Splitting from the Parentals

>> Remember those Proud Parents, the Jakarta-based label that consisted of Muqliza Imroni and Resida Irmine?  Well Muqliza has flown the nest away from her parentage and has continued her speciality of resin based jewellery label Sou Brette, which has resulted in these pieces that form her latest collection 'Runic'.  Nothing to do with the runic alphabet but instead with a lot of resin trapping clusters of safety pins, polished metal and reassuringly thick ropes, according to Imroni, the "future is ancient".  Safety pin adornment may have been overkilled by the affliction of watered down 'punk' tributes but when trapped in a cluster inside a sleek and sharp mould of resin, suddenly those pins have been spun into something unexpected.  The polished metal piece reminds me that I reaaaaally need a mezzaluna aka a herb chopper which might be an odd thing for a piece of jewellery to remind you of but I take parsley/coriander chopping VERY seriously. 

It took a rather long winded journey for these Runic pieces to make their way over here but I'm mighty glad that I have them as strong ammunition against any moo days that might come along in these brooding times…


DSC_1170 DSC_1182



(Wearing vintage Tadashi jumpsuit from The Urban Collection – Dree, when are ya coming back???)


32 Replies to “Splitting from the Parentals”

  1. These are really impressive!
    I love the bracelet. It looks so chunky – is it heavy? You could do some real damage with that, haha!
    Clare x

  2. where could we possibly purchase these? They’re so Amazing!!!!! „Öú„Öú„Öú„Öú„Öú„Öú„Öú„Öú„Öú please tell me….

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