

Lifeh4 Lifeh5

(Images from Rambling of Glamour Addict)

Non-Dairy Cheese



Selfridges has been giving a lot of blogger love lately, with its newly revamped website that now has e-shopping ahoy.  They're currently looking for the 'next Bryan Boy, Arianne Huffington or Perez Hilton' as well as hosting blogger-related activities with Jackie Dixon of Show Me Your Wardrobe shooting in-store, Fred Butler creating a super accessory live as well as errr… Style Salvage Steve doing a live interview… (once he gets over his scary fever…).  Supermarket Sarah isn't necessarily a blogger but her themed walls of vintage, brick-a-brack and one-off pieces have definitely gotten a lot of blog lovin' and what with Selfridges' past of visual merchandising experiments, giving Sarah this space in the Concept Store is a clever move indeed.  Supermarket Sarah with her adorned living room wall, has got a perfect formula to transfer to a much bigger wall and this week, we start off with the theme of "Royale with Cheese" – that's all things related to royals and cheesiness as opposed to anything from BK or anything to do with actual cheese (thank god!).  Over the next three weeks, the wall will change to themes of "Hoarders Delight" and "Clash Mash" and hopefully I'll be able to contribute a few bits and pieces too should my stuff make the Supermarket Sarah cut!    


These vintage picks caught my eye – a good bit of tartan in the cape and these tan chelsea boots…

DSC_0069 DSC_0072

The beauty of the wall is that things could be ¬£1 up to a grand… like this trashbag (yup, made of binliners…) 'Chanel' bag which is ¬£504…. I didn't get to ask Sarah why it was this precise price but I'll do more probing…


More vintage picks augmented by Fred Butler's rainbow stars…

DSC_0076 DSC_0055

Glad to see embroidery-master Scott Ramsay Kyle once again making the wall with these three pieces… I want lurex ribboned boobs that also double up as googly eyes…


DSC_0079 DSC_0059

Not only is the wall a heck of a lot bigger, Sarah has shelves on the side too for all her Supermarket charity shop/carbootie bits and bobs to go…

DSC_0053 DSC_0054 

DSC_0062 DSC_0063

I really love these Indian colonial-era cigarette cards…

DSC_0060 DSC_0065

On a a related note, I just noticed these fast food posters in the windows of Selfridges (they need to add a section devoted to their windows to their website again so I can get styling/props credits!)


DSC_0048 DSC_0049

…and my favourite…?

It's got to be the Hot Wang…(this isn't just UK-specific slang is it?!)


… which incidentally can also be found on the wall should you want errr…. this kind of err… wang…