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Ok, so it is RATHER strange that within the space of a month that three Versace-related posts have popped up.  I'll admit that I was given some pretty awesome backstage access with the Versace/Versus A/W 10-11 shows that I couldn't have possibly have turned down but this event in Joyce in Hong Kong welcoming back Donatella Versace was pure joincidence (happy coincidence…).  I've yet to delve into why exactly I was in Hong Kong for such a short period of time and all will be revealed as soon as the boring practical things like image assets are all sorted.  On the night I was leaving though, it just so happened that Donatella Versace was at the Joyce Central store to celebrate the S/S 10 collection as well as the Atelier Versace collection and well….err…. judging from the frisson of excitement and number of cameras/phones out on show, the arrival of Donatella herself… 


It was pretty straightforward stuff… the S/S 10 gradiated column-esque finale was recreated on a smaller scale in a veiled window of Joyce's Central store, which Donatella then unveiled to a gaggle of photographers and the public outside.  As opposed to amateurishly snapping away like I normally do, I attempted to *gasp* take some semi decent photos to get the best out of the up close views of those prints, cut-out deets, PVC pelmets, fringe metallic leather…







…and those shoes.

This was the first instance I had seen them in person and I'm not sure why I didn't gush over them beforehand seeing as they're the jigsaw puzzle, highly complex, highly structural, genre-clashing feats of footwear that teeter on the edge of madness… which of course is a good thing. 

This is probably a case where images just won't do and actual physical heavy-petting was in order.

Ok, Jak and Jil, I'm not I'm afraid but I did my best… 









Unlike the show, these gals had to stand here for an hour or so…


It was of course a bit of a Donatella/Versace blur complete with local VIPs and plenty of flashy conversation.  Steve and I skulked around feeling like well… skulkers.  I think I may have sweated into Donatella's palm as someone from Versace hastily introduced us.  Nice.

Anyhow, I'm now grounded and halted back to London, the land where canapes and champagne are NOT the order of the day… and in the spirit of getting back to reality, I'm intent on picking up a pair of Topshop Unique S/S 10 shoes which for me have elements of those Versace shoes in terms of the wooden and pastel elements…


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  1. saime says:

    wow i love ur pics and these shoes 😀

  2. jessica says:

    OMG! I ‘m in love! these shoes are stellar. Nice pics!

  3. those versace wooden wedges are CRAZY!!!!! love them…and gotta love Versace more for all that colorful excess.

  4. Hiroko says:

    I love those shoes, I was going to buy a pair of the Topshop Unique pink pair but damn the stock room for lacking my size!

  5. Winnie says:

    I love those TS shoes too, though I shied away as I couldn’t possibly walk in them but gorgeous things!
    Ah I love your shots at the Joyce/Versace event! Love the prints and pretty colours.

  6. Fashion Girl says:

    Love the photos!!!
    Check out my styling blog for expert advice

  7. This reminds me of psychedelic 60’s prints and colors, I like this more than I usually like Versace. The shoes are insane, I love the ones with the green ankle straps.

  8. Leonidas says:

    versace’s collection is mesmerizing. it is a 60s update

  9. Clare says:

    Looks amazing, the models look like mannequins, weird…
    The Topshop Unique shoes are wonderful.

  10. WOW. I hadn’t noticed how amazing these shows were. I especially love the black and white ones!!!!! The ones that go up the legs! awesome!

  11. carriethedog says:


  12. OriOri says:

    I looove the colours and the shoes !!! they are amazing ! I want the same !

  13. Natalie says:

    got a feeling it gonna go wedge crazy this summer! im in, can i see a show of hands? I have been on the wedge prowl for a while now. Top Shop unique are coming in top of the list so far!

  14. Indy says:

    Gorgeous platforms!

  15. k.m. says:

    all these shoes are so lovely- it’s only this year that i’ve started to really appreciate versace. alas, even those beautiful topshop ones are out of my price range- i really want the mint pair though!

  16. pretty face says:

    Your non ‘snap-py’ photography is gorgeous. It has a really soft 70s vibe to it. I would love to see it more often! x

  17. WendyB says:

    You know I’m a long-time Versace fan…I’m still thinking of that laminated lace trench in lavender that I saw in the pre-fall collection.

  18. frivolous says:

    😀 those are awesome pictures!!! Ur so lucky to be there

  19. Becca says:

    I remember devoting a post entirely to those versace shoes when that collection first came out. I loved loved loved every single pair.

  20. Ekaete says:

    Just saw this post, not sure how I missed it before to be honest. As much as I probably couldn’t wear those shoes anywhere I love them, especially the yellow/tan skin pair. I wish I was 5’5″ and then I would have the excuse of having to catch up with the world and be able to wear heels 24/7
    Thanks for the post x

  21. emma‚ô• says:

    the shoes and dresses are amazing, i want them so badly!

  22. Amazing, those pictures are great;

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