The Imaginary Seven Days of Style

>> I have a penchant for the sort of 'My Seven Days of Style' features that Japanese/Korean magazines seem to love.  So me thinks most people know that the most of these features aren't a REAL reflection of that person's week.  Nylon Japan dispatched photographer Reina Senga to my house to document seven days of outfits within two hours.  Apparently within two hours, I had packed in a meal to St Johns Bread and Wine, a shopping  trip to Brick Lane, a gallery visit, a trip to the cinema as well as hanging out in my house.  Quite a feat no?  I surprise myself sometimes..

I think the issue is out now and here are some of the photos that went into the mag… errr… here's what I wore in the "week"…

**EDIT** Oh and here's the PDF to see the week 'unfolding' in that
prettily packaged context that Japanese magazines seem to excel at…


(Sibling Noah skull breton jumper, Steve J & Yoni P for Topshop denim jumpsuit, vintage denim skirt, J.W. Anderson bangles, Stella McCartney shoes)

(Toga grey patent jacket, Uniqlo stripy top, Gemma Slack printed crop top, J.W. Anderson electric blue trousers, Vivienne Westwood x Melissa rocking horse sandals)

(Yang Du penguin top, Uniqlo leggings, Doc Martens tartan boots)

(Natascha Stolle for ASOS coat, Michael Angel printed top, Basso & Brooke printed skirt, Margiela skirt underneath, Pierre Hardy x Louise Goldin ankle boots)

(Clare Tough embroidered cardigan, Estelle Deve necklace, Topshop teal velvet body, Clare Tough matching embroidered knickers, Bebaroque tights, Acne wedges, Full Circle clutch)

NYLON_look6_03(Eudon Choi trench coat, Clare Tough cardigan, Uniqlo stripy top, vintage floral jumpsuit, Irregular Choice brogues, vintage clutch)

Just to add… this I Heart Norwegian Wood dress with its gingham LYCRA and cut-outs form the first nudgings towards the Angie's more evolved designs… get ready peeps…

(I Heart Norwegian Wood stretch gingham and floral cut-out dress, Sibling sweater tied around the waist, black tights, Converse trainers)

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  1. susie, you look scrumdiddlyumptious, but is this new I Heart Norwegian Wood goodness?! it looks fantastic! must hear more about that, my ears have pricked up like a hound on the chase!
    i love the way magazines give these 7-day type things, it’s always such a con, and yet i could never care less, i’m always completely happy just to revel in the number of gorgeous outfits people like you manage to come up with. superb!

  2. love your geisha look. that black jacket with printed top and skirt. lovely and transported me back in time~

  3. I love all of these! Your style is really inspiring and it’s nice to see such playfulness and original ideas on how to dress. Love your blog!

  4. I love the 1st, 5th, 6th and 7th photos.. They are so cute.. OMG
    but the 5th one is the one that I loved so much.. :))
    please come and visit me

  5. Even though it’s pretend I still love these outfits, plus, now you don’t have to think in the morning, this is basically a complete version of Cher’s computer in Clueless, you’re living the dream!
    Also, so jealous you have the Yang Du jumper, I adore that.

  6. I love how all these ensembles have their own individuality in relations to what’s making fashion scream right now. I love the stripy wacky jumper/dress, nude outfit and the ensemble denim on denim.
    I am blown away.

  7. I love how all these ensembles have their own individuality in relations to what’s making fashion scream right now. I love the stripy wacky jumper/dress, nude outfit and the ensemble denim on denim.
    I am blown away.

  8. Woah, what a week πŸ˜‰
    All quirky and hugely individual outfits,just great!
    i’m especially in love with that gorgeous Clare tough cardi and pants…and your penguin friends!

  9. This was sensory overload for me. I have enjoyed seeing your style progress. I want a Yang Du piece now!!!

  10. I love the fact that someone is dressing a bit oddly and unique. I am sick of every one dressing the same. Including me:P Love the tartan Dr. Martens!

  11. As everyone has already said, SOOOO inspiring! Colour, pattern, texture….perfectly mixed in unexpected ways. I’m so happy you like the dress, hope it takes you well into summer!

  12. great susie… personal fave is number 4……and the clare tough cardigan is awesome……i’m also partial to your topknot/slightly messy bun……well done, susie!!!

  13. wow I love those spreads in japanese mags too but knew it was never 100% accurate but the 2hr week takes the biscuit ha. I love all of these outfits and quite tempted to add nylon japan to my usual dose of Japanese mags!

