Welcome to My Maison

External Facade bis

>> Ok, it's not MY maison.  No, it's the maison of my dreams.  It's sort of like the Marpole Mansion from the Lady Lady! anime that comes up every now and again with fluffy pink cloud and twinkling stars around it.  This is what I felt when I went to check out the Maison Moschino (disclaimer: NO, they did not pay for this post… they just let me have a gander before it officially opened…) in Milan.  Step into… the lobby filled with lace dress lampshades, fabric clouds and sheep… me thinks they took the whole counting sheep thing for the good of getting people up to their rooms with ease…



Lean against some poofy dresses in the resturant….


I didn't get to see all sixteen room designs, nor am I allowed to post too many pics either but I did eye-sample the….Little Red Riding Hood room… which doesn't have an ickle girl in the corner waiting to surprise you with questions about stuff being too big or small… nope, there's just a floral covered wolf on the bed to endear you to it so much, one might consider pilfering it…


The Forest Room… erm… of course…

The Forest bis

…where a wise owl resides… like I said before, I prefer barn owls but at the very least this one doesn't have quite so threatening eyes…


Sleeping in a Ballgown, not unlike that ridiculous scene in an SATC episode where mille feuille tulle merges into bed… except, this is an actual bed…

Sleeping in a Ballgown

The Ivy Room… 


Not sure how sleep-inducing this room would be…


Plastic cobwebs in the Silhouette Room where storage is not an issue and I could well categorise my tights/leggings by colour in should I need to when travelling… (I don't feel comfortable travelling without at least a 20-pair selection at hand…)


Lock up your heart…


This, I didn't get to see but the pic is damn sweeeeeeeeeeeet…

Sweet Room's Cushions

49 Replies to “Welcome to My Maison”

  1. What an utterly amazing place, suits you down to the ground, you should probably adopt it as your house. My favourite is the floral wolf, I might have to get me one of them.

  2. It’s a fashionable funhouse! If I was anywhere near those lamps, I’d want to hug them….and then I’d probably get burned. I really hope I get to see this place in person someday. I refrain from touching the lamps….

  3. i would like to live here! the owl is my favourite, they are like my animal spirit! and a bed of desserts sounds pretty much like heaven.

  4. Wowwww, I always wanted a house with themed rooms and this shows it can work! I love the concept of the dress bed; I want it as my own! If only I could somehow stay here….

  5. crikey!
    where there any bathroom toiletries? i’d love to know what products (would?) they provide at such a stylized hotel!
    thank you for this wonderful insight!

  6. If I lived here, I would wake up every morning thinking I was in a magical dreamland. It’s so beautiful!

  7. great post! hope you don’t mind i linked it to my blog with your photos to share with my design students. please let me know if that’s okay.

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dirk. After covering the French aviation market in some detail for several years, I agree that high speed rail is a major threat to short-haul business travel.
    I’d like to integrate some of social media feedback into my final write-up. Would you be okay with me using your comments?

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  10. I stayed in a place called Ma Maison in Ho Chi Minh City…. it was a small boutique hotel that was really nicely designed…. but it couldn’t compete with the trees around the bed or the owl clock! They’re stunning!

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