>> I was going to tack this onto the original eggy Rodarte x Maggie Cheung Joyce post but then as the images invaded my iMac screen, it seemed like a bit of an insult to just bung them onto the butt-end of a post.  So here are the beautiful BEAUTIFUL stills by Wing Shya from the short film he directed, which is now available in full on YouTube.  For every click on the video, Joyce will be donating HK$1 to UNICEF so get clicking… the soundtrack by Peter Kam really does the trick in accompanying Shya's cinematography and direction of these celestial-esque beings wafting around in the Rodarte pieces… 




I particularly love the movement in the "Hero" white knit piece… oh and the A/W 10 Nicholas Kirkwood 'wax heel' shoes are working a treat in these shots…






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  1. leana says:

    amazingly beautiful… words seem not to be enough

  2. You were right not to tag on end! Lovely (sighs) short. I’m more obsessed by film these days and can appreciate the cinematography more than the clothes. Opps.

  3. lipstick says:

    beautiful pics . they seem to have been taken out of a film noir . i very much like the zipper pants .

  4. Brigadeiro says:

    Stunning…love the ‘movement’ in the pictures/clothes.

  5. Clare says:

    These are oh so stunning. The film is a little bit perfect too.

  6. Wow these really come to life in these photos, it’s a big difference compared to just seeing them hanging limp on some mannequins. The video is incredible, the musical piece is so fitting and haunting and sounds a bit tragic but also really beautiful, I’m in awe.

  7. stills, these look like photographs that have taken hours to capture amazing

  8. Rosie says:

    i do love the idea of taking inspiration from film to create pieces like that, it’s a really nice way to go about things. beautiful photos capturing motion, just like you say!

  9. Chiara Biasi says:

    Lovely pics
    Kisses from Italy!

  10. Winnie says:

    Wow, that video is hauntingly beautiful. I might have to watch it again.

  11. Cate says:

    This is so beautiful I’m spreading the word as we speak to hopefully get some more money raised xoxo

  12. Augustine says:

    breathtaking… but I think Wing Shya really doesn’t need to do much effort on the art direction as 1) Rodarte’s dresses are already breathtaking 2) Slow motion with the deathly choir background music is always interested to watch and created the mood. I think this execution is really safe but I think it can be pushed more to improve as Rodarte always stand as the artistic perfectionist.

  13. C. says:

    I always love Wing Shya, his colors, his style …
    This short film is very poetic, the model is
    graceful and mysterious, all is very captivate,
    the wonderful colors, the music also …
    And the photos are amazing …

  14. Olga says:

    It’s nice… but I was trying to get to the point of this video… and I couldn’t come up with much… Am I tasteless? 🙂

  15. Sofia Leo says:

    The first two photos are my favourite, but i love all the black and white ones, the effect creates a completely different atmosphere.

  16. miss sophie says:

    maggie cheung never ceases to amaze me with her ability for transformation while still keeping her very special aura about her. what a lovely, artistic collaboration.

  17. Merissa Ren says:

    essence of maggie cheung.
    what every asian girl could ever possibly want to obtain, and better yet distilled by rodarte, such perfection.

  18. Catherine says:

    I pretend to be a cool asian like that

  19. caviardreams says:

    these are so lovely, the makeup is flawless and the movement adds a really great dimension here. these are really inspiring

  20. Very romantic. there are so much grace in those pictures

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