  14. You’re amazing. And your wardrobe is amazing! So envious and happy right now! The sixth look, with the pink trench is to die for!

  15. I love all 7 outfits!!!
    and that Yang Du dress is too cute!!
    LOL a seven-days outfit shoot in 2 hours?? Now we know how these “7 days of style” thingies work

  16. Fabulous! Especially love the “date night” outfit with the Clare Tough cardigan and knickers. Too Rad. One of my favorite things about your style is that– I believe you are– quite petite, and yet all of your pieces are always so perfectly in proportion. It’s fabulous. This thought esp came to mind in the Natasha Stolle for ASOS coat outfit and the Pink trench outfit as well. I always shy away from longer length things for fear of appearing dumpy but girl, you work it out! Maybe you could create a blog post on the magic of working longer lengths for the petite ones of us??

  17. Elissa: Actually I’m not that petite…. 5″7 in height and not super thin but in general I don’t really dress to flatter my body anyway. I might do a post about longer lengths as i do have a penchant for longer things but I hope it won’t be instructive as I generally hate giving tips about dressing for certain body types. My rule is that if it makes you happy why should things like height or proportion stop you.

  18. Congrats on the Nylon Japan feature! I’m a huge fan of how you pull different colors and textures together… especially inspired by those balloony JW Anderson trousers and the penguin dress, which I’m sure Japanese readers will go wild for.

  19. Susie – your outfits are gorgeous πŸ™‚
    If I saw you in the street amongst all the people who look kind of similar (myself included) it would make my day!
    Looks 1, 4 and 7 are my faavourite.

  20. oh yes and you are a very beautiful girl too! you have a very special exotic look your not pretty your more like and edgy sort of beauty you chould consider modeling I would love to hire you for my line.

  21. Love love LOVE all the outfits, though my special soft corners are reserved for the one with the Natascha Stolle coat (the whole thing looks like you stepped out of a different era- I love the sweep of the long coat, and the prints+layering are heaven). And the outfit with the Norwegian Wood dress, because you tied a sweater around your waist- god it’s making me nostalgic for the 90s!

  22. Angie from Norwegian Woods’ dress is epic! Love the Kane-esque gingham, and the incredible cut-outs! I am so jealous of how you’ve styled it with your jumper

  23. These outfits are SOOOO GOOD I’m literally salivating. Um, that does sound slightly wrong. I’m dreaming of a life and job where I could dress like this (or at least half as good, on a budget). I’ve just had to take a job with the worrsstt uniform ever, I’m so sad! :/

  24. Ello all! Thanks for all the comments…some clear favourites coming through… is it obnoxious that my favourite outfit features the JW Anderson blue trews? Just me then…
    Masha: Yes, I do read Jalouse…

  25. U look really nice with this style!
    (Natascha Stolle for ASOS coat, Michael Angel printed top, Basso & Brooke printed skirt, Margiela skirt underneath, Pierre Hardy x Louise Goldin ankle boots)
    You look much better than the model on ASOS with the Natascha Stolle coat!haha

  26. I love to see your outfits Susie, thanks for sharing. And your hair up geisha-style is so flattering and stylish, do you ever put chopsticks in? looking forward to all your future posts!

  27. Think it’s really inspiring how you obviously dress for yourself rather than for men. I think so many women wear things to emphasize their shape without even considering whether the outfit makes them happy – instead it’s all about whether it will make their waist look small or their legs look long. Not that there’s anything wrong with that I guess, but as I say, nice that some people see clothes/fashion as a form of self expression rather than a tool of attraction. Not that you don’t look hot, by the way!

  28. in the second outfit photo with the electric blue trousers…are those the acne boots on the floor next to you that were in their lookbook that never made it into production?? so jealous! those were the only pair i wanted! nevermind the atacomas….lucky girl.

  29. still sorry for late comments, jam packed google reader! i felt quite deceived when i tweaked the show me your wardrobe elle uk/blog features were totally shot in one day, haha where’s the justice! but if it help you creat all these spectacular outfits then it’s fine by me, a feast for the eyes! love your ideas for the vintage floral jumpsuit

  30. Oh, the 7 days outfit is perfect,talented designer isn’t? I like the electric blue trousers and handbag she wore. Are they made in recycled materials too? I’m a fan of Eco-friendly stuffs,and i like the design she wore, fantastic! Nice penguin dress. Excellent…

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